If You Have Sex with a Feminist, You Are Killing the Middle Class, Says Terrible, Terrible Person
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If You Have Sex with a Feminist, You Are Killing the Middle Class, Says Terrible, Terrible Person

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 | Comments ()


One of our site’s illustrious eloquents, Maguita NYC, steered me toward this incendiary article, and I kind of wish she hadn’t because now I’m crippled by anger. The piece is a few months old, but I suspect that the man who penned it — Roosh V — is no less of an asshole today than he was in July (though, I apologize if this has already made the rounds).

This charming man, who I am certain is beating women away with the broomstick that only women are otherwise allowed to use, has argued that the root of all societal evil can be traced to feminism, and the only way to combat feminism is for a man to spurn their advances and withhold sex. Why? Because feminists obviously cannot thrive without a dude rubbing up against her for 20 seconds, grunting, and falling asleep. OH NOES, what will women do without the warm touch of a jackass.

Here’s what he has to say:

Feminism gets its power from two centers. The first is a large tax-paying middle class. It provides welfare money for single mothers; it extorts or steals money from husbands and fathers via an aggressive judicial system that prefers women; it enforces laws against masculinity using local authorities; and it funds feminist studies programs in public universities. If you add to that the system’s need to score female votes during elections and the feminization of men who vote along with them, it’s easy to understand how entrenched their power is in America. I haven’t even mentioned how corporate media hires feminist stooges to appeal to a fattening female audience that is just as hungry for hamster rationalization as they are for cupcakes and artisanal pizza.

Are you feeling angry yet? Do you have something around that you can punch? Because it gets worse.

A woman will only behave in a way that allows her to continue receiving what she wants in life. So far, being a feminist has not hurt her chances at “sexual discovery” when hitting the town on Saturday night, or filtering through hundreds of messages from men on dating sites. A man at a bar will roll his eyes at feminist talking points, but he will nonetheless persist in his pursuit of the notch. This must end. For the same reason you pass on fat women, resigning them to an underclass of low-quality men who will fuck anything, you must now sexually discriminate against women for their man-hating belief system.

Did your knees just buckle? Yeah, mine too. Are you breathing heavily? You might want to grab a paper bag to breathe in for this next part.

The emasculation of men in the West is proceeding at such a rapid clip that it may be time to move past indiscriminate banging to sexually punishing women who vote for politicians that push laws and policies which make men second-class citizens. We only have ourselves to blame if we persist in the hypocritical behavior of lamenting the destruction of men while giving orgasms to the very women who are pushing it along. Our penis must take a backseat to our principles.


If a girl is rejected only two or three times by men for being a feminist, she will think twice about sharing that affiliation to future men she meets. And if she is unable to share those beliefs, to openly discuss them, her mind can’t help but see them as shameful and controversial. Without water, the feminist soil in her brain will dry up, and the plant will wilt. She will be more hesitant about spreading her ideas, and rightfully come to see feminism as something that hurts heterosexual relationships.


Now he’s just taken a turn toward the silly. It’s difficult to work up too much rage over a guy who is clearly a fool. I mean, really? This jackass honestly believes that feminism is so precarious that the inability of a feminist to share her beliefs with a dick-puddle who wants to bang her will vanquish feminist thought?

Awwwww. His idiocy is almost adorable. Someone give this poor man a pat on the head. *There, there dum dum* You just keep railing to your four readers in that tiny corner of the “Manosphere,” and the world will continue to laugh at your precious stupidity.

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  • Vitesse

    This guy has not discovered anything new.I've been doing it unconsciously since my late teens.If I hear any feminist clichés in a girls talk-I eject and avoid any communication in the future.Its just creepy.Like hearing from a man that he likes little boys.

    Most of my mates do the same thing,with different levels of tolerance though.

  • GDI

    "A woman will only behave in a way that allows her to continue receiving what she wants in life."

    You replace "a woman" with people, and she with "they", and you describe the basis of human interaction. People as a whole are motivated by self-interest, not just woman. Shocking stuff, I know.

  • Strand

    I heard of this guy a couple years ago from some 'lad' friends of mine who are into this "Pick Up" culture and for some reason, I always thought he was some Adonis by the way everyone talked about how much he got laid. Then I read this story and find out that he's basically a predatory creep who's borderline date-rapist.

  • kiniki

    Small point, pretty sure some women choose not to date fat men as well.

    If it's not your cup of tea, it's not your cup of tea

  • trixie

    I don't want to pat him on the head. I want to kick him in the taint! Can I do that instead? I realize it's not "Ladylike" and all, but then again, I don't give a crap.

  • amanda

    His Twitter and Facebook are rage-inducing. I know that, as a feminist, I'm not supposed to hate men, but I fucking HATE this guy. Can we catapult him into the sun?

  • richkime

    His whole effort is really gross, and almost certainly intended to get a rise out of people. But for what it's worth, your whole "knees buckling, hyperventalating into a bag, taking aspirin, having an embolism" writing in this and other of your pieces plays into one of the most tried and true characterizations used to diminish women. That they overly sensitive and emotional. Just saying.

  • savannahofaus

    I always find it funny and sad how this kind of man always conflates "feminism" with "man-hating". Yes, because if a woman rejects you, it's clearly because she's a feminist who hates all men. Not because she's simply just not attracted to you.

    I am a staunch feminist and I freaking love men! LOVE MEN. I just don't like these belittling doucheclowns.

    I remember being out with a bunch of my girlfriends one night and this one guy came around to each of us at various points during the evening to try his luck. After all of us had said "thanks, but no thanks", he then told me we were all bitches and must be lesbians. Obvs.

  • gnibs

    And now another chapter in "Is it Pajiba or is it Jezebel?"

  • Right, because pop culture and feminism never, ever intersect. Just remember, if you don't like to read about stuff like this, you can always skip it. The Overlords are all about freedom of choice and support your equal right to ignore stuff that is not in your wheelhouse.

  • gnibs

    I wasn't saying that it wasn't relevant, I was simply stating that the content on Pajiba is changing.

    Calm down, everything will be ok.

  • MauraFoley

    That comment had a tone, admit it.

  • gnibs

    I admit nothing.

  • anatomycoloringbook

    I'm a feminist and I rock a dick. You want to know why? I'm not scared of being called a slut. I'm sexually liberated and can cum on cue. I own a copy of "Tickle His Pickle" and I'm not afraid to try new things.

    But I would rather live in a sex-free wasteland than fuck a misogynistic POS. Or maybe I would fuck him and with my magic pussy turn him into a feminist. Who knows?

  • e jerry powell

    And if the Magic Pussy isn't fully effective, there's always the Feeldoe.

  • Sing it. Magic Pussy rules. Just remember, with great power comes...

  • Salieri2

    ...great power.

  • emmalita

    All hail the Magic Pussy!

  • e jerry powell

    This season, Magic Pussy might be some strange point between Ginny Johnson and Zoe along the pussy continuum...

  • emmalita

    I am ok with that.

  • HerGuyWednesday

    Hey asshole, fuck you for implying I shouldn't be with my awesome, superfeminist-to-the-point-of-having-a-doctorate-on-the-subject-and-teaching-university-courses-on-feminism wife.

  • competitivenonfiction

    Oh my god, stop enabling your awesome wife.

  • I actually burst out laughing at that. Thank you.

  • FireLizardQueen

    Back in the day, there used to be a big DC Blogger scene and Roosh was one of the more popular bloggers. He'd write douchey-alpha-male-esque posts but it was pretty obvious he was doing it to get a rise out of people. I met him multiple times and tore into him a bit about it and he pretty much confirmed my suspicions. (For the curious, he's a moderately attractive albeit very hairy, middle eastern guy, who at the time lived with his mom)

    He kept at it for a while but people eventually stopped paying attention. So, I must say I'm pretty shocked that he's back at it and getting this kind of attention. He really is just doing it for attention and look how much he's getting now. Hopefully, he'll just go away again soon.

  • emmalita

    See that's my issue. I don't want to give these idiots any more of a platform than they already have. On the other hand, I see the point about shining a ridiculing light on their idiot opinions.

  • Rooks

    I knew that this would come in handy at some point in the future. It's from July 2011, but its currentness is unbroken... Haa, the manosphere. Belly laughs were had.

  • e jerry powell

    Also, clearly this guy has no clue as to how many "fat girls" are doing just fine sexually despite those of his ilk "passing on" them.

    I have a theory. There's a particular kind of man in the world. He likes to have sex with women, but doesn't care much for them otherwise. In my mind, this is a very special kind of gay, the kind that even gay people don't care to think about. The avowedly homosocial. You think Nelson Van Alden is a self-loathing POS? This type of guy makes Van Alden look like a milksop.

  • Salieri2

    I've always thought of this kind of guy as sort of inverted gay. They don't like women in any real way at all, just the vaginas, and the social capital they perceive from scoring with them. Whereas some gay dudes are appalled by vaginas, but like women surrounding them just fine.

    But I can see your point and I applaud it. Plenty of dudes out there can see no other way to navigate life then through sexual conquest, but they'd rather eat glass than have a conversation with a woman about a topic they care about.

  • e jerry powell

    Hence we get the "no-homo bromance."


    I have read a lot of sociological theory and what have you, and I still don't know why our culture is so messed up around gender. I do know that it goes way back, and there's no undoing it, we can only move forward from here.

    Speaking personally, I'm not repulsed by vulvas. Or vaginas. I just don't find them as compellingly interesting as your typical brah.

  • Emm82

    I want to give you all the upvotes for this :)

  • Anyone who wouldn't have sex with someone because she believes women are fully-functional human beings capable of making their own decisions and life choices is not anyone those women would want to have sex with, so I think this guy is self-selecting himself out of a big chunk of the dating pool. Or maybe complaining because those feminist sluts won't sleep with him, which is probably closer to the truth.

  • e jerry powell

    But, see, the other part of the dating pool is a big part of the ongoing problem. Too many women aren't of the opinion that they're fully functional human beings without a man.

    These women vex me greatly.

    "Luckily" for this guy, these women out there still believe that a sexist pig (at best) is better than no man at all. A pendulum swing back in the other direction is needed. Like, YESTERDAY.

  • I would agree with that. It is disheartening when *anyone* feels like they are "less than" simply because of some characteristic over which they have no control. Why is equality so damned hard to ensure? (Yes, I know, there are entire volumes and countless dissertations on this, so consider it my shaking my impotent fist in rage at the universe.)

  • e jerry powell

    You and my therapist both, dear.

  • bastich

    This guy gives crappy Mystery rip-offs a bad name.

    (By the way, Doosh V uses Disqus on his site...not that I'm recommending any retaliatory course of action....)

  • e jerry powell

    Well, at least I can say that whatever comments I won't be making there will have my name on them.

  • L.O.V.E.

    This guy is clueless.

    First of all, feminists are lesbians so men withholding sex from them won't work. Everyone knows this. Jeesh.

    Secondly, to save the middle class it is imperative that us manly men woo these lesbo fem-nazis, impregnate them, and turn them into the good, submissive house kittens they deep-down want to become. Gents, i recommend a dab of Sex Panther by Odeon behind the ears to get those lady pheromones fired up.

    Though kudos to him for slipping in the "no fat chicks" blast. I see he at least has his heart in the right place.

  • alannaofdoom

    Upvoted for "Sex Panther by Odeon".

  • Hey, 60% of the time, it works every time.

  • Modernlove

    So I did something stupid. I read the article. And then I looked at the comments. And then I saw this: "Sure, as a man I'd like like to have a wife who's basically a slave, but I wouldn't want that for my daughter/sister." Please excuse me while I find something to punch.

  • Etaoin_Sherdlu

    Poor little guy. He's just upset that he's on the wrong side of history.

  • Cree83

    This guy sounds like someone who's never given head in his life. Now there's a man not to be trusted.

  • stella

    He sounds like aNice Guy...

  • Aaron Schulz

    He i just kinda smirked the whole way through, like reading things about the illuminati or white supremacy. Its just goofy idiots chattering, they will always be around and never really get any traction and then i almost feel bad for them.

  • e jerry powell

    Damn that scientist that keeps cloning Alex Jones!

  • John W

    Hopefully he'll dry up and blow away.

  • e jerry powell

    Try as I may, I can't seem to will it to happen. Even under this past full moon. And believe me, I've tried.

  • Guest

    There are some issues I have with feminist groups, but that guy is idiotic. Clearly he is trying to make an ideological political connection in the worse way possible.

    My issues with feminist, and parenting groups is the extent of influence in censorship that has taken over the entertainment industry. Network TV sitcoms such as The Big Bang Theory is a good example. Boring, bland entertainment geared towards kids, and older people that seem to enjoy easily comprehensible jokes. “I'm a nerd, and I do nerdy things - ha-ha!” Roll laugh track.

  • Cree83

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't blame feminists for the content of The Big Bang Theory. I am absolutely sure that feminist groups are not clamoring for more Big Bang Theory type entertainment. I have certainly NEVER heard of ANY feminist claiming that the key to feminism is to show more stereotyped male characters on television. The show was 20 million viewers, and I'm guessing they don't all identify as feminist. Honestly, this is just the weirdest comment.

  • Guest

    I have my own grudge against censorship, and in entertainment three groups are most responsible for that as a whole - religious, feminists, and parenting groups.
    Weird ,or not I'd suggesting asking yourself what the trend of entertainment in culture has most geared towards not offending, or even challenging their ideas. Women, and parents.

  • Statistics please. With links. Otherwise, you're just blaming people you think might have influence.

    Here is what drives network television programming: Will people between the ages of 19 and 50 like it? Which group are we targeting? Can we get advertisers whose products appeal to that group to support the program - i.e., is it unlikely to ruffle the feathers or lead to a boycott based on offensive content. How much will the talent and effects cost, and are we able to get away with little known actors, or do we need to spring for a big name? Is it likely to lead to a long run (i.e., will it have broad appeal, especially with the older crowd who still watch TV on TV sets) so it might be eligible for syndication?

    You know how I know this? I did years of temp work at a ton of studios. What drives production of a show is whether or not it sells. Period. Obviously, cable shows have different qualifications than network shows.

  • So you have a grudge against censorship and did a good job derailing the comments to talk about your personal grudge. Interesting choice.

  • Cree83

    I'm not sure you understand what censorship is.

  • Guest

    Censorship would be any control of entertainment, mostly to curve or change reality as it would be in order to make it softer to the specific intended audience.
    That audience is mostly Women, and children.

  • Cree83

    And you honestly think women are the ones asking for bland entertainment? Dude, check who the heads of organizations like Focus on the Family are.

    And you honestly think television networks are catering their shows to avoid offending feminists in particular? I mean, that's... nuts. If the entertainment industry cared about offending feminists, then women would make up more than 28% of television show creators/writers/directors/producers, etc. But they don't. Most people behind the scenes are men. That's the kind of issue feminists care about, not making men look dumb and bland in silly comedies.

  • Guest

    “And you honestly think television networks are catering their shows to avoid offending feminists in particular?”

    In some sense, yes.

  • stella

    Which shows exactly?

  • Cree83

    In what sense, exactly?

    Because I can promise you that no one is asking for men to be portrayed as buffoons under the banner of legitimate feminist ideals, at least, not under the widely accepted definition of feminism.

  • Guest

    Alright, find any form of entertainment in which a man is sexually interested in women and is not portrayed as neanderthal ape-like. It's also a cultural rule.

  • LaineyBobainey

    Actually, in a lot of the shows written by women. Go check out "Scandal" created by Shonda Rhimes. Or "New Girl" or "The Mindy Project", or hell, I'm blanking right now (which says a lot right there that I can't think of a bunch of shows written by women just right off the bat), where that's not the norm. If you're citing CBS comedies only, then yep, you're gonna' find that stereotype. Welcome to that target demographic. But if you look on other networks and at more than just half hour sitcoms with laughtracks, you'll find that you're talking about shows that tend to get cancelled pretty early. Or are specifically geared toward frat guys.

  • Guest

    Well you could be right at this point. I'm thrown off from being called misogynist for having my opinion.

  • Maguita NYC

    Before you play victim to your own comments, you did clearly blame feminists and women the popularity of a humorless TV show, by stating the following:

    "My issues with feminist, and parenting groups is the extent of influence in censorship that has taken over the entertainment industry. Network TV sitcoms such as The Big Bang Theory is a good example. Boring, bland entertainment geared towards kids, and older people that seem to enjoy easily comprehensible jokes. “I'm a nerd, and I do nerdy things - ha-ha!” Roll laugh track."

    "As I mentioned I still feel entertainment especially TV is mostly geared towards women, and children."

    "I'm not mean to women, I wouldn't advocate any violence, but I enjoy sex, naked women, so guess what? I'm a crude man-thing, right?"

    How are you not SPECIFICALLY targeting women? Do your own words misrepresent actually your thoughts and you did not mean to put the blame on women, feminists, and generally parenting groups composed of women, the whole state of poorly produced TV shows?

    When you put solely the blame on women for your disappointment in a production by a man, for men, you are in fact demonstrating misogyny.

    The Big Bang Theory is about what society calls a "nerd" scoring a hot woman. How is this in any way geared towards feminists and children?

  • Bennetttt

    Yes, sure I'm wrong on my thinking. You are quite correct. I am so very sorry to have offended your greatness.

  • Maguita NYC

    Now I'm positive we've dated before!

    You can't generalize on one group of people, or in this case, HALF the population and not be called out on it. Just replace every "feminist" or "women" you've typed so far with black people. What do you get? Xenophobia. That is what happens when you blindly and obtusely generalize on a specific group without founded, grounded facts.

    And honestly, no hard feelings. You are entitled to your opinion, and it sure won't stop me from stating mine as well.

    You opted to exercise your right to Free Speech, the moment you did so, everything you've said became public property. To be commented, dissected, celebrated or even ridiculed. You can't pout because people dared disagree with you and called you out on your baseless accusations.

  • Bennetttt

    No, we have not dated. Once again I apologize for my badly constructed opinion connecting feminism and censorship.
    You say I am entitled to my opinion, but it seems no matter I'm continuing to receive angry messages, and emails repeating the the points you've made, which is making me understand why so many are growing irritated lumping so many together. Apparently there is large group of feminists (radical or not) with their own grudge intent on making any disagreeing person out to be the evil bad guy. I'm convinced I'd rather NEVER voice any difference of opinion with such a relentless hostel group that supposed to represent equality.

  • Salieri2

    (I tried to post this once already: Disqus wasn't having it.)

    This is the point at which I decided, after all, I'm definitely having that third beer. Well said, Maguita, and screw tomorrow's headache, this is awesome stuff being laid down here. I think the citrus-y hoppiness of Lucky Bucket's Heartland Wheat Beer suits the conversation perfectly: it's a cut-through-the-bullshit kind of beer. Day late but happy: dying to see if Bennettt comes up with a cite for his feminists-kill-television idea. (For the record, I identify as a feminist and I had zero interest in the royal wedding. Kind of doubt I'm an outlier.)

    For a guy bitching about nonexistent ad hominem attacks, he's quick to whip out the "uptight anus," isn't? This is fucking awesome. /Macklemore

  • Bennetttt

    Yes, you are right correct, and I am wrong wrong wrong....I'm getting extremely irritated at that the volume of constant emails, and complaints.

    If this is how your group represents itself I am clearly understanding why so many are flocking to the opposing sides despite lacking rationale.
    At this point I'd rather a conversation with an extreme neo-nazi racist.

  • Salieri2

    What "rationale," exactly?

  • Bennetttt


  • Maguita NYC

    Well, to be fair, he is half right. I do have a tight anus. But then again, don't we (most) all?

  • Bennetttt

    Having received a relentless refutes and spam resulting from my comment, I surrender. I shall never again make any disagreement with any feminist comments.
    Upon my death I'll have my grave site with geo-coordinates forwarded to feminists allowing them to defecate on my burial. Such a small contribution, but its all that I can offer for having been so wrong.

  • Bennetttt

    You are so sweet, thank you for enlightening me.

  • emmalita

    Dude! I'm not one to pile on, but name calling is not ok. I'm not sure how you go from complaining about being called a weirdo to calling someone an uptight anus. Maguita was not attacking you as a human being, she was challenging your words and logic. Calling her a name, more than anything else you have said, makes you look like the very thing you say you are not.

  • Bennetttt

    I got her point, and it seems if I am to be the witch burned on a cross at dawn, I'm beginning to see what people are growing tired of in behavior that seems no better than the idiot this post complains about.

    Yes I am wrong for making the connection of feminism with censorship and a crappy TV show. I am wrong wrong wrong. Bad bad bad me. I'll apologize to you, and all of your cousins if time allows.

  • Bennetttt

    Well once I've clearly declared the error of my ways, apologized, and continued to be blanketed with speeches (that do not further conversation) my only course of action was to be honest. The person seemed just as uptight as I was (am) so do with that however you please.

  • Strangely enough, when I hear feminists discussing the media, they're not talking about forcing all me to be portrayed as neanderthals or ape-like, even in the context of their sexual attractions.

    What I do hear are discussions about movies and hows passing the Bechdel test, about wanting to see more women behind the scenes, more female characters with greater depth and new roles outside of those defined in relation to men.

    And I definitely don't hear feminists clamoring for the likes of anything coming from Chuck Lorre.

  • Cree83

    Even if men are portrayed as ape like, I'm not sure why you think feminists are to blame for it. Most self identifying feminists would prefer to see positive sexual relationships with men and women behaving as equals, I can promise you.

  • socallmeshirley

    What a weirdo.

  • Bennetttt

    I'm deeply sorry if I offended you with my poorly made opinion. You are correct , and I was wrong.
    Waits to see if I continue to be hated.

  • Guest

    Name calling? See? If I have my own opinion I'm the bad guy worthy of insult. This is how this works.

  • Maguita NYC

    In this case, seeing how there was absolutely no name calling from the start, the above attributes would be suitable conclusion based on the whole conversation.

    Something is very wrong here, you are showing some deep-rooted hatred and very much legitimizing misogyny by blaming women for... a disliked TV show of all things!

  • Bennetttt

    I apologize for my poorly constructed opinion. I am sorry to you, and every person that hates me forever.

  • Guest

    Misogyny? I do not disrespect any women at all. My opinion is mine, and I didn't use any insults. Sick would be accusing me of something personal that is completely untrue.

  • Emm82

    Yeah, I don't think you are a mysogynist, but you're certainly not making sense. At which point did Chuck Lorre make anything aimed at women?

  • Cree83

    If it sounds like a duck....

  • Guest

    Well I am not a duck, but I do see a group touchy about even the slightest indifference.

  • Cree83

    No, you are saying fairly silly things about women, making unsubstantiated claims about how feminism ruins entertainment, and generally, you sound like a misogynist. So.... that could be why someone called you one.

    Nobody is touchy. They are simply responding to your criticisms. That is what a discussion is.

  • Guest

    I was not talking about any specific women but a group influence on entertainment.
    Your opinion is wrong about me, perhaps you've grown to view any difference of opinion as hate. There is nothing I can say that will prove otherwise, but I do not hate women.
    Disagreeing with a person, or a person's actions is a difference.

  • stella

    snt a group of producers decide what shows to put out? I dont think its some secret group.of feminists who want to belittle men.

  • 'Hate' is a word too easily thrown around that stops people from looking seriously at their own underlying assumptions and prejudices. Blaming feminism (and parents) on the censorship you have a grudge against belies certain opinions about feminists and parents.

    Just because you don't have a problem with individual women doesn't mean you don't have some underlying issues. That you felt the need to comment on an article about an anti-feminist guy to grind your own axe against feminists hints at those underlying issues.

    It might be worth stepping back, taking a few deep breaths, and closely examining what you've said and how it would lead people to think those things about you--without immediately retreating to blaming them and skipping that self-examination.

  • Cree83

    The way you were talking about feminism raises implications about the way you think about women. Your opinion indicates that you believe women want to censor and control the entertainment industry to make it softer, blander, less sexual.

    These theories are ridiculous and false, and shed light on the stereotypes you have internalized about women and feminism.

  • Guest

    Thinking about groups, is different from women. An individual is bound their own person, but a group is an entity of its own often motives that support that group as a group, not the individual.
    I greatly respect women and sympathize with the struggles of us sex crazed men that we are. Yes, I truly sympathize.
    You're saying I hate women, and for that I hate you because its not true.

  • So... women all think alike and control the media? You have obviously done zero research in who controls the media. You may want to do some homework.

    You're a little bit obsessed with sex and your sexuality, and you make the bizarre assumption that women don't like watching people have sex on TV, which is absurd. Most of the audience for True Blood is women, and that show is lots of sex with some ridiculous plot thrown in so we can pretend it's not just lots of monster sex but has greater implications. Either way, we get sex and lots of it. I have yet to meet a woman who likes the show who says "but I wish Jason Stackhouse wasn't nekkid/sexing it up so often..." So, here's a clue: We like it when men take off their shirts. We like it when people have mutually consensual sex, whether that be gentle lovemaking or jungle fucking with reckless abandon. We wish MORE men were shirtless in our TV shows, because mmmm, chests. Heck, that's half the reason some of us tune in to Arrow. And why most teen girls froth over The Vampire Diaries. It's even part of why we like well written shows like Justified. Sure, the story is compelling, but there's also a chance we're going to see Timothy Olyphant in the bedroom. It's why soap operas - which were basically soft core porn for the stay at home set - enjoyed decades of popularity. I have no idea why you believe that women don't enjoy sex in TV shows.

  • Bennetttt

    I apologize, I am sorry. I was wrong, in poor judgement, and idiotic statement. You correct, and i am wrong. I am truly sorry.

  • Guest

    Actually I agree with most everything you've said.
    Why? I wouldn't say women don't. Not that it should matter since I'm stuck in misogynistic ways according to some here.

  • Okay, so if you believe that women do like sex, why do you equate that with being a solely masculine trait, as you did above? And why would you think women would push for less sex on TV? Also, anyone who is a feminist believes that gender does not define one's humanity, choices, or slot them into a homogenous group who all think alike. You said feminists are dictating television programming, but you have yet to actually show the correlation. Please stop whining about what someone called you and either refute it with your feminist credentials or change the topic and actually prove your initial premise that women and families - who are as broad in character and beliefs as any other groups that get lumped in as if they have a hive mind - are somehow deciding how laugh-track comedies get made.

  • Cree83

    I didn't say you hate women, I was not the one who called you a misogynist. But if you blame feminism, an ideology that simply promotes equality between men and women, as responsible for censoring media to make it stupider and more palatable to women and children as a whole, then that implies that you hold some very stereotypical views on women.

  • Guest

    No. The group yes, but not women. The groups do not represent all women, and equality. The groups I've seen represent particular women that meet their group standard.
    Also, I am mainly suggesting these groups have had influence.

  • Cree83

    Which groups you've seen? What actions indicate that they want entertainment to be bland and stupid? Why do you think these groups stand for all feminism?

  • Guest

    I just feel as if I'm being bullied by feminist every time I express my opinion, and this time is no different. Feminists are becoming the biggest bullies around.

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