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Let's Talk About That Trainwreck From The RNC Last Night. No, The Other One.

By Emily Cutler | Videos | July 21, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | July 21, 2016 |

I woke this morning to several headlines talking about what a disaster the RNC was last night. No one could agree on what the theme should be, other than the fact that everyone hated Hillary Clinton. The party seems still far from unified, and no closer to making a coherent statement to the American public than they were when they were stealing speeches and holding mock trials. My friend and fellow writer Sarah Carlson summed it up in what might be the most appropriate gif ever used.


But what exactly was so painfully awkward that it would make the previous nights pale in comparison? The little comedy team of Che and Jost adding third member Chris Matthews.

Hot, hairy balls on fire, what in god’s name is happening? Why is Chris Matthews? Why? You don’t become the same thing as the interview subject, Chris. When interviewing a dictator, you don’t suddenly start demanding guns and the heads of your enemies. So probably when dealing with professional comedians, it’s best not to try to join in their reindeer games. You’re their straight man, they’re the clowns. Or at least they should be. This is not all that convincing.

And even worse, the unfunny has infected our beloved Kate McKinnon.

If decorum allowed it, I would ask that the entire convention boo that performance, and force them all off stage. But even at a gathering as sloppy as this one, no one would stoop to that level, right?