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Yup, It's 'Let's Dunk on Elon Musk for Being a D-Bag on Twitter' Time Once Again!

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | April 29, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | April 29, 2020 |

Elon Musk Getty 1.jpg

Lockdown is tough and it’s become increasingly difficult for us to find ways to keep ourselves busy and motivated during such strenuous times. Fortunately, there is one thing we can all unite around and that’s dunking on arrogant billionaire f*ckwits on Twitter! Enter Elon Musk.

Seriously, Musk’s social media nonsense is so regular that you could set your watch to it. Parents could potty train their kids to this level of timeliness. Why bother setting your alarm in the morning when your body just instinctively awakens when it feels the rumble of Musk picking up his phone?

So, what is Grimes’s boyfriend up to these days? It turns out he’s not happy about the COVID-19 lockdown either. Bless. It must be tough for him in his mansion. How can he browbeat his employees out of unionizing now? Nevermind America’s startlingly high death and infection rates and the all-too-real possibility of a second wave of both in the coming months: Elon wants out of the house!

What a prize. So intelligent. A true genius of our times. Yes, America, why don’t you let your people be free? Some of us want to kill dozens of people at a time while we get our haircuts.

Twitter did not disappoint in its responses.

Given that Musk was tweeting out only last month that the U.S. was ‘probably close to zero new cases’ by the end of April, you’d think this man would know when to shut the f**k up. Alas, this ‘genius’ is surprisingly devoid of such humility.

Get rid of all billionaires. All of them. No exceptions.

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