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Why I Drink: 'Masculine' Guy Lists Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder

By Cindy Davis | Think Pieces | November 21, 2013 |

By Cindy Davis | Think Pieces | November 21, 2013 |

You know how sometimes you come across something that makes you so angry, you don’t know whether to scream or cry? This is one of those times. On the one hand, a cursory review of the main site Return of Kings where this list popped up leaves one feeling like it must be satirical; do these ridiculous people really exist? On the other, there’s only so much a person can tolerate without feeling an imperative to speak out. RoK is run by “Roosh V”, who extols “heterosexual masculine men,” and “facts” about the biological differences between men and women, which according to him, renders we of the female persuasion sluts if we sleep around (as opposed to men—who are just being men). But as of yesterday, Roosh’s ideals aren’t the worst the site has to offer—that honor goes to some complete and utter asshole known as “Tuthmosis.” I refuse to link to the article (you can easily find it yourself); it’s that despicable—I just need to know what kind of hateful loser advocates preying on women because they are “fragile and vulnerable.” Tuthmosis’ 5 Reasons to Date a Girl with An Eating Disorder is not only vile in title and content; this is the header photo:


Here are a few quotes:

“1. Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks.

While they may have a “distorted body image” on the inside, that usually means staying trim and fit on the outside.

2. She costs less money.

You can go out to nice restaurants and order take-out with the confidence that your expense on her will be minimal.

3. She’s fragile and vulnerable.

An eating disorder often translates into the direct opposite: a girl who’s modest, fragile, and vulnerable. Instead of having to constantly wrestle with a difficult and obnoxious girl, you’ll be dealing with a tastefully insecure girl, who’s eager to please, and wants nothing more than your approval.

4. Probably has money of her own.

They aren’t too many poor girls with eating disorders.

5. She’s better in bed.

A girl with an eating disorder has just the right cocktail of pent-up insecurity, neuroses, and daddy issues to ensure that your whole building knows every time you’re beating it up.”

Reading Tuthmosis’ list first made me want to spew every expletive I ever learned; to scream over every repulsive word he typed out. It’s difficult not to just give in to that inner urge to rattle off insults that might make me feel better for about thirty seconds, and be left standing breathlessly—red-faced with rage. But I feel like that’s just what a guy like Tuthmosis gets off on; he’s motivated by his most base drives, and he likes reducing women to mere things, put on Earth to satisfy his needs. He clearly doesn’t care about us as individual people or human beings, rather, we should be hunted in our weakest, most vulnerable state so he can take what he wants—apparently unavailable to him under normal circumstances. I’d like to ask Tuthmosis if it’s considered “masculine” to be unable to date a strong woman or even—the horror!—an average one? Are you incapable of the challenge of women with self-esteem? Are you so weak, you require a competitor’s handicap? And, are you seriously suggesting that women who have eating disorders that can and do cause them to be hospitalized should be victimized so you can get laid? I mean, if it’s that bad for you, blow-up dolls might be a good option—you can add just the right amount of hot air for the body type you desire, and her head will be just as empty as you’d like. Because what you really want isn’t a woman, it’s just a way to make yourself feel more important while you’re jacking off. And all your talk about “distorted images, inflated ego, unearned high self-esteem,” and rendering into an “insufferable turd”—that wasn’t about vulnerable women; that was just you looking into a mirror. Because a guy who can only find his self-worth in seeking out a woman he considers weaker than he, and treating her like an object is in fact no “masculine” man. He is a coward. You, Tuthmosis, are a coward.

(H/T Quatermain)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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