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Every "Criminal Minds" Season Streaming on Netflix

By Alexander Joenks | Streaming | August 26, 2014 |

By Alexander Joenks | Streaming | August 26, 2014 |

When I was in high school, I found a book in the library called Speaking with the Devil or some such. It was nominally true crime though that genre hadn’t really been invented yet because I’m old enough that I hate you. It was written by a criminal psychologist who had the opportunity to interview a great number of serial killers over the years: several of the Mason family, among other famous cases.

It was probably something a 14 year old should not have been reading cover to cover. But it made quite an impression. Precisely because it was something a 14 year old should not have been reading cover to cover.

The closest relation I’ve ever found to that book is the show Criminal Minds, which is more a series of horror stories than an actual procedural. It’s not great television by any stretch, but it’s one of my favorites to have on in the background while doing the everyday things that require distraction. Problem is, I’ve only ever seen the show in reruns, and it’s a series that is strangely reluctant to actually let people watch it. So even after years of catching random episodes, I still haven’t seen most of the show.

It doesn’t get the USA or TNT marathons, only showing up on ION in the last few years, and then in spurts before getting bumped for terrible abominations like Law and Order: Criminal Intent. And streaming is no good. CBS won’t even let you watch more than the last couple episodes; you can’t even pay them to see more of it. It’s like someone bought out the DVD rights and there was a decade long exclusivity clause that no one noticed until it was too late.

Until now.

Netflix just put the show up on streaming last week. FINALLY.

And for the half of you who are wondering who gives half a crap about this, realize, the other half are scrambling to their Netflix accounts right now. We all have our little pleasures. And no, none of them are appropriate for fourteen year olds.

All nine seasons are up. And that’s all the episodes there will ever be. There is not a tenth season debuting next month. And there certainly isn’t one with Jennifer Love Hewitt in it. That’s just crazy talk.