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10 Terrifying Movies You Had No Idea Were Scary

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | October 30, 2015 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | October 30, 2015 |

Inside Out — A horrifying tritagonist trapped in the long-term memory of a troubled little girl witnesses the destruction of Imagination Land, gets imprisoned on top of a terrifying, mad clown called Jangles and eventually fails escape and is destroyed in the little girl’s Memory Dump in the most traumatizing character death of 2015.

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Jupiter Ascending — A Faceless Ginger comprised entirely of cheekbones, freckles and a soft mouth and a terrifying accent tries to take over Earth. Or something. It’s traumatizingly incoherent and trying to make sense of it will drive the viewer completely insane.


Hangover Part III — A group of four men are doomed to repeat themselves, with slight variations and location changes, over and over and over again.



Spring Breakers — A group of sexually traumatized hedonists are so damaged by drugs that they forget what they’re actually supposed to be fellating.



Magic Mike — A group of deranged drug addicts who can ill afford to purchase clothing congregate each night, abuse drugs, and rape floors. HIDE YOUR FLOORING. THESE MEN WILL SOIL YOUR HARDWOOD.

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Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star: A terrifying mentally disabled man with buckteeth who lives in a Midwestern city where farmers rape their goats travels to Los Angeles, waves his tiny penis at porn stars, sprays innocent bystanders with his semen, and sexually harasses the audience by frequently masturbating into the camera.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green — A grieving couple bereft over their inability to have children create a list of characteristics that would form the perfect child, plant the list in their garden, and grow a little boy with leaves attached to his legs who digs his way out of the Earth and infects a small community with treacliness, haunting grown ups with cuteness, and returning to the ground, leaving young viewers an inconsolable mess.

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The Bucket List: Two horrifyingly old men stricken with disease escape a hospital, one a tedious geezer obsessed with minutia who narrates maudlin bullshit with his omnipotent voice and the other a blood-coughing asshole. The two weep, shit and drink gin together before exacting their own personal Make-A-Wish foundation on the audience while singing “The Lion Sings Tonight” and raving maniacally through an African safari.


Eat, Pray, Love: A unctuously monstrous woman with a long face and over-sized teeth travels the world and inflicts her self-absorbed fortune cookie crap on Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins, bores people to death with her petty fucking problems and her Buddhist Ayn Rand bullshit philosophy, and sucks out all the air around her with her claustrophobic narcissism.


Country Strong: A pretty Californian faux-Brit murders the audience with a shrieky twang, soccer-mom slinks her way around a country-song turd, rubs herself up and down like a Praying Mantis in love with itself, turns zombie and starts awkwardly thrashing around her head, and sheds mascara like a Tammy Faye Baker clown during crying jags. Terrifying.

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