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Welcome to the Author Archive for Steven Lloyd Wilson

20170626_141325_1024.jpg Steven Lloyd Wilson, Sci Fi and History Editor: Steven Lloyd Wilson is the last scion of Norse warriors and the forbidden elder gods. Steven lives in Boston, where he is a college professor, though he spends a great deal of time in Sweden. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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Mike Can't Touch This Magic: 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' Trailer and Clip

Sci-Fi Thursday: 16 Bit 'Star Wars VII' Trailer, 'Powers' Renewed, plus a 'D&D' play

SyFy Adapting 'Brave New World' to Series

Taking the Christian Film 'Little Boy' to Its Logical Conclusion to Demonstrate Its Profound Absurdity

You, Too, Can Have an Expert Opinion on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Without Any Firsthand Knowledge

How China's Rise Changes Movies

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Jurassic World', 'Avatar', 'The Last Witch Hunter'

Pinhead's Back: Clive Barker's 'Scarlet Gospels'

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Vin Diesel Confirms 'Furious 8'

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Why Are the Roads Always Wet in Movies?

Why Comic Book Nerds Hate 'Batman vs. Superman'

'Paul Blart 2': This Review Is Going Full Godwin

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Orphan Black', 'Revolution', and Water on Mars

Steven Spielberg Making 'The BFG', Video Gamers Rejoice

'Dark Matter' Trailer: Space, Swords, and Amnesia

How Racist, Misogynist Bastards Are Gaming the Hugo Awards to Advance a Hateful Agenda

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars' Digital Release, Alien Life, Paul Feig's 'Other Space'

I Miss Baseball

Yet Another World's Oldest Woman Dies. Police Do Nothing.

How Header Pictures are Their Own Story

Why I Drink: Netflix Ordering 'Full House' Sequel Series

Science Fiction Thursday: 'X-Files', 'Interstellar', 'Hydrogen Sonata'

'Star Trek' Returning to Television?

Why the Government Needs To Be Left Out of Fantasy

Science Fiction Thursday: ISIS & 'Star Wars', 'X-Files', and a Short Film

Drop Everything Right Meow: 'Super Troopers 2' IndieGogo Project

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I Want to Believe: 'X-Files' Is Very Close to Returning to TV

'The Gunman' Review: A Smug, Misogynistic, and Idiotic 'Taken'

Science Fiction Thursday: I'll Take Pratchett and Potpourri for 200 Credits

Why Our Characters Have to be Competent

Ooh! Tentacles: 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

On Pratchett and Beginnings and Endings

Well I'm Quite Taken With It: 'Run All Night' Review

We've Lost Terry Pratchett

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Tron 3', NASA Rocket, 'The Shaman' Trailer

20 Books to Fill the Gap Between 'Return of the Jedi' and 'Episode VII'

Lucy Lawless Joins Bruce Campbell in 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'

'Jupiter Ascending 2' is Going to Be China's Fault

SciFi Thursday: Spock, Nimoy, And More Spock

Why I Drink, We're All Going to Die Spam Edition

What We Lost When We Lost Leonard Nimoy

Jump Scares and Boredom: 'The Lazarus Effect' Review

Dear TV Writers: Enough with the Jazz Episodes, Already

Why I Drink, Fallen Angel Edition

Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' Casting News

The Oscar Interview Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See

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The First Generation to Grow Old on the Internet

Why Are We Fascinated by Swords in Our Fiction?

The Reason Why Jon Stewart Is the Best Journalist of This Generation

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Wheel of Time' Pilot, Lando Speaks, Cyborg Gender Awareness

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Science Fiction Thursday: 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer, 'Independence Day 2', Terry Pratchett, Buy Your Own Mech

Why We Love Con-Men

Sign Me Up For Solitary: How TV and Film Fail in Portraying Prison

Why 'The Nightly Show' is No 'Colbert Report'

'The Boy Next Door' Review: I Love Your Mother's Cookies

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What 'Gilmore Girls' Tells Us About Homophobia Ten Years On

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Why 'Agent Carter' Succeeds Where 'Agents of Shield' Failed

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Why Your New Year's Resolutions Suck

Every "Star Wars" Comic Ever For $300

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Who You Gonna Call? "Better Call Saul" Trailer

'Twas the Night before Pajibmas

"Fireplace for Your Home" Real Time Review

Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye, Literally and a Lot, In the All-Star-iest Musical Finale Ever

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What 'Eaten Alive' and Zoos Have in Common

Einstein's Papers Digitized and Online

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A Novel Lost and Re-Found: The Story of Irene Nemirovsky and 'Suite Française'

There's No Canonical Reason Stormtroopers Can't Be Black

'Game of Thrones' Bad Photoshop: Puppy Edition

The Heartbreaking True Story Behind the Life and Death of Alan Turing, the Man at the Center of 'The Imitation Game'

Democracy, Thanksgiving, and Why You Shouldn't Unfriend Those Disagreeable Schmucks on Facebook

Not Even Spielberg Can Reboot 'The Last Starfighter'

Watch Ursula Le Guin's Wonderful National Book Awards Speech

'Interstellar' Prequel Comic

'The Peanuts Movie' Goes Full CGI

Universal Brings Back Horror without Horror

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What You Should Read After Watching 'Interstellar'

What 'Ozymandias' Really Tells Us

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Surprisingly Few Books for the Title: 'The Librarians' Television Series

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All of Andrei Tarkovsky's Films Free Online

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'Fantastic Four' Comic Cancelled

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What Nicolas Cage's 'Left Behind' Says About Apocalyptic Christianity

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Revisiting Robin Williams and 'What Dreams May Come'

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"Lucifer" Television Adaption in the Works

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"New Angeles": A (Not) "The Matrix" Television Series

Snap Impressions from the Weekend's First Slate of NFL Games

"The Stand" Adaptation: Good, Bad, Ugly

Who Wants to Have Fun with Semantics? "Supergirl" Series

Comic-Con and San Diego Might Call it Quits

A Return to Normalcy: Ukrainian Rap Tribute to "Die Hard"

What Dante and Dogs Tell Us About "The Leftovers"

Check your Americanski privilege: Fixing "A Good Day to Die Hard"

Yer a Goat, Harry:: "Horns" Trailer

Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Internet Misogyny as Terrorism

How Memory Interconnects Everything We Watch and Read

Every "Criminal Minds" Season Streaming on Netflix

Your Brain on Roleplaying Games: "Dark Dungeons" Trailer

Mmmm Brains: 'Walking Dead' Teaser

Chinese Theaters Allow Text Messaging

Why I Love Spoilers

A Pajiba Exclusive: "Star Wars: Episode VII" Script in Hand

'Community' Season Six Teaser

Sony Editing 'The Interview' to Appease North Korea

Science Fiction Thursday: Babylon 5, Star Wars Pictures, Mary Shelley Biopics

"Aquaman": So This is Happening

Pajiba Exclusive: Fox Admits to Rigging Elections

Pajiba's Guide to Everything You Need to Know About the Teen Choice Awards.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish: "The Hundred-Foot Journey"

The Clearing at the End of the Path

Why People Like Joe Should Be Halted and Lit on Fire, and How the Media Confuses Leeches with Geniuses

Miami Marlins' Mascot Stars in Own 'Star Wars' Trailer

Poor Man's 'Walking Dead': "Z Nation" Trailer

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Pacific Rim 2: Shirtless Jax Boogaloo,' 'Dragonriders of Pern,' and Joe Abercrombie

Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Interstellar Trailer

What Video Games Say About Our Morality

'Manhattan' Review: Don't Want to Set the World on Fire

Why We Persist in Monster Hunting and Conspiracy Theories

Lucy: Painfully Stupid No Matter What Percent of Your Brain You Use

Leslie Knope and Heroes without Arcs

Science Fiction Thursday

Episodic Television: An Elaborate Delivery Mechanism for Short Stories

'Predestination' Trailer: Heinlein, Hawke, and Mixed Emotions

Whedon Biography Throws Punches

Science Fiction Thursday

Thus Spake Gilliam: 'Zero Theorem' Trailer

'Snowpiercer' Heading to VOD on Friday

Ten Things You Learn While Marathoning the USA Network

Surprisingly Little Pea Soup: 'Deliver Us From Evil' Review

Science Fiction Thursday

CBS Gives the Finger to "Criminal Minds" Fans

How to Watch Season Six of 'Community'

Draco Kills a Mudblood: 'Murder in the First' Review

A Stunning Vision of Hell: 'A Stranger to Myself' Review

Science Fiction Thursday

'The Stand' for Morons: 'The Last Ship' Review

Book Readers' Edition of 'Game of Thrones': Where Do We Go From Here?

The Greatest Television Show Ever Conceived: 'Treehouse Masters'

Well Be Still My Stone Heart: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Children'

Your Pajiba Guide to Surviving Summer Road Trips

Your Completely Unhelpful Guide to World Cup Viewing Options

Science Fiction Thursday

DVDs and Blu-ray Dying: Internet Commenters Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Look Ma, No Filler: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Watchers on the Wall'

Why "Cosmos" Matters

All You Need is Kill: “Edge of Tomorrow” Review

Why Are Horror Stories Not to Blame for the Slenderman Crime, but the Men’s Rights Movement Carries Some Blame for the Santa Barbara's Killings?

Science Fiction Thursday

The Broccoli Theory of Bad Television

Mmmm, Beetles: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Mountain and the Viper'

"Game of Thrones": Hot Pie's Choose Your Own Adventure

The Fascinating Real-Life Account of How Man Waged War Against Emus with Machine Guns ... and Lost

Science Fiction Thursday

The Journey, Not the Destination

These Stories Aren't About Superheroes: "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Why Jack Bauer is Hurting America

Science Fiction Thursday

Kitten Mittens Meet Wearing Sunscreen: Charlie Day Commencement Speech

Slim Pickens Demands Royalties: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - "Mockingbird"

"Cosmos" Week 11: "Life here began out there".

Slumdog Jerry Maguire: 'Million Dollar Arm' Review

What We Say About Readers: An Internal Email Exchange About the GoT Book Reader Backlash

Science Fiction Thursday

Fear in the Darkness: H.R. Giger 1940-2014

The Uncanny Valley of Television: "Game of Thrones" - "The Laws of Gods and Men"

"Cosmos" Episode 10: He's Electric

The Most and Least Popular Countries in Film and Television

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars', 'Interstellar', Clive Barker

This Water Ain't Going to Tread Itself: Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "First of His Name"

Beep-Boop-Beep-Boop: "24" Real Time Review

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"Believe": The Best Show Ever in My Head

Never Go Full Robert Jordan: Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "Oathkeeper"

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Parkour, Dystopian Detroit, and Paul Walker's Final Gift to Us: "Brick Mansions" Review

Science Fiction Thursday: Fantasy Release Round Up

Peak Reference -- The Point At Which We Can't Cram Anymore References Into Our Head -- Is Coming

"Farscape" Film: To the Stars, My Friends

Stretch Those Storylines! Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "Breaker of Chains"

The Perfect Review of a Perfect Movie on its 25th Anniversary

"Cosmos" Week 7: People, People Never Change

Jenny McCarthy's Terminator Reboot: "Transcendence" Review

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