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Bobby's Back: Damian Lewis Is Set to Return to Showtime's 'Billions'

Jessa Duggar Seewald Had an Abortion

There are How Many Episodes of 'NCIS'?

The Weekend's Red Carpet Fashion: SAGs vs Césars vs NAACPs

'The Last Of Us' Recap: Did Your First Date Start In A Mall And End With An Infection?

Ray Romano Is The True King In The 'Somewhere In Queens' Trailer

The '1923' Season Finale Is Devastating

If This Were the '90s, David Harbour's 'We Have a Ghost' Might Actually Be Good

It’s Time to Dissect the Official ‘Ted Lasso’ Season Three Trailer

The One Way You Could Make a Great Michael Jackson Biopic (While Avoiding ... 'The Thing')

Why ‘MAGA’ Can Be ‘Construed as Racist,’ According to Bryan Cranston

Elizabeth Banks Has Tips For Going To Confession

'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Loses Distributor, Claims He Identified as Black

The SAG Awards Were a Welcome Highlight of a Tough Awards Season

Box Office Report: Get in Line

Total Nepo Baby Hopper Penn Refuses To Admit He’s a Nepo Baby

Viola Davis Observing Awards Season

'SNL' Highlights: Woody Harrelson Goes Off Script with Unhinged Anti-Vax Nonsense

‘Cocaine Bear’ Review: This Is a Bear. This Is a Bear on Drugs.

'Better Call Saul' Star Fired from Apple TV+ Series After On-Set Clash

Netflix's 'Physical: 100' Is A Reality Competition That Refuses To Force Its Own Narrative

Apple TV+'s 'Hello Tomorrow' Is Built On a Lie

'Welcome To Derry,' The Prequel To 'It,' Gets The Green Light From HBO Max

Apple TV+'s 'Liaison' Gets Eva Green and Vincent Cassel Wrapped Up in Love and Spy Games

Marvel's 'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' Is a Delight

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Only Works In Movies?'

Anti-Trans Healthcare Bills Gain Terrifying Momentum Across The Country

Stephen Colbert Finds A Dummy To Drink The Water In East Palestine

Stop Groping Celebrities, You Creeps

Please Stop Asking Pedro Pascal To Do ‘The Mandalorian’ Voice for Kids

Will This Man Ever Get to Retire for Real?

The Arc Of The Moral Universe Bends More Toward Justice In R. Kelly And Weinstein Sentences

For a Brief Moment ‘Abbott Elementary’ Fans Won Last Night

Even the Real-Life Beverly Goldberg Hates What 'The Goldbergs' Has Become

'Dear Edward' Is the TV Equivalent of the Last Lingering Hug After a Break-Up

The Controversy Around 'Atomic Heart,' the Soviet-Inspired ... 'Answer' to 'Bioshock'

Conan O'Brien Needs A Doctor

Aaron Rodgers Has Completed His Darkness Retreat, Which Is a Thing

The Oscars Have a Crisis Team Now, Which Is Spectacularly Daft

Clarissa Explains How She Hooked Up With Ryan Reynolds

'Not Dead Yet' Would Be Better If It Were About Hannah Simone's Character

The Colossal Flop Shaking the French Film Industry: 'Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom'

Is that Rumor about Kevin Costner and Cal Ripken, Jr.'s Wife True?

I Feel Like This Video Was Created To Make Specifically My Brain Explode

AMC+ Has a Real Problem

Jonathan Majors Played With Himself On Stephen Colbert

Renewals and Cancellations: 'South Side,' 'Survivor,' and 'Mindhunter'

'I Am Jesus Christ' Introduces the World to the First-Person Savior

Why It Matters that Fox News Stars Knew Trump's Election Lies Were B.S.

Jeremy Strong’s Method Acting Literally Sounds Awful

'Do Americans Even Consider Soccer a Sport? Maybe!'

The 'School Spirits' Trailer Imagines What It Would Be Like To Be Trapped In High School Forever

Festival de Viña Del Mar: The Messiest, Saddest, Campiest Music Festival In the World

Keira Knightley Tries An American Accent And Owen Wilson Channels Bob Ross In Two Unrelated Trailers

The Sad Nepotism Cycle of Brooklyn Beckham

Is Anyone Watching the Second Season of Showtime's 'Your Honor'?

Don't Use The Good Pyrex When Giving Food To Somebody Else

Sometimes All You Need to Create Timeless Art Is a Mall Bathroom

Jason Segel Really Got Dumped While He Was Naked

Kevin Costner Has Been a Real Pain in the Ass for 'Yellowstone'

How Do Don Lemon's Co-Workers Feel About His CNN Return?

Zachary Levi Is Out of His Freaking Mind

Did Anyone Die On 'The Last Of Us' This Week? Plus: Menstrual Cups!

The Changes Made to Roald Dahl’s Books Are Silly, Bad for Literature

How 'Attachment' Uses What We Don't Know About Jewish Mysticism to Create a Mystery

Don Lemon Was Either 'Benched' Or Took a Personal Day, Depending on the Source

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What Is the Greatest Episode of TV Ever Made?'

John Oliver Returns To Discuss Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

The 2023 BAFTAs Ceremony Was an Insulting Mess But the Winners Were Solid

Box Office Report: Ants Marching

Richard Belzer’s Last Words Freaking Owned

'Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania' Review: The MCU Well Is Running Dry

Megan Fox Dumped Machine Gun Kelly Because of What She Found In His DMs

'You' Reinvented Itself In the Wrong Way

The Second Season of ‘Shadow and Bone’ is Ready to Bone Down

This Apple TV+ Movie Would Be a Top 5 'Swindled' Episode

Do Not Watch 'Will Trent' for the Dog

The Mustache Unmakes The Man In The Unsettlingly Sparse 'The Integrity Of Joseph Chambers'

Elizabeth Olsen In The Trailer for 'Love And Death' On HBOMax

Even the Showrunner Concedes that Season 13 of 'The Great British Bake Off' Was Bad

Jordan Klepper Takes A Short Trip To Nikki Haley's First Rally

Don Lemon Is About To Get Himself Fired

Marvel Is Already Pulling Back on Its Disney+ Shows

Another Three Hours of 'Law & Order'?

Beverly Goldberg Has Ruined 'The Goldbergs'

This Is Why 'The Last of Us' Story Is Better in the Game

Kevin Costner Or Not, 'Yellowstone' Has Already Spoiled Its Ending

Handy Tip: Don't Rub Dog Poop On Your Critics' Faces

Bane and Orgasm Spells Take Over Gotham in Harley Quinn's Valentine Special

Matty Healy from The 1975 Is On His Dumb Rockstar Era

A Former Host Gives Jimmy Kimmel Their Blessing To Host The Oscars

There's a Tetris Movie Starring Taron Egerton. Here's the Trailer

Trailer: John Wick Adds to His Body Count in the Fourth Installment

Ryan Seacrest Is Out at 'Live with Kelly,' and Will Be Replaced by Kelly's Husband

The New Florence Pugh Boyfriend Has Arrived

Renewals and Cancellations: 'Poker Face,' 'The Mole,' and 'True Detective'

When TikTok Does a Better Job Reporting the News Than the News

Pros and Cons of the Official 'Daisy Jones and the Six' Trailer

Just 5 Images of a Beaming Brendan Fraser with His Partner

Ke Huy Quan Thought Everyone Had Forgotten About Him

Nikki Haley Announces Her 2024 Presidential Campaign

Boyz II Men Deliver a More Honest Reassessment of 'Sexy'

'The Last Of Us' Are 'Not Dead Yet' And Neither Is 'Cunk On Earth' On Podjiba!

Elon Musk's Exhausting Narcissism Has Rendered Twitter Unusable

Let Chaos Reign: Here's the First Image of Lady Gaga in 'Joker: Folie à Deux'

Steven Spielberg Is ‘Very Happy’ He Passed on ‘Harry Potter’

Procedurals: You Know What You're Getting

What's Happening in the Final Season of M. Night Shyamalan's 'Servant'?

Stop Romanticizing the Hays Code, You Ahistorical Dorks!

Bravo's Appalling 'Southern Charm,' or 'The Real Housewives of Dixie'

Fantasia Review: Carter Smith's 'Swallowed' Digs Deep Into The Dark Nooks Of Queer-Horror

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What Food Can Ruin Or Elevate a Sandwich?'

Get Ready To Believe Again: We Finally Have a ‘Ted Lasso’ Release Date

The 'He Gets Us' Christians Are the Germans That Looked the Other Way

Relive Marc Summers Painful Confrontation with Burt Reynolds on 'The Tonight Show'

Olivia Wilde Causes Internet Chaos After Calling A$AP Rocky 'Hotter than Ever'

The 'Children Of The Corn' Trailer Needs More Creepy Redheads

The Trailer for Guy Ritchie's 'Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre' Boasts a Hell of a Cast

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Going on Tour

You Can Still Watch Football, Sort Of

Unpacking the Sad Stuff in this Week's 'The Last of Us'

'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' Brings Even More Talking Animals to Disney

80th Anniversary: Life and Fate of Three Movies Called "Stalingrad"

A Note About Last Week's Trans-Focused Episode of 'Quantum Leap'

Conan's Dream Comes True: Jane Fonda Jokes About Threesome with O'Brien and Wife

But Rob Gronkowski Really Did Miss the Field Goal in that FanDuel Super Bowl Ad

The Five Best Ads of Super Bowl LVII

Box Office Report: Let's Dance the Last Dance

The Newest Trailer For 'The Flash' Is Here

Conservatives Think Ultra-Christian Chick-fil-A Is Woke Now

A Football Game, and a Rihanna Concert

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon's 'Your Place Or Mine' Is Pure Trash

Showtime Picks Up Canceled Netflix Series After Netflix Saves Showtime Series

'Magic Mike's Last Dance' Refuses to Drop Its Damn Pants

Netflix Show About Rich Dog Proves That Facts Are Pointless. Let Chaos Reign

Is the Found-Footage Horror 'The Outwaters' a Good and Proper Brain-Break?

This Utopian Co-Living Community in Brooklyn Will Tickle Your Gag Reflex

'Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Spoilers: What Is Gold Star?

Roseanne Barr On Parenting: 'You’ve Got to Hit Your Kids'

Let Marc Maron Introduce You To The World Of Professional Wrestling

The 'Fast X' Trailer Is Here

A Seat Filler Has the Last Word on JLo and Ben Affleck at The Grammys

Adrianne Curry Accused Melanie Lynskey of Orchestrating a Bullying Campaign Against Her

Zack Snyder Called James Gunn To Support His DC Studio Plans

There's One Thing Elon Musk Hates More Than Being Mocked on Twitter

The Major Problem that Still Plagues 'A Million Little Things' In Its 5th Season

The Show Must Go On: Opera Singer Saves the Day by Pulling Double Duty

Twitter Users Ponder Actors Who Should Be Superstars But Aren't Yet

'Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey' Director Plans Twisted Children's Tale Universe

Perfect Call: Guillermo Del Toro to Adapt Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant” as Animated Film

Legendary Composer And Songwriter Burt Bacharach Has Passed Away At 94

Watch the Trailer for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's 'AIR'

The Trailer for the 'Luther' Movie Doesn't Look a Lot Like a 'Luther' Movie

Melanie Lynskey Rips into Body Positivity Critics in a Fiery Twitter Thread

Chrissy Teigen Made Donald Trump Cry (to Twitter)

Cheap Candy Tastes Better in Red Packaging

Paul Tremblay Preferred His Ending to Shyamalan's in 'Knock at the Cabin'

A Realistic History of the Wizarding Schools In the Harry Potter Universe

Watch the Trailer for 'Strays,' Will Ferrell's Profanity-Fueled Dog Movie

Netflix' 'On My Block: Freeridge' Exists Somewhere Between Kid Show And Teen Drama

Brendan Fraser Continues to Tell the Golden Globes to Suck It

Reddit Asks the Question: ‘What’s an Obvious Sign That Someone Is American?'

James Corden's 'The Late Late Show' Will Be Replaced by a Comedy Central Reboot

'Physical: 100,' 'The Last Of Us,' 'Poker Face,' And More On Podjiba!

Mel Brooks Is Joined By An All-Star Cast In 'History of The World: Part 2' Trailer

Don't Buy Kourtney Kardashian's Vagina Taste Altering Gummies

Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Dating 19-Year-Old Model (Sure, Pal)

Political Drama, Real and Fake

Marc Maron Calls Anti-Woke Comics the New Hacks

Netflix's 'Cunk on Earth' Is Deeply Funny and Nearly Perfect

The Kiss Between Jonah Hill and Lauren London in 'You People' Was Not Real

The 'Pitch Meeting' For 'Velma' Is Appropriately Brutal

Netflix's 'Viking Wolf' Is a Paint-By-Numbers Werewolf Movie

Dan Harmon Reportedly Hasn't Had Anything to do with Justin Roiland For Years

Fred Armisen Has a New Alternative To Valentine's Day

This Tweet About Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating Preferences Will Make Your Face Do All Sorts Of Things

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Has a Trans Character? Wow, OK

America's Got... Criminals on Reality Shows

'The Last Of Us' Did the Jizz Joke After All

'Yellowstone' Reportedly Eyeing Matthew McConaughey To Replace Outgoing Kevin Costner

'All Quiet On The Western Front' Highlights the Failures of '1917'

Anna Kendrick Gives Her Strongest Performance in Abuse Drama 'Alice, Darling'

Sundance Review: Jonathan Majors Is A Muscle-Bound Powerhouse In 'Magazine Dreams'

Showtime Is Mulling a 'Trinity Killer' Series and Four 'Billions' Spin-Offs

Roy Wood Jr. Is The Next 'Daily Show' Member To Host The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Ben Affleck's Misery Is the Only Grammys Highlight Worth Mentioning

Box Office Report: Knock Knock

There Were Many Good Looking and Well Dressed People at the Grammys

Don’t Let Dave Chappelle Whine About Cancel Culture Ever Again

The Grammys Have Already Peaked for Tonight

About the Ocean-Set Cliffhanger On This Week's '1923'

Pedro Pascal Is a Better Host than 'SNL' Deserves

'80 for Brady' Is Awful, But You Already Knew That

Armie Hammer Breaks Silence, Seeks to Revoke His Cancellation

The Ammosexual Insurgence In The House Of Representatives

Review 'Knock at the Cabin' Is Good but Must Reckon with its Source

'Shrinking' Is What Happens When Bill Lawrence Doesn't Hide Behind Dr. Cox

‘Pamela: A Love Story’ Allows Pamela Anderson a Chance to Tell Her Story

'The Quiet Girl' Review: How Could Anyone Leave This Girl With Strangers?

Steve-O to Bam Margera: 'You're Dying Brother, and I Can't Save You'

Renewals and Cancellations: 'Night Court,' Mayfair Witches,' and '1923'

Conan O'Brien Is Not A Swiftie

Fox News Crying on the Inside While Reporting the January Jobs Numbers

Seth Rogen Gave a Refreshing Opinion About Marvel Movies

Is That the Way to San Jose?

What the Hell Do I Actually Want From ‘The Last of Us’?

Netflix's 'Lockwood & Co.' Is Spot-On Spooky YA TV

Netflix's Crackdown on Account Sharing Repeats the RIAA's DRM Mistakes

Eva Green Was 'Humiliated' By the Release of Her Private WhatsApp Messages

YouTube Star Jeffree Star Claims He's Having an Affair with an NFL Player

With What 'Massive Movie Star' Did Jessica Simpson Have a Secret Make-Out Affair?

Watch the Ad for the Reality Show Sylvester Stallone Is 'Taking a Lot of Sh*t For'

Guy Ritchie Does a Michael Bay Impression in the Trailer for 'Guy Ritchie's The Covenant,' Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Keep an Eye Out for This Sundance Scorcher

Now on Shudder: Internet Cult Obsession 'Skinamarink' Is Gonna Scare You Right Back To The Dark Ages

Harrison Ford Is Tongue Tied By Jason Segel's Penis

Pamela Anderson Doubled Down on Her Crappy #MeToo Comments

Angela Bassett on TV is a Good Night for TV

'You People' Is Profoundly Unpleasant

Peacock’s ‘Poker Face’ Is a Fun, if Slightly Monotonous, Murder Romp

Sundance Review: 'Polite Society' Is a Teen Action Comedy That Kicks So Much Ass

The Best Horror Performances of 2022 That Totally Deserved Oscar Recognition

Sundance: Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Nicole Holofcener Tackle a Writer's Worst Nightmare in 'You Hurt My Feelings'

Renewals and Cancellations: Showtime Cancels 'Dexter' and Reboots 'Dexter'

'Poker Face,' 'Shrinking,' 'The Last Of Us,' And More On Podjiba!

How Long Can Jordan Klepper Keep Doing This?

Police Violence Is a Systemic Problem Because of a System We Created

James Gunn Reveals What He Has Planned For DC Studios

Ashton Kutcher Tried to Both Sides the Danny Masterson Situation

This Is Not a Hoax: Prime Video Takes Girl Power To The Next Level With 'The Power' Trailer

It's Not Working, CNN

'Shotgun Wedding' Review: JLo Wasn't Going to Let Sandra Bullock Have All the Fun

The Pajiba January 2023 Book Recommendations Superpost!

James Gunn Addresses the Zachary Levi, Ezra Miller, and Henry Cavill Situations

Netflix's 'Represent' ('En Place') Is the Funniest Political Satire Since 'Veep'

A Bunch Of Kids Recreated The 'Kingsman' Church Scene and It's Honestly Mind-Blowing

Renewals and Cancellations: Showtime and Hulu Drop the Axe

Murray Bartlett Chats with Stephen Colbert About His 'The Last of Us' Episode

Hey Transphobes, Just Leave Sam Smith Alone

Dave Bautista Basically Revealed James Gunn’s DC Universe Plans

Only In the Murders Building

'The Last Of Us' Recap: Just Give Me One More Good Day

The Indie Couple Celebrity Romance Scandal That’s Captured Our Imaginations

Sundance Review: The Heat Generated By Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw, And Adèle Exarchopoulos In 'Passages' Will Scorch Your Soul

Sundance Review: 'Birth/Rebirth' Brings New Life to Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'

Jesse Eisenberg's Directorial Debut 'When You Finish Saving the World' Can't Justify Its Own Existence

What Rules Did the Andrea Riseborough Oscar Campaign Break Exactly?

Wanda Sykes Breaks Down How Cops Ticket People For Being Poor

What's Roseanne Barr Up To These Days?

The Trailer for Stephen King's 'The Boogeyman' Hunts Down Your Children

Box Office Report: Bridge Over the Way of Water

Zachary Levi Opened a Can of Anti-Vaxxer Worms

The AFC Championship and Wildfires

Michael B. Jordan Hosts What's Apparently 'The Andrew Dismukes Show' This Week on 'SNL'

Amy Robach's Exit from ABC News Is Increasingly Messy

Tis the Season of the Celebrity Cheating Scandal

Dorit Kemsley Is the Hilaria Baldwin of 'Real Housewives'

Keke Palmer's Upcoming Project For HBO Sounds A Lot Like Somebody Else's

'Paul T. Goldman' Is True Crime in Its Truest, Messiest Form

Sundance Review: 'Nasty Baby' Director Sebastián Silva Gets Even Nastier With 'Rotting In The Sun'

This Might Just Be the Best TikTok I've Ever Seen

Renewals and Cancellations: 'Last of Us,' 'The Recruit,' 'Mosquito Coast'

Final Standings and the Most Read Books for Last Year's Cannonball Read 14

Timothy Olyphant Details the Harrowing Real-Life Shootout on the Set of 'Justified'

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates 20 Years in Late Night By Performing with Coldplay

Yung Gravy Is Back in the News After Being Sued by Rick Astley

Tobey Maguire Is Down for More Spider-Man Movies

Buffy is Back, But Don't Call Her Buffy

Review: 'That '90s Show' Needs Time to Develop

TLC's 'MILF Manor' Took Away My Sweetness

Boston's Newest Post-Apocalyptic Hit, Alton Brown's 'Cooking with Cordyceps'

Review: Alexander Skarsgård And Mia Goth Are Unnaturally Born Killers In Brandon Cronenberg's 'Infinity Pool'

Is There Anything More Fun Than Video Game Trivia?

'Party Down' Returns to Starz on February 24th; Watch the Trailer

Blame Nepotism for 'Night Court's' Terribly Updated Theme Song

Season 4 of 'Succession' Will Premiere on March 26th; Watch the Teaser

Amazon and Critical Role Announce New Deal and 'Mighty Nein' Series

'Doom Patrol' and 'Titans' Ending, as Greg Berlanti's TV Empire Fades

Stephen Colbert Loves The Kids

Paris Hilton Is a Mom

Even Our Favorites Have Bad Social Media Days

This Still Image Alone is Exhausting

The Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder Feud Has Been Revealing

'Accused' Is Fox's Hugely Popular New Series, But Is It Any Good?

Review: Toxic Masculinity For Tweens Too 'Close' For Comfort

The Pajiba Alternative 2023 Oscar Nominations

‘Invincible’ Season Two Teaser Teases a Release Date

Drummers Are Miracles

Watch the Trailer for Prime Video's 'Daisy Jones and the Six' Featuring '70s Olyphant

Roy Wood Jr. Goes Abroad To Ask Why Americans Love Guns

'Night Court,' 'The Last Of Us,' And Dan Doesn't Have Spectrum Anymore (For A Legit Reason) On Podjiba!

America's Security Classification System Is Broken and Idiotic

Adult Swim Is Done With ‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Justin Roiland

‘Girls Trip 2’ Has Been Greenlit and Reaction Are Mixed

How Does 'The Last Of Us’ TV Show Differ From the Game?

Let's Talk About the Cruel Ending to Peacock's 'Traitors'

'Women at War' Review: The French Can Do Schlocky Prestige Melodrama as Well as Americans

Why We Need Shows Like 'Rutherford Falls'

Yes, You Can Handle Rob Delaney's Book About the Death of His Child

Weird Racists Pretend to Be Devastated by the Closure of Splash Mountain

John Oliver Dusts Off His Old Bits For Last Week Tonight Season 10 Trailer

The 2023 Oscar Nominations Are Here!

Kevin Feige Thinks People Will Never Get Tired of Marvel Movies

Shouldn't They All be Looking the Same Way?

'The Last Of Us' Episode 2: The Things We're Not Prepared To Face

Cooking With Flo Goes Pro

The Case Against 'Velma' On HBOMax

Reddit Asks the Question: What's Something You Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life?'

Netflix: 'We Have Never Canceled a Successful Show'

'Outlander' Author Tries to Scotsplain Actual Scottish People; Fails Miserably

Timothy Olyphant Hijacked Conan O'Brien's Podcast

Alexander Skarsgård Lets His Freak Flag Fly at Sundance

Chris Pine Is Having a Blast In The New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Trailer

Box Office Report: Don't Go Chasing the Way of Water

Pamela Anderson Claims Tim Allen Flashed Her on ‘Home Improvement’ Set

Michael Chiklis, Back to (Probably) Murdering People on TV

Aubrey Plaza Hosts a Terrific 'SNL' (with a Cameo from Amy Poehler)

New Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh Concealed by the FBI Surface in Explosive Doug Liman Doc

What's 'Mr. Robot' Creator Sam Esmail Doing These Days?

Review: 'House Party' Is Not a Party Worth Attending

It Isn't Possible To Make Nicolas Cage Boring, But 'The Old Way' Manages It

'The Legend of Vox Machina' Season 2: More of the Same, but Better

How 'Diary of the Wimpy Kid' Is like 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

HBO's 'The Head' Season 2: Maybe Joel Coen Had A Point

Harvey Guillen Is a Pitch Perfect George Santos

Kenan Thompson Is Your Favorite Sci-Fi Writer

Production on Francis Ford Coppola's Shia LaBeouf-in-Drag Film Is Reportedly a Mess

An Even More Updated List of (Film Bro) Red Flag Movies (In Re: Gawker)

Now on Peacock: Santa Shatters Bones and Crushes Skulls in the Delightfully Bloody 'Violent Night'

T.J. Holmes Reportedly Had Sex With an Intern in His Office

Pedro Pascal and the Perils of Being the Internet’s Daddy

Review: 'Searching' Sequel 'Missing' Finds Our Moment Amid Tech Mayhem

It Only Took 12 Episodes for 'The Goldbergs' To Go There

That One Guy On the Internet When Someone Gets 'Cancelled'

'We Are Lady Parts' Director Nida Manzoor Opens a Can of Whoop-Ass on 'Polite Society'

'Hello, Tomorrow!': Apple TV+ Takes Billy Crudup Off the Bench for a Retrofuturistic Dark Comedy

Alec Baldwin Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for 'Rust' Shooting

That $6.99 Apple TV+ Subscription is the Best Value in Streaming

Ghost Face Haunts NYC In New 'Scream VI' Trailer

Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Never Tell Full Story of Working on ‘Buffy’

The New 'Night Court' Is a Lot Like the Old 'Night Court'

In Praise of Andrea Riseborough’s Grassroots Oscar Campaign

How 'New Amsterdam' Ended and Why It Was Cancelled

Three Albums for Winter: SZA's 'SOS'; Christine and the Queens 'Redcar les adorables étoiles' and Weyes Blood 'And in the Darkness, Hearts aglow'

George Santos Stole $3,000 from a Homeless Vet and His Dying Dog

Twitter Is In Dire Straits

Leslie Jones Sets A High Bar As First Daily Show Guest Host

One Of Us Didn't Love 'The Last Of Us' (As Much), And More On Podjiba!

Revisiting the Painful Time Vin Diesel Awkwardly Hit on a Reporter

Let's Ooh, Aaah, and Poo Poo Netflix's 2023 Movie Slate

Dax Shepard Made Things Weird With Anna Kendrick

Finally, Some Court Comedies to Break Up the Court Dramas

Alan Cumming Is the Least Interesting Part of the Intriguing Murder-Mystery Reality Series 'The Traitors'

'Koala Man' Review: So, About Justin Roiland's Domestic Assault Charges

'Aftersun' Review: Sometimes The Past Is Everything But Ambiguous

Whatever Happened to the USA Network?

Twitter Users Ponder Characters Who Absolutely Could Not Be Played By Anyone Other Than Who Played Them

Hugh Jackman Pleads With The Oscars Not To Nominate Ryan Reynolds

Jeremy Clarkson Is Still a Sexist Scumbag

Ratings for HBO's 'Last Of Us' Leave Little Doubt About Its Success

The Amy Winehouse Biopic Continues to Be a Terrible Idea

Pedro Pascal Dons The Helmet Again In 'The Mandalorian' S3 Trailer

Box Office Report: Does Gerard Butler Get to Punch the Plane?

'The Last Of Us' Recap: TV's Official Daddy Pedro Pascal Vs. The Fungal Apocalypse

Schlocky Gerard Butler Action Flick 'Plane' Is the January-est Movie Ever Made

Review: ‘Hunters’ Season 2 Makes Too Big a Matzo Ball

Reddit Asks the Question: 'Which Celebrity Looks Like They Smell Bad?'

A Tearful Brendan Fraser Gave a Whale of a Speech at the Critic's Choice Awards

The Britney Spears Situation Just Went Very South

It's Pedro Pascal's World, We're Just Watching It

The Internet Turns Against Mindy Kaling Over a Bad #MeToo Joke in 'Velma'

'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 Review, But Only the Parts You Can Skip

'Phineas and Ferb' Are Returning to Disney

Netflix's 'Singles Inferno' Is the Rare Reality Dating Series that Actually Feels Real

Review: 'A Man Called Otto' Starring Tom Hanks and Mariana Treviño

A Mid-Season Catch-Up on 'Criminal Minds: Evolution'

Joe Cornish's Newest Is 'Lockwood & Co' On Netflix

Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore Are Con Artists in Apple TV+'s 'Sharper' Trailer

Judd Hirsch Is As Sharp As Ever

Watch the Teaser for 'Yellowjackets' Season Two, Featuring Elijah Wood (But Not Lauren Ambrose)

HBO Max Picked the Perfect Time to Raise Its Subscription Prices

The Truth About Gina Carano's 'Box-Office Disaster'

Michael Bay Is Wanted for… BIRD MURDER

Anna Kendrick Speaks Ill of an Ex, and Everyone Knows Exactly Who He Is

Is a Subscription to Nebula (the Premium YouTube Platform) Worth It?

The 'Blood' Trailer Proves Michelle Monaghan Needs A Better Agent

'Consecration' Trailer Proves Nuns Are Not To Be Trusted

Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to Television In 'Wolf Pack'

The Trailer for 'Your Place or Mine' Threatens to Undermine the Romcom Comeback

Rachel McAdams Is a Mom in the Trailer for 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret'

The Golden Globes Did Everything Right, Except Attract Viewers

Desi Lydic Wants New Yorkers To Admit They Lie Like George Santos

George Santos Staffer: He’s ‘Going To Be Perp Walked Out of a Building’

The Quest is Completed, Or Is It?

Dakota Johnson Is the Godmother of Jeremy Allen White's Children

'The Pale Blue Eye' Showcases a Gothic Detective Story and Stellar Performances

You Probably Don't Want to Watch a Show Called 'Alpha Males', But You Should

Bryan Cranston's Greatest Performance Was Not Walter White

'Mythic Quest,' 'Mayfair Witches,' And The Shows We're Excited About On Podjiba!

Why Was There No Golden Globes Ambassador in 2023?

Why Did Austin Butler Thank Denzel Washington During his Golden Globes Speech?

Highlights: 'The Golden Globes' Pandered in All the Right Ways

WWE Sale Linked To Saudi Arabia

Gwen Stefani Did Not Learn Her Lesson About Appropriation

How Long Does Rookie Status Last?

Netflix's Experimental 'Kaleidoscope' Technically Works, But At What Cost?

Christ, Why Do We Keep Pretending That the Golden Globes Matter?

The French Right Attacks Omar Sy's Thoughtful Comments on the Ukrainian War and Wars In The Third World

'The Walking Dead' Universe Might Finally Be Coming to an End

Tom Hanks Introduces an Eyebrow-Raising Cocktail to Stephen Colbert

Richard Linklater Signs the Next Mr. Big Deal to a 20-Year-Movie Project

Nic Cage Throws Fuel On The Trek vs. Wars Fire

We Have No Idea What's Happening to Joaquin Phoenix in Ari Aster's 'Beau Is Afraid' Trailer

Watch the Trailer for 'Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania,' Featuring Jonathan Majors

Paris Hilton Shoots Down Accusations That She Photoshopped Britney Spears Into Instagram Pics

Three 'Real Housewives' and Their Trips on the MAGA-Bravo Pipeline

Andrea Savage (And Her Character) Are the Best Thing About the Excellent 'Tulsa King'

Twitter Users Ponder Their Favorite Original Songs From Shows and Movies

The People Behind a Feel-Good Viral Story that Was Really Just a Garbage Story Are In Jail Now

Brazil's Own January 6th, or South America Is So Exhausting

Conan O'Brien Loves 'Gossip Girl'

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