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If You Have Sex with a Feminist, You Are Killing the Middle Class, Says Terrible, Terrible Person

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 22, 2013 |

One of our site’s illustrious eloquents, Maguita NYC, steered me toward this incendiary article, and I kind of wish she hadn’t because now I’m crippled by anger. The piece is a few months old, but I suspect that the man who penned it — Roosh V — is no less of an asshole today than he was in July (though, I apologize if this has already made the rounds).

This charming man, who I am certain is beating women away with the broomstick that only women are otherwise allowed to use, has argued that the root of all societal evil can be traced to feminism, and the only way to combat feminism is for a man to spurn their advances and withhold sex. Why? Because feminists obviously cannot thrive without a dude rubbing up against her for 20 seconds, grunting, and falling asleep. OH NOES, what will women do without the warm touch of a jackass.

Here’s what he has to say:

Feminism gets its power from two centers. The first is a large tax-paying middle class. It provides welfare money for single mothers; it extorts or steals money from husbands and fathers via an aggressive judicial system that prefers women; it enforces laws against masculinity using local authorities; and it funds feminist studies programs in public universities. If you add to that the system’s need to score female votes during elections and the feminization of men who vote along with them, it’s easy to understand how entrenched their power is in America. I haven’t even mentioned how corporate media hires feminist stooges to appeal to a fattening female audience that is just as hungry for hamster rationalization as they are for cupcakes and artisanal pizza.

Are you feeling angry yet? Do you have something around that you can punch? Because it gets worse.

A woman will only behave in a way that allows her to continue receiving what she wants in life. So far, being a feminist has not hurt her chances at “sexual discovery” when hitting the town on Saturday night, or filtering through hundreds of messages from men on dating sites. A man at a bar will roll his eyes at feminist talking points, but he will nonetheless persist in his pursuit of the notch. This must end. For the same reason you pass on fat women, resigning them to an underclass of low-quality men who will fuck anything, you must now sexually discriminate against women for their man-hating belief system.

Did your knees just buckle? Yeah, mine too. Are you breathing heavily? You might want to grab a paper bag to breathe in for this next part.

The emasculation of men in the West is proceeding at such a rapid clip that it may be time to move past indiscriminate banging to sexually punishing women who vote for politicians that push laws and policies which make men second-class citizens. We only have ourselves to blame if we persist in the hypocritical behavior of lamenting the destruction of men while giving orgasms to the very women who are pushing it along. Our penis must take a backseat to our principles.


If a girl is rejected only two or three times by men for being a feminist, she will think twice about sharing that affiliation to future men she meets. And if she is unable to share those beliefs, to openly discuss them, her mind can’t help but see them as shameful and controversial. Without water, the feminist soil in her brain will dry up, and the plant will wilt. She will be more hesitant about spreading her ideas, and rightfully come to see feminism as something that hurts heterosexual relationships.


Now he’s just taken a turn toward the silly. It’s difficult to work up too much rage over a guy who is clearly a fool. I mean, really? This jackass honestly believes that feminism is so precarious that the inability of a feminist to share her beliefs with a dick-puddle who wants to bang her will vanquish feminist thought?

Awwwww. His idiocy is almost adorable. Someone give this poor man a pat on the head. *There, there dum dum* You just keep railing to your four readers in that tiny corner of the “Manosphere,” and the world will continue to laugh at your precious stupidity.