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Change Is Coming: 'Game of Thrones'' Showrunners Make Alterations After Heavy Criticism of Sexual Assaults

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Merry F*cking Christmas! Colbert Punks Out 'Carol of the Bells' with Henry Rollins

Madonna Submits Affidavit That Sean Penn Never Physically Assaulted Her

Miss Chanandler Bong and Monica Geller May Be Dating In Real Life

Macaulay Culkin Plays Unhinged Kevin McCallister, Talks Shit About His 'Home Alone' Family

She'll Kill You Harder, Prepare to Die: Gwendoline Christie Comes to Kill You, Again

Here's the Best Weather Forcecast You'll Ever See

Who Doesn't Hope Poltergeist Bill Murray Shows Up? Here's Your First Look at the Badass All-Female Ghosbusters

Hiddleston Is Your Father, Dormer Does Leia; Your Favorites Reenact 'Star Wars' Scenes

You Will Now Be Useless the Rest of the Workday: Google Turns Your Phone into a Lightsaber

7 Television Character Crossovers That Would Snap, Sizzle and Be Totally Hot

Stephen Colbert's Jennifer Lawrence Interview Is a Delightful Disaster

While We Wait for Winter, the 'Game of Thrones' Cast Celebrated Wrapping Season 6

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Get a Closer Look at the Clues in This New 'Sherlock' 'Abominable Bride' Teaser

Stephen King Has a Little Something to Say About Idris Elba As 'The Dark Tower's' Gunslinger

Netflix Goes 'Serial' with Its First True Crime Story, 'Making a Murderer'

What Is Happening in This Gorgeously Creepy 'Évolution' Trailer?

Gwendoline Christie Continues to Charm the World, Does Chewbacca Impression

This Is The Dark Tower Adaptation We've Been Waiting For

Jessica Chastain Writes a Beautiful Essay on the Power of a Female-Led Film

Billie Lourd Rocks Her Mom's Iconic Hairdo in 'The Force Awakens'

Based on Hotness Alone, Which Opening Movie of a Thousand Stars Should You See This Weekend?

Gwendoline Christie Throws Shade at That Diva 'Game of Thrones' Bear

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Giddy Over Playing 'The Walking Dead's' Negan, 'We're Testing AMC's Limits'

Did 'Fargo' Go Off the Deep End with That Save Last Night?

Channing Tatum Is Cruel, Hates Kittens

Dark Details About Punisher Emerge from the 'Daredevil' Season 2 Trailer Screening

Here's Exactly Who Should Play Young Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' Spinoff Film

Are We Really This Desperate for 'Game of Thrones' News?

Do You Recognize the Celebrity Son Whose New Film Just Beat Out His Famous Father and Brother's

More Scientology Secrets About Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and David Miscavige Emerge

Investigate Your Friday Creepyweird Feelings: Is Macaulay Culkin Hot?

5 Things a Person Could Do Instead of Shooting Another Human Being

Here's Your First Deliciously Spoilerish Look at Netflix's 'Luke Cage'

Behold! This Creepy Ergonomic Japanese Device Will Finally Let You Rest While You Work

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In the Epic Drum-Off of the Century, Dave Grohl Kicks Animal's Muppet Ass

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans Charm the World, and Accidentally Spoil An Upcoming Marvel Cameo

Neil deGrasse Tyson Jumps Feet First Into the Millennium Falcon vs. Enterprise Debate

J.J. Abrams May Be Wrong About 'Star Wars,' But He Self-Corrects With 'The Force Awakens'

5 Things That Should Have Happened During Last Night's 'Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale

Peter Capaldi Hand Delivers a 'Doctor Who' Invitation to a Long-Awaited A-List Director

Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp Doing Otter Impressions Will Ease You Out of Your Post-Holiday Coma

At 53, Tom Cruise Is Offered Another Huge Film Franchise Lead

8 Magnificent Lead Actors We Need Back on Television Like, Yesterday

Han and Chewie Finally Settle Their Differences In the Most Awesome Reunion Ever

'Sherlock' 'Abominable Bride' Details, Plus Clue-Laden Curly Fu and Peanut Photos

No One Here Gets Out Alive: 10 Main Characters That Could Easily Be Killed Off Their Series

Real Life Doctors Have a Blast Diagnosing One of Your Favorite Holiday Films

Here's How 'The Walking Dead' Writers Can Redeem Themselves After That Cheap Trick

Kick Off Your 'Jessica Jones' Binge-Fest with the Netflix Series' Opening Credits

Jennifer Lawrence Is So Exuberant Over Sleep, She Becomes a Spastic 5 Year Old

You Betcha, These Are the Most Troublesome Accents Currently Blasting From Your Television

Does This Week's 'Doctor Who' Episode Mark the End of the Line for Clara Oswald?

Spoilers Are Coming. 'Game of Thrones' Filmed a Completely Unpredictable Reunion Scene for Sansa Stark

She's Back! Hayley Atwell Kicks L.A.'s Ass in the 'Agent Carter' Season 2 Teaser

Anthony Mackie Doesn't Seem to Have the Information to Answer 'Are You a Feminist?'

Ian McKellen Knows It's 'Ridiculous' He's Never Played Bond, Notes His Uncanny Cumberbatch Resemblance

Five 80s Movie Pairings We'd Rather See Reunited Than 'Top Gun's' Maverick and Iceman

Natalie Dormer Hints That Margaery Tyrell's 'Game of Thrones' Storyline Has Gone Off-Book

Ridley Scott Grabs Back His InAlienable Rights and Opens the 'Prometheus' Trilogy Floodgates

AMC's 'Into the Badlands' Premiered with the Best Television Fight Scene Since 'Daredevil'

Ian McShane Teases His Important, One Episode 'Game of Thrones' Role

'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus Confirms Who Was Not Calling for Help

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Gwyneth Paltrow's 2015 Goop Gift Guide

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Bringing Together Pirate Yoda and the Harry Potter Wookie

Tom Cruise Is Really Pissed at Leah Remini Over Her Scientology-Related Allegations

What's With the Huge Difference Between the Foreign and Domestic 'The Walking Dead' Previews?

Bruce Campbell Follows Up His Excellent 'Fargo' Cameo with Another Masterful Impression

Kate Winslet Has an Interesting Reaction to the Gender Wage Gap Conversation: 'It's a Bit Vulgar'

George R. R. Martin May Be Prescient, But He Didn't See This Coming

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy Weigh in on the Great 'Harry Potter' Muggle Controversy of 2015

'American Horror Story: Bug' and Other Suggestions for Ryan Murphy's Just Renewed Sixth Season

Cate Blanchett Is 120 In Actress Years, Wants to Play Donald Trump

'The Walking Dead' Casts Negan, Leader of The Saviors

Ain't No Cure for the Sunday Night Television Blues

'Game of Thrones'' Fans Mistake Season 6 Finale Director's Photo for a Spoiler

Come On, 'Walking Dead'; You're Better Than This

Daniel Craig and Stephen Colbert Reveal the Best 'Spectre' Scene You'll See

Is It Hot in Here? This Is Why You Should Be Watching 'The Last Kingdom'

The BBC Just Gave Us the Best Ever Christmas Present: Idris Elba

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 'By the Sea' Isn't What You Think It Is

Keep It Klassy, Dothraki! Purported 'Game of Thrones' Script Photo Reveals Super-Trashy Conversation

So, It Looks Like That New Muppets Show Really Did Suck

Leah Remini Reveals Several Truly Bizarre Details About Tom Cruise and Scientology

Spoilers! Netflix Releases All 13 'Jessica Jones' Titles and Episode Descriptions

These 5 Most Intriguing Current Television Characters May Utter the Fewest Lines

Netflix Is Making Big Changes to Its Punisher and Iron Fist Plans

Which Oscar Winning A-Lister May Be Playing Wonder Woman's Mother?

Let's Slow Down and Get a Good Look at the First Footage from AMC's 'Preacher'

Princess Leia Counsels 'The Force Awakens'' Rey: Don't Wear the Slave Outfit

When Dad Tricks Out Your Wheelchair, Making You the Coolest Kid on Halloween...

Walk with Me: The 'Twin Peaks' Cast Is Weirding Out Nicely

11 Prospects More Terrifying Than Any Horror Movie You Could Watch

George Lucas Just Awoke His Own Forces, and the Result Will Be Glorious

If You Want to Remain Pure, Do Not Listen to Scarlett Johansson Reading Bible Verses

'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Casting Call Perfectly Captures Gender Requirement Disparity

Matthew Modine Joins Winona Ryder for One of Netflix's Most Anticipated New Series, 'Stranger Things'

Here's a Good Look at Rainbow Joker's 'Suicide Squad' Costar, Corpse Bride Enchantress

'The Walking Dead's' Showrunner Confirms What You're Thinking About Glenn

Dame Diana Rigg Weighs in on the Next Bond: 'She Could Be a Lesbian'

Did You Catch 'The Leftovers'' Patti *Spoiler*-ing Kevin Last Night?

Is This the Big, Bad 'Suicide Squad' Joker We're Supposed to Be Afraid Of?

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The One Glorious Reason You Should Have Watched Last Night's 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Nightmares Come True When Your Favorite Actors Are Transformed to 1930s Shanghai Ladies

One of These Is Not Like the Others; Jeremy Renner Says It's 'Not His Job' to Negotiate Equal Pay Alongside His Female Co-Stars

Which 'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Characters Will Return This Winter?

It's Back to the Future Day, and You Know What That Means!

Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain Throw the Worst Parties Ever

How Come Dudes Don't Steam Clean Their Dicks?

What Do 'Fargo's' Betsy Solverson and 'The Walking Dead's' Carl Grimes Have in Common?

What the Hell Is Darcing, and Why Is Hayley Atwell Doing It?

Is Madonna Really Dumb Enough to Go Back to Sean Penn?

Eddie Murphy Got Over His Concern for Bill Cosby's Feelings

Talk About Bad Taste: KFC South Africa Airs Jacked-Up Shark Attack Ad

Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Like Motorcycles, So Justin Theroux Got a New Sidekick

Who's Got the Sexiest Accent in the World? British and American Voters Make Their Choice

All the Completely Bonkers Moments from Last Night's 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

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5 Reasons Bill Murray's Christmas Special Will Be the Best Present Netflix Ever Gave Us

Is The Leftovers' Kevin Garvey a Shaman Ushering People Into the Next World?

'Agent Carter's' Enver Gjokaj Bumps Your Crush to the Next Level with a Little Atwell Assist

Try Not to Faint As Tom Hiddleston Speaks About Love and Cake

Clearly Not Every Celebrity Can Be Good at Dubsmash

What's the Big Difference Between Netflix's 'Jessica Jones' and Other Marvel Series?

Move Over Jon Snow, There's a Hot New Warrior in Town: The Last Kingdom's Uhtred of Bebbanburg

An Interview with 'Doctor Who' Writer Toby Whithouse About Inspiration, Ghosts, and Unexpected Accolades

Who Will Play 'Agent Carter's' Madame Masque and Ana Jarvis in Season 2?

Netflix Finally Reveals David Tennant's Kilgrave in New 'Jessica Jones' Teaser

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shared An Impossibly Sweet Story About Antonin Scalia Serenading Her

There Is No Longer Any Doubt As to Norman Reedus' Sexiness, the Man Is Smokin' Hot

Steven Moffat Eschews Explanations for the 'Sherlock' Christmas Special

It's Astounding! 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Cast Reunite for Their 40th Anniversary

Forget All the Others; This Is THE Definitive Halloween Night Movie Watch List

Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' Is a Toxic Drug We Can't Swear Off

Forget the Halloween Movies; John Hillcoat's 'Triple 9' Looks Like a Real Horror Show

3 Amazing Reasons You'll Soon Be Watching 'Lip Sync Battle'

What Is the Axis Mundi, and Is Damon Lindelof Taking 'The Leftovers' Down a 'Lost' Path?

The 'Fear the Walking Dead' Showrunner Talks Season 2's 'Zombies on a Boat'

5 Reasons You Should Really Be Watching 'Homeland's' Fifth Season

Miltos Yerolemou Reveals Which Game of Thrones Character He Actually Auditioned For

'Fear the Walking Dead' Adds to the Pile of Idiotic Decisions in the Season Finale

David Cronenberg Knew Crap When He Saw It, and Turned Down 'True Detective's' Second Season

5 Recent Sexy Celebrity Quotes to Get Your Friday Off Right

The End of Humanity Is Upon Us, and We've Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

Science Has Proven What We Already Knew: Beards Make You a Healthier, More Attractive Person

The Hills Are Alive, and Julie Andrews Is Celebrating Her...80th Birthday?!!

With 'Into the Badlands,' Has AMC Found Their 'Game of Thrones?'

Patricia Arquette Says We Have to Stop Feeding Our Daughters a 'Phony-Baloney' Equality Fairy Tale

5 Upcoming Psychotically Charged Films You'd Be Crazy Not to See

Tom Hardy Did What He Had to Do to Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Revenant,' But Leo's Still Winning That Oscar

Netflix Will Make Your Life Better with a Single Button

Break Out Your Sadface; The Next Bond Has Reportedly Gotten the Unofficial Nod and It's Not Idris Elba

Here's the Final Twig Removed from You-Know-Who's 'Game of Thrones' Funeral Pyre

With 'Cobalt,' 'Fear the Walking Dead' Finally Delivers a Tense and Intriguing Episode

For Its 28th Anniversary, 20 Facts Even Diehard Fans Don't Know About 'The Princess Bride'

Sam Smith's 'Spectre' Theme Song Will Make You Want to Cry

These Are the Best Non-Nude Pictures of Lena Headey You'll Ever See

13 of October's Most Hotly Anticipated Returning Television Characters

This Is One of Those Times You Could Actually Like Lena Dunham

Will 'Selfie' Become the Next 'Jaws?'

Get An Insanely Cool Look at Planet Jakku's Desert in a New 360° 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Teaser

How Many 'Prometheus' Sequels Does Ridley Scott Have Planned, and When Will We See the 'Alien' Connection?

Team Shield Steps Up Their #DubsmashWars Game, and Brings In DC 'Friends'

In the Name of Equality, Tom Hiddleston Will Happily Show You His ... Everything

'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Addresses the Race Issue

Sean Penn Will Not Put Up with Reminders of His Violent Past, Sues Lee Daniels for Defamation

Which Must Watch British Series Just Scored An Original David Bowie Theme Song?

No One Had More Fun at the Emmys Than Gwendoline Christie and the 'GoT' Gang

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Can Three Women Completely Reinvigorate 'Doctor Who?'

Baby Steps, Right? Disney Makes Its First Degenderizing Move

James D'Arcy Gets Kink(s)y for #DUBSMASHWARS, Round 2

Netflix's 'Luke Cage' Adds Two Acting Greats, and 'Jessica Jones'' First Official Photos Feature Tennant and Moss

What Are THR's Picks for the 10 Best TV Shows of All Time?

Which Part of His Preparation for 'High Rise' Nearly Caused Tom Hiddleston to Pass Out?

7 Possibly Irrational, Yet Emotionally Satisfying Suggestions for the Next 'Doctor Who' Companions

Who Are Those Familiar Faces in Kurt Sutter's 'The Bastard Executioner?'

Kate Winslet Triumphantly Claims Her Age Equality; Sienna Miller Demands Equal Pay

Which 3 of Television's Most Underrated Actors Are All on One Series Right Now?

Kit Harington Just Spoiled Jon Snow's 'Game of Thrones' Fate

'The X-Files' 10th Season Gets An Airdate; Carter and Duchovny Tease Scully and Mulder's Status

TIFF Fashion: Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba Smolder; Elisabeth Moss Blazes; KStew Confuses

Emilia Clarke Makes Her Feelings About Gratuitous Sex Scenes Very Clear

Can 'Fear the Walking Dead' Overcome Its Dumb Character Problem?

Which Scientology Adjacent A-Lister Will Join Elisabeth Moss for 'Top of the Lake' Season 2?

If You Thought Norman Reedus' Licking Penchant Was Strange, Wait'll You Hear What He Collects

You'll Be Thrilled to Hear We'll See More Batfleck Than Cavill in 'Batman v Superman'

A Director's New Term for the 'Halloween' Reboot May Actually Mean Something Good

Breaking News on George R. R. Martin's 'The Winds of Winter' Publication

#DUBSMASHWARS Round 1: Team Carter Has Clearly Kicked Team SHIELD'S Ass

Netflix Orders Up New Episodes of Your Favorite Freaky Science Fiction Series

'Star Wars: Aftermath' Author Has Perfect Response to Complaints About Gay Characters

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Jon Hamm Gives His Take on the 'Mad Men' Finale

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Vienna May Have Just Won Progressive City of the Year...Temporarily

Marvel Reveals Their Female Thor and If the MCU Incorporates Her, You May Scream

Elisabeth Moss on Which 'Mad Men' Characters She'd F*ck, Marry and Kill

'Game of Thrones'' Ramsay Bolton on His Plans for Sansa, and Guess Who Was Gifted a Dragon Egg?

You Know Who Archie Panjabi Doesn't Seem to Have a Problem Working With?

When Will Mulder and Scully Return to Your Living Room? Fox Announces 'The X-Files' Premiere

Lesbian Sex, Strip Searches, Naked Cat Fights: 'Orange Is the New Black' Is Almost Back

Do We Really Need Another Minute of Ramsay Bolton on 'Game of Thrones'?

Let's Celebrate Stephen Amell's Birthday with a Serious Study of His Finest Assets

Gillian Anderson Has a Very Special Place for Her Funko 'Hannibal' Doll, Plus a Slew of New Season 3 Photos

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Marvel Announces Additions to Extravaganza Cast of 'Captain America: Civil War,' Plus Martin Freeman's Rumored Role

Natalie Dormer Writes a Gloriously Powerful Op-Ed on the Importance of Voting

One of the Avengers (Not Your Favorite) Just Crushed Our Hiddleston Dating Dreams

But Seriously, How Is Madonna Getting Younger?

And Now, Deep Thoughts by Jon Snow

Chris O'Dowd Sheepishly Admits to Pulling the Meanest Long Con on His Newborn Son

'Bride of Hannibal' Promo Celebrates Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson's...Marriage?

Coolest News of the Day: Martin Freeman Joins Captain America: Civil War

The 7 Best Moments from 'Game of Thrones'' 'Sons of the Harpy'

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Loves Teasing Readers with Fake 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers

Rumor: Jared Leto and Ben Affleck Are Filming Dual 'Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad' Cameos

Ah-mazing 'Star Wars' Fans Send An X-Wing into Space

Every Spoilery Little Thing We Know About 'Hannibal's' Third Season

Stan Lee Schools Michael Rooker and a Few Other Lame-Os on the Art of Cameo Acting

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Will Marvel's 'Agent Carter' Get a Second Season?

David Benioff and Dan Weiss Talk 'Game of Thrones'' New Identities

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My Creation, Is It Real? First Look at James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe in 'Victor Frankenstein'

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Ben Mendelsohn Amusingly Dances Around Those 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Rumors

'Game of Thrones'' Jaqen H'ghar Talks Surprising Returns

*Updated* Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner Call Black Widow a Whore and the Internet Loses Its Mind

Here's Your First Look at Paul Bettany's Supersleek Vision In Action

Take That Disney! DC Announces Female-Powered Superhero Universe for Girls

Kevin Feige's Reveal of Marvel's 'Star Wars' Easter Egg Spoils Every Phase Two Film

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The International 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Reveals New Footage and Possibly All the Dialogue

Supercool 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Photos, and a BB-8 Droid for Us All

Our Prayers Have Been Answered: Dominic Cooper Is AMC's Preacher

A 'Doctor Who' Film Is Coming Whether Moffat Likes It or Not

Maverick Harrison Ford May Have Gotten His Goose for the 'Blade Runner' Reboot

'Daredevil' Showrunner Steven DeKnight Talks Inspirations, Casting, and Plans for Season 2

'Wonder Woman' Quickly Replaces MacLaren, and Rumors Swirl Around a 'Captain Marvel' Director

Viewers Bemusedly React to Netflix's Porny Sounding Series Suggestion

Praise the Raptors! 'Jurassic World's' Bryce Dallas Howard Will Go Full Ellen Ripley

Chris Evans and Hemsworth Throw Interview, Talk Post-Marvel Careers as Breast Pump Cleaners

Gillian Anderson Introduces Her Gorgeous Daughter to the World, Announces Guide for Women

Still Uncast 'Captain Marvel' Gets Two Female Writers and Possibly a Director

Watch the Brilliant One-Shot Fight Scene That Defines Netflix's 'Daredevil'

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Three Truths and a Lie: Amber Tamblyn's Lindsay Lohan Poem Edition

To Celebrate 'Lost' Day, Here's 108 Reasons Why We Still Miss 'Lost'

Just in Time for 'Game of Thrones,' John Oliver Hilariously Introduces HBO Now

Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige Crush Our Favorite 'Age of Ultron' Hopes and Dreams

William Shatner Pitched a Cool 'Star Trek' 50th Anniversary Special to SyFy

Flight Attendants Are Irked with Nicole Kidman Over Her Latest Ad Campaign

Why the Real CIA Tweeted 'Good Riddance' to 'Homeland's' Carrie Mathison

Netflix Orders Up Your Next Binge-fest: Supernatural Mystery Series, 'Montauk'

Did the BBC and BitTorrent Just Add Another Twist to the Cable Cutting Game?

It's Just Another Fall More in Love with Tom Hardy

Is That You Captain Marvel? 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Adds Two Intriguing Guests

Who Are Game of Thrones' Sand Snakes, and What Are They Trying to Achieve?

Stop Everything and Watch This 2nd Full-Length 'Mad Max Fury Road' Trailer NOW

Fillion and Tudyk Snag 'Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica' and 'Terminator' Alumni for 'Con Men'

Badass Helen Mirren Wants to Be in the Next 'Fast & Furious' Film

What Might 'Game of Thrones'' Maisie Williams Be Doing on 'Doctor Who?'

Angelina Jolie Continues to Inspire with Her 'It's Okay to Be Different Speech' to Kids

David Duchovny Thinks 'X-Files" Fox Mulder Was the Worst Ever FBI Agent

Gillian Anderson Is Ready to Date; Gender Is Irrelevant

Do Sunday's 'Talking Dead' Guests or the 2nd Finale Promo Portend an Unpredictable 'Sad Loss?'

Drew Barrymore's Humorous Candor About Her Post-Baby Self-Image Is Utterly Delightful

'Star Wars' Finds a Rogue, 'Star Trek 3' Circles a Villain and 'Preacher' Hires Its Vampire

'Game of Thrones'' Maisie Williams Previews the First Clip of Arya at House of Black and White

Fassbender Wears a Cowboy Hat and Rides a Horse; We Say Giddyup! 'Slow West' Trailer

J.K. Rowling Handily Shuts Down Twit(terer) Complaining About Dumbledore Being Gay

Why I Drink; Bradley Cooper Thinks He's a Director Now

5 Television Series So Good We Wanted to Start Right Back Up the Minute They Ended

'Avengers: Infinity War' Directors Officially Confirmed, and a Super-Secret Spider-Man Audition Leaks

Bryan Fuller Teases 'Hannibal' Season 3 Details, Including an Opening Episode Surprise

5 Things We Learned from George R. R. Martin's Strange and Interesting Evening with Sibel Kekilli

Hey Maine Governor Paul LePage, Pissing Off Stephen King Is Probably a Bad Idea

Cruise Gives New Meaning to 'Catching a Flight' in the 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' Trailer

AMC's 'Preacher' Casts Arseface; Now Where Is Cassidy?

New 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer Reveals Great Teamwork and Quicksilver's Sexy Accent

Dreamcasting the 'Scarface' Remake Starring Pedro Pascal As Tony Montana

'Going Clear's' Alex Gibney Says Scientology Bullied the IRS, Addresses 'Ridiculous' Letter

New 'Game of Thrones' Clips and Photos Give a Closer Look at Action-Packed Fifth Season

5 Reasons 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Will Be One of Our Favorite Films This Year

What's Really Going On in Alex Garland's 'Ex Machina'?

George R. R. Martin Finally Says the Words We've Longed to Hear

Let's Close Out St. Paddy's Day with a Toast to 17 of Our Favorite Irish Actors

Stephen King and Joe Hill Tweet Their Emphatic Responses to Del Toro's 'Crimson Peak'

Could the 'Sherlock' Christmas Special Involve That 'Doctor Who' Crossover We've Always Wanted?

5 Things That Had Better Not Happen in 'The Walking Dead' Finale

'Jurassic World's' Raptor Squad and Lego Trailer Will Renew Your Appetite for Destruction

A Marvel Man Is the Frontrunner to Play Jesse Custer in AMC's 'Preacher'

Madonna Sticks Her Foot in It Again: 'Women Are Still the Most Marginalized Group'

Steven Moffat Is Still a Wanker Who Likes to Keep Us Waiting for 'Sherlock'

5 Actors We Desperately Need to Switch Things Up

Here's the Teaser for the Thriller Series Netflix Won't Allow You to Binge-Watch

Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch Obsession Starts in Exactly 8 Days

'Firefly's' Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Are Reuniting for Meta Comedy Series, 'Con Man'

When Privileged Worlds Collide: Lena Dunham Wants 'Girls' to Get Gooped

This Make-Up Artist's Transformation into Various Celebrities Will Blow Your Mind

A Spoileriffic Teaser Announces 'The Fall' Series 3, Plus New Details on the 'Luther' Special

'Spectre' Gains a Third Bond Girl, and Monica Bellucci Calls Sam Mendes a Hero

Stephen Amell Tells Why His Hilarious First 'Arrow' Promotional Photo Wasn't Used

30 Upcoming Films Featuring Your Favorites (The UK Contingent)

This 'Nina Forever' Teaser Starring 'Utopia's' Fiona O'Shaughnessy Is Everything a Trailer Should Be

While You Were Chillaxing, 'Hannibal' Got a Premiere Date, New Pics and a Familiar Guest Star

Alec Baldwin's Political Dream of Becoming NYC Mayor Is Coming True -- On HBO

Chewbacca Is Impressed By Harrison Ford's Quick Recovery After Actor Has Another Accident

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Sexy Norman Reedus Is Super Awkward and Loves to Lick His Fans

Eddie Izzard Lands An HBO Pilot with 'OItNB's' Jenji Kohan and Gus Van Sant

'Ex Machina' vs. 'Chappie' (vs. 'Eva'): Will a Sexy Robot Beat the A.I. with Heart?

Start Your Tuesday Right With This Awesome Supercut of Women Kicking A**

The 'Blade Runner' Sequel Gets a Great Director, and Another Original Star Wants to Join Harrison Ford

Jared Leto Takes His First Big Step Toward Becoming 'Suicide Squad's' Majestic Joker

Mads Mikkelsen Stars In the Strangest Furniture 'Not-An-Ad' You've Ever Seen

William Shatner Rises Above a Load of Twittercrap Over Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

Holy Black Canary! The CW Announces an Interesting Arrow-Flash Spinoff

Pedro Pascal Adorably Recounts Shooting That Game of Thrones Orgy Scene with Charles Dance

9 Recently Introduced Television Characters We Instantly Despised

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Neill Blomkamp Confirms Ripley Will Be in New 'Alien' Film; Sigourney Weaver Wants Proper Ending

15 Recently Introduced Television Characters It Took About 30 Seconds to Fall In Love With

Joss Whedon Teases 'Avengers: Age of Ultron's' Bond-esque Opening and 'Godfather' Connections

Christopher McQuarrie Answers Claims Bad Ending Caused 'Mission Impossible 5' to Halt Production

American Crime Story Details Emerge: Just How Funny Was the O.J. Simpson Trial?

Jude Law Reveals Turning Down Superman So He Wouldn't Ruin Children's Lives

Raúl Esparza Teases Chilton's Plan: I'm Coming After Hannibal With a Vengeance

Get Ready for 'House of Cards'' Return This Friday with Two New Trailers

The Best, Worst, and WTFiest: The 2015 Academy Awards Fashion Review

Oberyn and Ser Pounce Triumphantly Return in the 'Game of Thrones' Blooper Reel

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Now It's a Crime to Feed the Homeless? Fort Lauderdale Police Make Arrests for Public Food Sharing

Sob into Your Morning Cereal; Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged

'Orange Is the New Black's' Big Boo Goes Head to Head with NYC Subway Evangelist Preaching Hate

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Kurt Russell and His Glorious Hair Lead a Cool Cast into Cannibal Country

Sharlto Copley Will Lead You Right into the Mission with 'Hardcore,' the First POV Action Film

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No Worries: There's Not One Shot of Hannah Horvath's Vajayjay in the 'Girls' Season 4 Teaser

George R. R. Martin Is Understandably Flummoxed by Playboy's 'Sexy George R. R. Martin' Halloween Costume

Benedict Cumberbatch Describes Sherlock Having Sex, and You Should Read This Very, Very Slowly

Conan Shames Jake Gyllenhaal for His Traumatizing, Dad-Made Halloween Costumes

And Now, 'Gone Girl' Reenacted by Kittens, Because It's What We NEED Right Now

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'AHS: Freak Show': Twisty's Tale, and 3 Truths and a Lie Cast News

Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War' Teaser Is Just Plain Cruel

The Colbert Report Takes on #GamerGate with Anita Sarkeesian

It's Here, It's Here! The Not-Quite-'Fifth-Element' AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Is Here!

George R. R. Martin Bitches About the Iron Throne Again; See What It Should Really Look Like

Tywin Lannister and 'BSG's' Six: Putting the Science Fiction Back in SyFy

Anjelica Huston Alleges That Ryan O'Neal Beat the Shit Out of Her, Talks Being Arrested with Roman Polanski

Suit Up! Neil Patrick Harris Scores His Very Own NBC Variety Series

'SNL' Proves It Knows How to Treat Royalty, and Books the Best Halloween Weekend Ever*

Kate Hudson's Spot-On Matthew McConaughey Impression Will Make Your Monday Morning 'Alright'

LeVar Burton Changes Up Storytime; Watch Him Read 'Go the F*ck to Sleep'

Ridley Scott Rounds Up An Insanely Amazing A-List Led 'The Martian' Cast, But Why?

Over 80,000 People in Spain Apply to Be 'Game of Thrones' Extras; the Main Cast Chills

Felicia Day Writes About Her #GamerGate Fears and Unlike Chris Kluwe, Is Immediately Doxxed

Let's Talk Last Night's Surprisingly Emotional 'American Horror Story: Freak Show, Edward Mordrake Part 1'

Watch Dana Carvey's Hysterical, Dead-On 'Walking Dead' Rick and Hershel Impressions

Here's the Next Science Fiction Series Fox Will Cancel: 'Frankenstein'

Guess Who's Coming to 'Gotham'? Hint: She'll Help Young Master Wayne Find Serenity

IKEA Singapore's 'The Shining' Halloween Commercial Is the Best Thing You'll See This Year

Bryan Cranston Responds to Toys 'R' Us Evicting His Walter White Action Figure

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'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus Has Andrew Lincoln's SPOILER Stored in His Fridge

Hannibal Buress Calls Bill Cosby a Smug-Faced Rapist

Marvel's Victoria Alonso Encourages Girls to Get into VFX; Talks Female Superhero Films

Hey Ladies, Go Ahead and Add Younger Men to the List of Things You Shouldn't Do

Dumbass 'Late Show' Cue-Card Guy Fired After Insulting Letterman and Assaulting a Fellow Writer

Ian McKellen Dons His Gandalf Hat, and Positively Thrills a Group of Schoolchildren

John Carroll Lynch's Twisty the Clown Is 'American Horror Story's' Best Ever Villain

God Loves His Children: AMC Nabs William Hurt to Star in Futuristic AI Series

Yes Please, Just Take Our Money Now: Guess Who's Taking Over 'Avengers 3 and 4'?

Is Sharlto Copley Starring in the Best Television Comic Adaptation We'll Ever See?

'Bond 24' Found Its Jaws-Like Villain Palling Around with a Talking Tree

To Usher in a New Marvel Phase, Robert Downey Jr. Will Join 'Captain America 3'

12-Year Old Girl Righteously Shames Dick's Sporting Goods for Lack of Gender Equality

DC Announces New Digital Series, Based on the Best Superheroine We've Ever Had

Watch Fascinatingly Candid Video of the 'Gone Girl' Cast Talking About Making a Fincher Film

Meet the New Bond Girl: 'Femme Fatale' Léa Seydoux

Key and Peele Sketch Hilariously Demonstrates the Problem with Texting

What Now? Matt Smith and His Ex-Girlfriend Are the Latest Sex Crime Victims

Neil Gaiman Hurls a 'Doctor Who' Slam Moffat's Way

Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Superior Acting Skills with An Intense Staredown

Shonda Rhimes Would Like Everyone to Stop Talking About Her Gender and Race

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Review: Is There Life on Mars?

William Shatner Goes Off on Reporter Over False 'Star Trek 3' Rumors

Finally! A Director Who'll Personally Refund Your Money If You Don't Like His New Movie

STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT. ABC Wants to Remake 'Uncle Buck'

Sony Pictures' Whackadoodie Plan to Go Up Against Marvel's 'Avengers' Involves a Few Merry Men

The Latest Marvel 'Avengers 3' Rumors Are So Crazy, They Just Might Be True

Watch a Married Jennifer Garner Flirt with Engaged Ben Affleck Before They Got Together

5 Reasons You Should Still Be Watching 'Homeland'

Master Class in Cool: Bill Murray Sings Bob Dylan's 'Shelter from the Storm'

Vince Gilligan Pulls Us Back in with This Clue-Laden, Foot-Stomping 'Better Call Saul' Music Video

Here We Go Again: North Dakota School Bans Girls from Wearing Yoga Pants So Teachers and Boys Won't Be Distracted

Does Andrew Lincoln's Premiere Party Face Spoil Rick Grimes' 'Walking Dead' Fate?

Fiona Apple's Haunting Original Song for Showtime's 'The Affair' Forebodes Devastation

Get Out There and Save the World: The Final 'Interstellar' Trailer Brings Hope and Chills

Join Me in This Head-Scratching Moment: Netflix's Latest Four-Movie Deal

You'll Never Guess the Two Movies Christian Bale Watched to Prepare for Playing Moses

Dream-Casting 'Hannibal's' Clarice Starling, and 7 Other Season 3 Characters

Jessica Lange Will Cover Lana Del Ray, and the First Full 'AHS: Freak Show' Trailer

Ben Affleck Blasts Jon Stewart for Spoiling 'Gone Girl'

DC Comics Makes a Sexist Mistake, But Recovers Nicely with Quick Course Correction

This New 'Interstellar' Trailer Reveals a Wicked Cool McConaughey Sidekick

Forget 'True Detective'; David Fincher Will Direct the Entire First Season of HBO's 'Utopia'

There Must Always Be a Thor, and Now SHE Will Wield the Power

Five Standout Moments to Mark 'Breaking Bad's' Finale Anniversary

Chris Hemsworth Goes Full Loki in Michael Mann's Kickass 'Blackhat' Trailer

'Avengers 3' May Be Split in Two, and 'Age of Ultron' Trailer News

An NFL Player We Can Cheer For: Devon Still Gives His 4 Year Old Daughter a Pre-Surgery, Fist-Bumping Pep Talk

Samsung Skewers Apple with a Timely Jab at the iPhone 6

Die Laughing at 'The Walking Dead' Bad Lip Reading Parody

Rachel McAdams Has Been Offered the 'True Detective' Season 2 Female Lead

Hairy Fishnuts? Poor Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say "Penguins"

State Farm Drops Rob Schneider Because He's an Anti-Vaccine Moron

Ridley Scott Says There'll Be No Xenomorphs in 'Prometheus 2,' But No Worries, We'll See How David Gets His Head Back On

Here's Your First Look at Christopher Walken as 'Peter Pan Live's' Captain Hook

Idris Elba...Sings? 'No Good Deed' Actor Announces 'Mandela' Inspired Album

What in God's Name Has Happened to Rob Lowe?

Get Over Your True Detective News Depression with Matthew McConaughey and Ellen DeGeneres

A Female Director Won Best Horror Film at Fantastic Fest, and That's Cool as Shit

Join Me Falling in Love with a Gay Man Right Now

Hey, Remember When *SPOILER* Jurassic Park's Dennis Dropped Those Embryos? 'Jurassic World' Photo Tease

Are You a 'Power Spoiler'? Netflix Analyst Breaks Down Why We Do It

Because Of Course James Spader Explains Comic-Con Through Sexual Metaphor

Think You Love Tyrion? Meet 'Shorty,' Peter Dinklage's Next Great Film Character

'Less Classically Beautiful' Viola Davis Responds to That NYT Shonda Rhimes Piece

New Clips, and Should You Read Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl' Before You See Fincher's Film?

33 Hot Guys That We *Totally* Like for Their Intellectual Qualities

'A Most Violent Year' Trailer: Are Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain the New Pacino/Keaton?

This Horrifying Foot Might Be the Creepiest Thing 'American Horror Story' Has Ever Done

Tim Burton's Bringing Christoph Waltz's Sexy Back: 'Big Eyes' Trailer

Jon Stewart Rages over the NFL's Mishandling of ... Everything

Yo, Bitches! Did You Catch the Cool 'Breaking Bad' Easter Egg in Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla'?

Robert Downey Jr. Leads a VERY DRAMATIC All-Star Cast Through a Very Flat 'Judge' Trailer

Missing Heads, Cannibalism, Gary Oldman, and What Really Disturbs 'Gone Girl' Director David Fincher

Here's Lookin' at You Kid: Television's 10 Best Next Generation Actors

You Can't Take the Sky from Me: 'Firefly's' Sean Maher Goes Back to Doctoring in Space

Some Piece of Crap Doctor Took a Selfie While Joan Rivers Was Under Anesthesia

The Cost of Living: 'Lost,' 9/11, and How Damon Lindelof Taught Us He Shouldn't Solve 'The Leftovers'' Central Mystery

Seth Rogen Twitter-vites Duncan Jones and Rian Johnson to Direct AMC's 'Preacher'

Fallon Adorably Lives out All His Fantasies Duetting with Barbra Streisand

Nic Pizzolatto Parades Through Seven More Actresses for the 'True Detective' Female Lead

Robin Thicke Tries to Escape Plagiarism Charges by Giving Pharrell Overdue Credit for 'Blurred Lines'

The Greatest, Latest 'Star Wars' Spin-Off Rumor Just Might Make Your Kilt Fly Up

The L.A.P.D. Detained 'Django Unchained' Actress Danièle Watts for Kissing Her White Boyfriend in Public

'Orange Is the New Black's' Samira Wiley Is So Hot...How Hot Is She...?

Dude, Keanu Reeves Totally Found His Inner Badass, and Ian McShane...and a Dog

CBS' James Brown Makes a Fantastic Pre-Game Statement on Domestic Violence

Bryan Fuller Talks Adapting Gaiman's 'American Gods,' and Avoiding Being 'the Biggest Assholes on Television'

But Don't Mention Love: Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty Will Reunite for 'Finding Dory'

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Gillian Anderson Promoted to 'Hannibal' Series Regular

You Let Me Violate You: Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Has a New Poster, and Rosamund Pike Talks Sex with Neil Patrick Harris

NOTHING Goes Over My Head: One of 'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Breakout Stars May Be in 'Avengers 3'

HBO and Showtime Are Ready to Break Away from the Cable Pack

Zack Snyder Tweets a Picture of the 'Real Batmobile'

You're Going to Need a Bigger Bond: Richard Kiel aka Jaws Dies at 74

Mike Tyson Doesn't Want to Be Reminded That He Raped Somebody, Curses Out Reporter on Live Television

La Winslet's Finally Back in Period Costume for Alan Rickman's 'A Little Chaos'

And You Give Yourself Away: U2 Are Now So Rich They Don't Need Your Money

Keith Richards Tells Fallon the Spectacular Story of Chuck Berry Punching Him in the Face

Justin Bieber Strips to His Underwear, Gets Loudly Booed

What the Everloving What? Zachary Quinto Is Heading Up a Series About a Father Who Slaps Someone Else's Kid?

Take That, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fox's 'Gotham' Is Television's Most Promising New Series, 2014

Chris Evans Confirms 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Rumors, and Says Keep Your Hands off My Captain America Shield

And I Wonder When We Are Ever Gonna Change It: Jessica Chastain Wants to Lead a Superhero Film

I Hear It Likes the Girls: Bill Murray Makes His Übercool Picks For the 'Ghostbusters 3' Female Leads

The Female-Led 'Minority Report' Sequel Series Lands on Fox; Let's Get Pissed at Them Now for Prematurely Canceling It Later

Extended American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailer Lets Us Peek Behind the Creepy Curtain

Norman Reedus Tweeted Some Very Spoilery 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Photos...or Did He?

We Can't Handle the Cute: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Announce Royal Baby Number 2 Is on the Way

So, If There's Something You'd Like to Try: The 20 Best Answers Mark Gatiss Gave During His Reddit AMA

Zombies Need Friends Too: AMC Orders Up The Walking Dead Companion Series

Gisele Bündchen Kicks Ass As She Wants: The 'Skinny Model' Shows Off Her (Super) Power

Look, Either Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther Really Is Bald, or He's Playing the Wolf Dressed Up as Red Riding Hood's Grandma

Two of the World's Most Intolerable Egos Are About to Star Together

Snake Plissken Jr. Careens Samuel L. Jackson Over a Cliff in a Freezer: 'Big Game' Clip

All the Pretty...White People: Watch Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' EPIC Featurette

You Must Address the Flopping Schlong: Conan Is Forced to Ask 'The Leftovers'' Justin Theroux About His Package

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun: Chris Pratt Sings His Heart Out at Wrigley Stadium

Muscle: Robert Downey Jr. Joins in the Chant to Give Black Widow Her Own Film

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Science Fiction Thursday 7-17-2014

'Girls from Massachusetts Don't Go to the Gym,' and Other Bits of Wisdom from the Scumball Vegas Club Promoter Who Refused to Comp a Bachelorette Party without First Seeing Photos of the Women

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Bryan Fuller Teases a Few Spoileriffic Hannibal Season 3 Details

'The Daily Show' Did a Sexual Assault at Colleges Segment That's So Great, I Don't Know Whether to Clap or Cry

Bong Joon-ho Had to Dissuade Tilda Swinton from Wearing a Pig Nose in 'Snowpiercer'

Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle His Way Through That Story About an American Who Got Stuck in a Giant...Ahem, Statue

John Cusack Doesn't Believe in Rewarding Mia Wasikowska's Homicidal Behavior: Cronenberg's 'Map to the Stars' Clip

Frances Bean Cobain Takes Lana Del Rey to Task over Her 'I Wish I Was Dead Already' Statement

Nathan Fillion's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cameo Is Confirmed, and Rumored to Be...

The Pugs of Westeros Will Make Your Day...Maybe Even Your Week

Kristen Bell Is Pregnant with (Probably) the World's Second Cutest Baby, But We'll Never Know Because Baby Bells Are Private

Harrison Ford's Injury May Delay 'Star Wars Episode VII,' or Cause Big Script Changes

Watch This Impressionist Have Some Fun with Your Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Characters

Lifestyles of the Bitchy and Famous, Part Deux: 10 Ridiculously Silly Celebrity Squabbles

The Wachowskis Assemble a Huge Cast for Their Netflix Science Fiction Series, 'Sense8'

Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace Desperately Try to Avoid Trouble: 'The Drop' International Trailer

Ah, American Television: Watch This Guy in a Mentos Suit Jumping into a Diet Coke Filled Tub

Black Widow Gets a Costume Upgrade, and Other Spoilery 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Character Details

Who Am I to Disagree: What This Thursday Really Needs Is a Little Hotness

A Kitten, A Baby Penguin and Someone Fishy: The New 'Gotham' Teaser Introduces a Few Villains

Wil Wheaton Gives 'Game of Thrones' The Fabulous 'Brady Bunch' Opening It Always Needed

One of Terry Richardson's Victims Brilliantly Rebuts That 'New York Magazine' Profile of a Sexual Predator

George R. R. Martin Avoids Writing By Doing a 'Gay of Thrones' Recap Cameo Making Fun of His Writing Pace

Summer Lovers: A Variety of New Series to Get You Through the Languid Months Ahead

Bored with Buddhism, Sick of Scientology? The Church of Christoph Waltz May Be the Answer for You

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When You Know You Shouldn't Laugh, But Can't Help Yourself: 'Game of Thrones'' Hodor Plays Family Feud

The News World Hands Them Stardom: Two Tom Hardys Are Better Than One

Engage! LeVar Burton Announces Several Generations of Star Trek Actors Will Kick Off Reading Rainbow

Trailer-Off: Sleek, Sexy 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' vs. Sweet, Gorgeous 'The Boxtrolls'

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Put Me In, Coach: A Few Suggestions for Two Tragically Underrated Actresses Who Should Be in All the Things

Just Can't Get Enough: This 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Poster Is the Second Best Thing You'll See Today

The New 'Constantine' Trailer Teases a Certain Helmeted Sorcerer...or Two

Pierce Brosnan Turns on That Old Bond Magic: 'The November Man' Trailer

Rumor of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy at the Top of Marvel's 'Dr. Strange' Wish List

Our Favorite 'Game of Thrones' Lover and Fighter Is Headed to Netflix

Matthew McConaughey Says He'd Be Open to a 'True Detective' Return

Here's Spoilerific Thanos News, and a New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Teaser

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? CNN Asks If 'Homeland' Writer Sees Brody in Released POW Bowe Bergdahl

Is George Clooney About to Follow in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Footsteps?

Death or Glory Becomes Just Another Story: Meet the Fifth Member of The Clash...Peter Dinklage

Here's a Groovy Fan-Made Alternate Ending to Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' Episode

Jenny McCarthy Isn't Only a Dangerous Mother, She's an Unfunny Dick

It's That Little Souvenir of a Terrible Year: A Pictorial Appreciation of the Man Who Breathed New Life into Game of Thrones

'Sinister' Director Scott Derrickson Will Helm Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'

Vince Gilligan Catches up to My 'Better Call Saul' Concerns

Sigourney Weaver on the 'Alien' Franchise: We Have to Go Back

Wondering How to Get Through Summer without 'Hannibal'? Meet 'Borgman,' Dr. Lecter's Slightly Less Sophisticated Cousin

'Game of Thrones'' Alfie Allen Calls His Sister a Liar, and Reveals Benioff and Weiss' Cruel Season 2 Prank

Guess Which Actress Is the Only Commonality Between the Most Popular Summer Actors and the Pajiba Ten?

Noooo! The Brady Bunch's Most Lovable Actress Has Died

And the Actor Voicing Thanos in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Is...

Jorge Gutierrez's Stunningly Beautiful 'Book of Life' Trailer Is a Feast for Your Eyes

Fassbender and McAvoy's Impressions of Stewart and McKellen, for Stewart and McKellen, Will Give You a Mile Wide Smile

Jeremy Renner Helps Prove 90 Percent of Men Look Hotter with Facial Hair: 'Kill the Messenger' Trailer

I'm Too Sexy: Eva Green's 'Sin City' Sequel Poster Deemed Too Boobtastic by the MPAA

This Real Life Scooby Gang Tracked Down and Helped Return a Stolen Newborn Baby

David Bradley Warns NYC About a Nasty Visitor: Guillermo del Toro's Creepylicious 'Strain' Trailer

Want to Watch Johnny Depp Pull a Rabbit out of His Career Hat; How About Some Goopy Internet Etiquette?

This Fan-Made 'Doctor Who' Series 8 Teaser Is Light Years Ahead of the Official One, and Moffat Talks Choosing a Female Doctor

Nic Pizzolatto Defies Your 'True Detective' Cast Expectations

'Hannibal' - 'Mizumono': I've Got a Story, Ain't Got No Moral

I Want to Live in Michel Gondry's Magical 'Mood Indigo' World Forever

Introducing 'Bri & Pod,' the 'Game of Thrones' Spinoff You've Been Longing for Since 'Oathkeeper'

Don't Hand Me No Lies and Keep Your Hands to Yourself: The South Continues to Tighten Abortion Restrictions

Can Daniel Holden Keep It Together? 'Rectify' Season 2 Trailer

Hawkeye's New Age of Ultron Costume Looks Rather...Restrictive

Hush Hush, Keep It Down Now, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Are Singing TV Themes

'Broadchurch' Beefs Up Season 2 with a Few More Great Actors

Jennifer Lawrence Broke Out Her 'Rape Scream' for Alfonso Cuarón

Colin Firth Gets His Bond On: 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Trailer

David Michôd's 'Animal Kingdom' Follow Up Delivers the Guy Pearce We Love, and the Robert Pattinson We Never Knew

Andrew Garfield's Emotional Head-Shaving, Cross-Dressing and Dancing for Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' Video Will Blow You Away

Steve Carell Goes Full Robin Williams As Charming Potato's Demented Coach: 'Foxcatcher' Trailer

Scott Thompson's Delightful 'Hannibal' Post Mortem Chats Will Leave You Hungry for More

Need a Quick Game of Thrones Summary? Peter Dinklage Acts out the Series in 45 Seconds

'Hannibal' - 'Tome-wan': Let Them Believe Me, Let Them Wonder If I Lie

We're Not Meant to Save the World, We're Meant to Leave It: Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Trailer

Power Ranking 90s Big Name Actors Who've Faded, and a Few Who Aim to Be Permanently Etched

Lily Allen Turned Down a Game of Thrones Role Because She Wasn't into the Whole Incest Thing

George R. R. Martin Still Writes Using a Word Processing Program from the 80s

This Teen Girl Had to Leave a Prom Because Her Dress Caused Chaperone Dads' Impure Thoughts

'The Homesman' Trailer Needs All the Tommy Lee Jones Side Eye It Can Get; Luckily, It Has Plenty

Pedro Pascal: 'Game of Thrones'' International Man of Deliciousry

'Hannibal' - 'Kō No Mono': It's Bigger Than You, and You Are Not Me

People Are People (Eaters): Hannibalujah! NBC Picks up Season 3

The New Red Band Trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s 'Snowpiercer' Will Make Your Neck Hair Stand on End

Fear Comes with Imagination: Book Readers' 'Hannibal' Discussion

Jon Hamm Recalls His 'Soul Crushing' Early Work in Soft Porn And His Now Famous Prom Date

Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix Joined Woody Allen's Next Film; What Do We Do Now?

Here's the Brilliant 'Jawzilla' Trailer Mashup Your Tuesday So Desperately Needs

Everybody Hates Sansa: Defending 'Game of Thrones'' Elder Stark Sister

Hey Man, What's Wrong with That? Five Reasons We're So Excited for Louie's Return Tonight

'Hannibal' - 'Naka-Choko': There's No I in Threesome

Louis C. K. Sums up All Our Feelings About Letterman's Retirement

'Blue Ruin': The Soul Crushingly Good Thriller That Will Make You Rethink Vengeance

Jennifer Lawrence's Tale of Her Drunken Academy Awards Aventures Can't Wait for Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jemaine Clement's Horror Comedy 'What We Do in the Shadows' Looks Like Bloody Good Fun

Bret Easton Ellis Throws Bryan Singer Under the Bus: 'I Was Invited to an Underage Party'

Are Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow About to Form an Alliance?

Patrick Stewart Returns to Television as a Borderline Alcoholic Newscaster; We Eagerly Await the Announcement Ian McKellen Will Play His Manservant

Lena Headey Hems and Haws Over How She Feels About That 'Game of Thrones' Scene

Did Someone Call for a Tom Hiddleston Puff Piece?

Why 'This Is the World' Is Poor Defense for 'Game of Thrones'' Excessive Rape

'Hannibal' - 'Shiizakana': Because Violence Here Is a Social Norm

Stop. Viggo Time: 'The Two Faces of January' Teasers Will Jolt You out of That Late Afternoon Slump

'Trust Me' Trailer: Clark Gregg Wisely Reassembles 'The Way Way Back Cast' for His New Comedy

The 15 Most Interesting Tidbits from George R. R. Martin's 'Rolling Stone' Interview

Ahoy There! 'Luther's' Neil Cross Teams with John Malkovich for NBC's 'Crossbones'

Emma Stone Challenges Boyfriend Andrew Garfield's Sexist Remark

Billie Piper Answers the Most Important 'Doctor Who' Question of All Time: Who's the Better Kisser, Tennant or Eccleston?

An Open Letter to 'Game of Thrones'' David Benioff and Dan Weiss

James Spader Reveals His Flaws to 'Rolling Stone', and He Really Is Just as Quirkalicious as We Want Him to Be

A British Model Accuses Terry Richardson of Offering Her a Vogue Photo Shoot in Exchange for Sex

'Hannibal' - 'Su-zakana': We're Caught in a Trap

Console Yourselves 'Song of Ice and Fire Readers'; George R. R. Martin Is Writing...Westeros History

Can Scruffy Ryan Reynolds Win Back Our Affections with Cannes Entry 'The Captive'?

Some Dean with Too Much Time on Her Hands Suspends a College Professor over a Photo of His Daughter in a Game of Thrones T-Shirt

Pedro Pascal's Adorable Instagram Full of Selfies and the Game of Thrones Cast Aren't Going to Ease That Red Viper Crush You're Nursing

Cameron Diaz Advises Women to Have Lots of Lovers Instead of Just One (Boring) Man

Watch the Game of Thrones Cast React to the Purple Wedding

Am I the Only One Who Hopes All the Google Glass Users Go Cross-eyed or Something?

Is 'Fargo's' Billy Bob Thornton Angling for a 'True Detective' Stint?

David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Trailer Is So Dark...

Why Can't I Get Just One Kiss? 8 Crossover Couples I'm Shipping...Priority Express

I Saw His Widow Twankey: Get Your Sunday Giggles Watching Sirs McKellen and Stewart Play The Newlywed Game

'Hannibal '- 'Yakimono': I Decree a Stalemate

Here Are a Few Spoilerish 'Game of Thrones' Photos to Rev You up for 'The Lion and the Rose'

Nice Guys Might Finish Last, But Captain America Is Most Certainly Not Boring

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Blames a Drunken Stupor for Her Nude Rolling Stone Cover

All Your Dreams Come True: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Will Play Sisters

See, I've Already Waited Too Long: Here's Your New 'Doctor Who' Villain Number Two

How about Global Thermonuclear War? A Non-Comic Geek's 10 Favorite Things About 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Here's Your Very Interesting Marvel/Netflix Rumor of the Week

Hey Baby It's Me Again --Tom Hardy. Oh, and My Dad, Chips ...

'Hannibal' - 'Futamono': The Wisdom of the Fool Won't Set You Free

Martin Freeman is So Good as 'Fargo's' Lester Nygaard, Your Panties Will Moisten Despite That Minnesota Accent

Because Your Most Difficult Thursday Decision Should Be: Who Is Hotter, Good Guys or Bad?

These New 'Godzilla' Teasers Will Make You Want to Your Nearest Theater

Are Sirs McKellen and Stewart Headed on a World Domination Tour?

It's the Abusive Show You Keep Watching No Matter How Many Times It Hurts You: 'Game of Thrones' Gets an Honest Trailer

9 Clues That Prove 'Prometheus' Is the Ultimate Thinking Person's Science Fiction Film

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And I've Got No Right to Take My Place With the Human Race: Television's Biggest Jackholes

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Twittery: An Afternoon Comment Diversion

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(Lee) Pace is the Trick: Ceremony Trailer

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Mmm...Tastes Like Death: Showtime Adapting Chew

Filthy Curves and Muddy Buttocks: New Your Highness Red Band Trailer and Posters

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You Can Ask But Should They Tell? Do We Care If Our Movie Stars Are Gay?

We Can't Hate Everyone, Can We? Polanski Wraps Carnage

Indy's Spunky Cousin? Poster and International Trailer for Luc Besson's The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

What Have They Done? First Costumed Picture of the New Wonder Woman

Vincent Gallo, Now with More Pants: Essential Killing Trailer

Appreciate: An Afternoon Comment Diversion

The Stranger It Is, the More Beautiful It Will Be: David Lynch to Direct Duran Duran Live Concert Film

Be Still My Heart: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller Do Danny Boyle's Frankenstein*

Stand By J.J.: New Super 8 Trailer and Poster

We Have To Go Back! An Afternoon Comment Diversion

What the Heck Type of Freak Show Is This? Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula

I'll Say Anything You Want To Hear: How Desperate Is Jennifer Aniston?

What a Funky Lady: The Top Five Actors Who Have Morphed Into Middle-Aged Women

Recreating the Magic: Can It/Should It Be Done?

I Am the Decider: The Order of the World Has Been Upset

Kate Winslet: A Thoroughly Modern Millie

Too Late to Beg You or Cancel It: AMC Twists Up the Procedural with "The Killing"

In Living Color: Charlie Sheen Has Cured Himself (with His Brain)

I'd Roam From Town to Town to Hide My Shame: The Worst Celebrity Baby Names

Fevered Feeling, Hot, Hot, Hot: James Franco Adds Art Exhibition with Gus Van Sant to His Plate

Wherever We Go, Whatever We Do: Kiefer Sutherland Returns to Fox

It's a Sharktopus! It's an Alien! It's SyFy's Latest Cheesetastic, Killer Critter!

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! A Pajiba Sunday Sermon

The Worst: An Afternoon Comment Diversion

BAM!ber Joins Ron Moore's New Series, "17th Precinct"

The Label Maker: The Top Five Hollywood Celebrity Incidents from Which There is No Recovery

One, You Lock the Target: Magnolia Goes After Headhunters, Point Blank and von Trier's Melancholia

David Slade to Direct Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace in The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Piss Off, Uncle Albert

If You Are Confused Check with the Sun

And I Ain't Seen the Sunshine Since I Don't Know When

All in the Family

You Will Hear Only the Numbers Counting Down

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Don't Believe the Hype

We're Only Human After All

I'm Gonna Have a Drink and Walk Around

Uncertain Emotions Force An Uncertain Smile

My What Big Hair You Have

I Hope It Lasts (Forever)

Big Head Alien and the Monsters

Only One

Scheme Those Schemes

Let Me Take You in My Arms and Make It All Better, Liam

This Film Ought to Be Confiscated. Burned.

Is This the End of Liberal Media?

That Is Walking on Hallowed Ground

Best Film at Sundance?

Gather Round, Fookin Prawns

Tell Me All Your Weird Food Secrets

Behind the Hatred There Lies a Murderous Desire for Love

Alien Abortion

It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Hanging on in Quiet Desperation is the American Way

Give Him Two Arms To Cling To

The Swedes (Skarsgårds!) Are Coming

Dumb with Aplomb

I Like It, Yes I Do

Take the World in a Love Embrace

Lookout Xenu Followers!

Need Glasses?

This Beats The Scaramouche Out of Sacha Baron Cohen

Torn Between Four Brothers, Feeling Like a Fool?

I Know This Much is True


Celebrate New Year's Eve with Music

There's Trouble in Lindsey-with-an-e Country

Oh Mickey, You Used To Be So Fine, But You've Lost Your Mind

And It Looks Like They're Aiming Right at You and Me

Your Post-Holiday, Snowed-in, Still-in-a-Bloated-Semi-Drunken-State Comment Diversion

Bill Maher Slams Oprah's Favorite Things

The Hottest Ginger Heads to Showtime

Sometimes Children Are Bad People Too

I Love Eating Toilet Paper

By Day We Run, By Night We Dance

This is Your Brain on Drugs

Now Bring Them Down Like a Clock at Two

It's a Bad Way

Together Again

I'm a Man. I'm a Slut. I'm a Man...I'm a Dream Divine

Louder Than Bombs

Iron Man's Dumb Cousin Hits the Ring

Bullet Dodged

I Was Playing with Myself

No More Words

Ride Santa, Ride!

This is a Joke, Right?

And You Know What They Said, Well Some of it Was True

I Palindrome I

Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)

Nell Gone Bad

Mel Gibson Need Not Apply

Sharks on a Lake

This Ought To Whet Your Thanksgiving Appetite

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together?

Everybody (Still) Loves Hugo

He is Now You

Stop the Things You Do

Just Stop

Daisy, Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do

The Bite is a Gift

I'm a Team Player!

What If ET Was Mean and Mexican?

He Has His Cake and Eats It Too

Dirty, Dirty Puppets

Something Tells Me You Lost the Plan

Witchy Woman

I Know It's Only a Rockin' Rumor But I Like It

Does Anyone Really Want To Believe Anymore?

Undead Undead Undead

Jude Law Was the Perfect Male...

All the World's a Stage

I Hate People When They're Not Polite

NBC's "The Cape" Crusade

Honey, There's a Ghost in the Shower

How Low Can You Go?

Oh You'll Never See My Shade or Hear the Sound of My Feet

He's Alieeve!

Aaron Eckhart Sure Is Pretty

Bringing Frak Back

We Want Sex (Equality)

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Psychoanalyze Me!

And Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

Inside You the Time Moves and She Don't Fade

Can I Offer You a Glass of Champagna?

I See a Very Strange Film in Your Future

And the Oscar Goes To...

All Other Priorities Are Rescinded


"America Has a Religious Literacy Problem"

It's Hard to Be An Older Slut

Down to Earth

Giddyup Motherfrakker

Are You Mad?

The ReBoots March On

I'll Have Mine with Extra Cheese, Hold the Clichés

It Was A Graveyard Smash

It's No Fun Being An Illegal Alien

How Many Acts Could a Wooden Actress Act Through If A Wooden Actress Could Act At All?

I'm So Ashamed

Ghost Story

There's a Foreigner Down on the Beach and He's Up to Something

How You Like Me Now


If They Could Fix Humpty... |

Further Instructions

Close To Home

How Low Can You Go?

Ready To Take It Up the Butt Again?

Best Clip Ever

Just Pretend

Hang On To Yourself

It's Not a Gift, It's a Curse

Give the Step-Child Some Love

This Isn't No Intervention

Me, I'd Go After Mom and Dad

Has Godtopus Gone Hollywood?

Flying High Now

Ghost in the Machine

Leave Me Out

And Now, For Your Viewing Pleasure

I Wanna Be an Anarchist

White Light/White Heat

Doctor Her?

Where Would I Be Without You?

Ich Bin Ein Scaredy Cat

Franklin and Jesus (the other one) Hit the Road

Oh Frak off Fox!

The Dreamers

What if I Ride? What if You Walk?

Bring on the Quirky, Pretty Boys

I Didn't Mean to Turn You On


Who's Hot for Teacher?

I'm Deranged

Because a Girl's Weight is All That Matters

Want to Know How Badly Bale Frakked Up Terminator?

We Are America and We Will Remake Every Show You Brits Ever Had

I'm on a Bus on a Psychedelic Trip

The Only "Lost" Story Fit to Print

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


The Buffy-er, The Breaker, The Battlestar Maker

Guns in the Sky

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

It Swims, It Kills, It's Out There!

There Is a Happy Land

Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him

Two Skarsgårds, One Sutherland, and a Hurt, Dunst, Gainsbourg, von Trier

Game Over

Please, Do Not Get Lost

Keep Your Eyes On the Road, Your Hands Upon the Wheel

Be My Wife

HBO and Showtime Land Even More Big Names

Get Out of My House, Bitch!

Ballet's Dark Side Hits Venice

Riddle Me This, Nolan

Nixon Goes to Utah

Watch That Man

Piggy in Space!

Bad Blogs Gone Worse

Godtopus's Angry Cousin HIts Town

Hey, Andy did you hear about this one?

Robocop and Were-whats?

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Dumbledore and the Doctor

We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together

Be Still My Tiny, Black Heart

Let's Milk the Crap Outta This Thing

The Badass Canadians Are Coming

Spanish Heavy Metal, Which Is the Worst

The Next Neill Blomkamp?

Director Sundae With a Lynch on Top

Let the Invasion Begin

Ein Prosit

Doctor Who?

If I'm Dreaming My Life

Marvel Hits the Big Time: The Small Screen


But I Like It When That Lightning Strikes

The Long Con

I Come From a Land Down Under

Watch That Man

He's a Little Bit Dirty, He's a Little Bit Pretty Too

Your Sunday Afternoon Break-the-Boredom Unconfirmed Rumor

You Sunk My Swede!

The Trouble I've Seen

Live Long and Prosper

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Nucky Thompson Is the Bigger Fish

Sex and the Single Girl

They'll Hurt Me Bad But I Won't Mind, They'll Hurt Me Bad, They Do It All the Time

So You're Scales, Huh?

May As Well Hire Someone Pretty With Time Travel Experience

It's a Conspiracy!

Captain Jack Finds a Home

Nolan No Joker

Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Allah, Confusion, Buddha, Scientology...

Heroes, the Next Generation?

There Will Be Scientology

Take Me Gently But Not Too Gently, Like a Pirate Would

Hold Please

The End of an Era


There's No Business Like Ho Business

"Is Bill's Stamina Not Up to Snuff?"

Insane in the Membrane

The Shape of Things to Come

I'm Not The Bad Guy Here!

He Kicked Me in the Shins and Threw Me Down, I Said "Ow."

"Invite Me In, Now."

My Favorite Ginger

From Dame to Queen to Madam

This Is My World and I Am the World Leader Pretend

Fred Rogers, George A. Romero and Michael Keaton Walk Into a Bar...

Is Jack Psychotic?

Got Dope?


Shelter Me

Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me, You Damn Dirty Movie Studio!

I Would Watch Željko Ivanek Do Just About Anything

See Where All Your Crazy Schemes Have Gotten You!

Dream Con

Dear Johnny

I Vant to Bite Your Neck

I Can Now Remain Silent No Longer!