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Letters to Juliet Wright: The Sands of Time

By Genevieve Burgess | DVD Releases | September 14, 2010 |

By Genevieve Burgess | DVD Releases | September 14, 2010 |

Just Wright: “Just Wright is a rarity: An awful movie that I really, really don’t want to pan. It’d be like booing a junior-high production of Oklahoma!. Just Wright is hopped up on so much earnestness that my critical faculties have been neutralized. If someone slaved over a stove to make you soufflé, you don’t tell them that you hate soufflé and throw it back in their face. You pretend to eat it with a smile on your face while feeding it to the dog under the table. That’s how I feel about Just Wright. Only an achingly thin-skinned person could’ve written this movie (Michael Eliot), and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” - Dustin Rowles

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: “Arterton was already paired up with her pretty/bland male equivalent of Sam Worthington in this year’s Clash of the Titans remake, which churned out desert-destiny derring-do with similar passivity and an equivalent price tag. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer clearly wants to launch his next franchise in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean, but even the most cluttered entry in that series boasted some remarkable action. Director Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) simply doesn’t bring the same visual precision to his stunts and special effects beyond the time-reversal sequences, and even the novelty of those wears off quick. If it weren’t for fleeting shots of silhouettes pursuing one another across rooftops or horses riding along a seemingly untampered landscape while Harry Gregson-Williams’ score swells up, there’d be nothing here to rouse any interest in where this might’ve ranked in the annals of action-adventures. It’s just as Arterton points out about the dagger when Gyllenhaal’s character tries to hurriedly refill it: ‘Without the right sand, it’s just another knife. Not even a very sharp one.’” - William Goss

Letters to Juliet: “In short, this movie is largely a waste of time and patience with no substantial payoff; yet Letters to Juliet is impossible to hate due to the presence of Vanessa Redgrave, who — regardless of whether or not a picture deserves it — elevates nearly any project in which she appears. And since the prospective enjoyment of this film has everything to do with wanting to lose oneself in someone else’s happiness and nothing to do with wondering which man Sophie will choose or whether Claire will find the correct Lorenzo, it must be mentioned that actor Franco Nero plays Lorenzo. Nero, of course, is not only Redgrave’s current husband but also her former lost love of sorts. So, the movie’s got that bit of stunt casting going for it as well.” - Agent Bedhead

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