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Welcome to the Author Archive for Steven Lloyd Wilson

20170626_141325_1024.jpg Steven Lloyd Wilson, Sci Fi and History Editor: Steven Lloyd Wilson is the last scion of Norse warriors and the forbidden elder gods. Steven lives in Boston, where he is a college professor, though he spends a great deal of time in Sweden. You can email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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Today, It Starts

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GIFs Have Been Cancelled, Effective Immediately

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Sweet Namath's Ghost: Harvard Predicts Dolphins Winning AFC East

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Internal Affairs Is the Skyler White of Police Procedurals

Creedmunity Demands Title Change for "Creed"

Why'd They Have to Kill Space Opera?

'Terminator Genisys': CGI Yawns, But a Decent Story

Fight the Dead, Fear the Fanboys: 'Walking Dead' Themed Cruise Sails in 2016

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HBO in Hotel Rooms: A Fundamental Human Right

Dreamcasting SyFy's "Hyperion"

Summer Sci-Fi Movie Club: 'The Machine' is Derivative and Decidedly Meh

SciFi Thursday: Summer Books Edition

Netflix's Blurbs Are Becoming Sentient and Sarcastic

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Mysteries Lingering for the Second Season of 'Sense8'

'Jurassic World' Review: A Train Wreck of Morons and Bad CGI

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Announcing Pajiba's Summer Sci-Fi Movie Club

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Who Exactly Didn't Like Mad Max: Fury Road?

Jared Padalecki and the Scourge of Depression

"Mad Max: Fury Road" Review: Oh What a Film, What a LOVELY Film

Sci-Fi Thursday: Watch 'Black Angel,' The Short That Opened Before 'Empire Strikes Back' in Theaters

A Trickle of 'Agent Carter' Season Two Details

Why I Drink, 'Olympus Has Fallen' Sequel Edition

Mike Can't Touch This Magic: 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' Trailer and Clip

Sci-Fi Thursday: 16 Bit 'Star Wars VII' Trailer, 'Powers' Renewed, plus a 'D&D' play

SyFy Adapting 'Brave New World' to Series

Taking the Christian Film 'Little Boy' to Its Logical Conclusion to Demonstrate Its Profound Absurdity

You, Too, Can Have an Expert Opinion on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Without Any Firsthand Knowledge

How China's Rise Changes Movies

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Jurassic World', 'Avatar', 'The Last Witch Hunter'

Pinhead's Back: Clive Barker's 'Scarlet Gospels'

Why International Markets Got 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' First

Vin Diesel Confirms 'Furious 8'

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Doctor Who', 'Star Talk', 'Star Trek XIII'

Why Are the Roads Always Wet in Movies?

Why Comic Book Nerds Hate 'Batman vs. Superman'

'Paul Blart 2': This Review Is Going Full Godwin

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Orphan Black', 'Revolution', and Water on Mars

Steven Spielberg Making 'The BFG', Video Gamers Rejoice

'Dark Matter' Trailer: Space, Swords, and Amnesia

How Racist, Misogynist Bastards Are Gaming the Hugo Awards to Advance a Hateful Agenda

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars' Digital Release, Alien Life, Paul Feig's 'Other Space'

I Miss Baseball

Yet Another World's Oldest Woman Dies. Police Do Nothing.

How Header Pictures are Their Own Story

Why I Drink: Netflix Ordering 'Full House' Sequel Series

Science Fiction Thursday: 'X-Files', 'Interstellar', 'Hydrogen Sonata'

'Star Trek' Returning to Television?

Why the Government Needs To Be Left Out of Fantasy

Science Fiction Thursday: ISIS & 'Star Wars', 'X-Files', and a Short Film

Drop Everything Right Meow: 'Super Troopers 2' IndieGogo Project

A Series of Tubes: 'CSI: Cyber' Review

I Want to Believe: 'X-Files' Is Very Close to Returning to TV

'The Gunman' Review: A Smug, Misogynistic, and Idiotic 'Taken'

Science Fiction Thursday: I'll Take Pratchett and Potpourri for 200 Credits

Why Our Characters Have to be Competent

Ooh! Tentacles: 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Trailer

On Pratchett and Beginnings and Endings

Well I'm Quite Taken With It: 'Run All Night' Review

We've Lost Terry Pratchett

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Tron 3', NASA Rocket, 'The Shaman' Trailer

20 Books to Fill the Gap Between 'Return of the Jedi' and 'Episode VII'

Lucy Lawless Joins Bruce Campbell in 'Ash vs. Evil Dead'

'Jupiter Ascending 2' is Going to Be China's Fault

SciFi Thursday: Spock, Nimoy, And More Spock

Why I Drink, We're All Going to Die Spam Edition

What We Lost When We Lost Leonard Nimoy

Jump Scares and Boredom: 'The Lazarus Effect' Review

Dear TV Writers: Enough with the Jazz Episodes, Already

Why I Drink, Fallen Angel Edition

Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' Casting News

The Oscar Interview Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See

Science Fiction Thursday: Louis C.K. Wants to Die a "Terrible" Death in Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' Sequel

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Plot Summary and Word by Word Dissection

The First Generation to Grow Old on the Internet

Why Are We Fascinated by Swords in Our Fiction?

The Reason Why Jon Stewart Is the Best Journalist of This Generation

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Wheel of Time' Pilot, Lando Speaks, Cyborg Gender Awareness

'Jupiter Ascending' Review: A Movie So Staggeringly Stupid That Sean Bean Actually Lives

'Project Almanac' Review: A Terrible Movie but Time Travel's Shiny

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer, 'Independence Day 2', Terry Pratchett, Buy Your Own Mech

Why We Love Con-Men

Sign Me Up For Solitary: How TV and Film Fail in Portraying Prison

Why 'The Nightly Show' is No 'Colbert Report'

'The Boy Next Door' Review: I Love Your Mother's Cookies

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars', 'Red Mars', 'The Culture', and More 'Star Wars'

What 'Gilmore Girls' Tells Us About Homophobia Ten Years On

What Shailene Woodley's Character in 'Divergent' Could Learn from Captain Kirk

Why 'Agent Carter' Succeeds Where 'Agents of Shield' Failed

'Blackhat' Review: Thor is 'American Hacker'

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Mad Max', 'Lazarus Effect', 'Ghost in the Shell', and 'The Culture'

I Declare This Canon: 'Jurassic Parks and Recreation'

B*tch Ranking 'Downton Abbey': The Art of Victorian Seduction

Why Your New Year's Resolutions Suck

Every "Star Wars" Comic Ever For $300

John Cusack and Adrien Brody Give Up: "Dragon Blade" Trailer

Who You Gonna Call? "Better Call Saul" Trailer

'Twas the Night before Pajibmas

"Fireplace for Your Home" Real Time Review

Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye, Literally and a Lot, In the All-Star-iest Musical Finale Ever

The Worst Video Game Cutscene of the Year: "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" Review

The Geopolitics of Sony's Decision Making

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'Doctor Who' Being 'Too Dark' Is the Least of Steven Moffat's Problems

Will Charlie Sheen Return for the Finale of "2.5 Men"?

Bieber God and Batman Moses Save The Day: "Exodus: Gods and Kings" Review

A Bit Much, Innit? 'Kingsman' Red-Band Trailer

I'm Beginning to Feel the Heinlein: 'Predestination' First Seven Minutes

What 'Eaten Alive' and Zoos Have in Common

Einstein's Papers Digitized and Online

Nimoy Goes Full Nostalgia: 'Star Trek' Turns Fifty

A Novel Lost and Re-Found: The Story of Irene Nemirovsky and 'Suite Française'

There's No Canonical Reason Stormtroopers Can't Be Black

'Game of Thrones' Bad Photoshop: Puppy Edition

The Heartbreaking True Story Behind the Life and Death of Alan Turing, the Man at the Center of 'The Imitation Game'

Democracy, Thanksgiving, and Why You Shouldn't Unfriend Those Disagreeable Schmucks on Facebook

Not Even Spielberg Can Reboot 'The Last Starfighter'

Watch Ursula Le Guin's Wonderful National Book Awards Speech

'Interstellar' Prequel Comic

'The Peanuts Movie' Goes Full CGI

Universal Brings Back Horror without Horror

'Interstellar' and the Ryan Leaf Theory of Movie Criticism

Jonathan Nolan Bringing Asimov's 'Foundation' to HBO

What You Should Read After Watching 'Interstellar'

What 'Ozymandias' Really Tells Us

Science Fiction at its Best: 'Interstellar' Review

Surprisingly Few Books for the Title: 'The Librarians' Television Series

Suck it Johnny 5: Watch Neill Blomkamp's 'Chappie' Trailer

The Internet's Addiction to Rage Will Consume Us All

All of Andrei Tarkovsky's Films Free Online

'Before I Go to Sleep' Review: A Narcoleptic Thriller

Tolkienista Bingo for Watching 'The Battle of Five Armies'

Iranian Vampires: 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' Trailer

Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battles are the Most Wonderful Videos Ever Posted on the Internet

How Peter Jackson Continues to Miss the Point of Tolkien

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Today's Pointless Adaptation: 'Myst': The Television Series

'Fantastic Four' Comic Cancelled

'Interstellar' Screenings Will Be the Latest to Charge You Extra for a Movie Theater Gimmick

What Nicolas Cage's 'Left Behind' Says About Apocalyptic Christianity

What the Top Trending Facebook Stories Have in Common

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End of an Era: The Last of the Saturday Morning Cartoons Have Been Cancelled

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" Sequel Getting Netflix-First Release

Why Netflix Watchers are Superior Human Beings

Haunting Powerlessness: Why Dystopia is Horror on the Societal Level

How India Just Destroyed Civilization

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The True Story of the Only Man to Serve in Both the American and Soviet Armies

How Young Adult Bestsellers Tell Us That We're Doomed

Why Actors Get Awards: 'The Drop'

Eh, It's no 'Katniss Kronicles': 'The Maze Runner'

Revisiting Robin Williams and 'What Dreams May Come'

Great Show or Greatest Show? The '7th Heaven' Cast Reunion

"Lucifer" Television Adaption in the Works

Better Dead than Red: "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead" Trailer

Anyone Got Mulder's Number? "Extraterrestrial" Trailer

Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow: 'Phoenix' Trailer

Dan Simmons And The True Story of the HMS Terror

"New Angeles": A (Not) "The Matrix" Television Series

Snap Impressions from the Weekend's First Slate of NFL Games

"The Stand" Adaptation: Good, Bad, Ugly

Who Wants to Have Fun with Semantics? "Supergirl" Series

Comic-Con and San Diego Might Call it Quits

A Return to Normalcy: Ukrainian Rap Tribute to "Die Hard"

What Dante and Dogs Tell Us About "The Leftovers"

Check your Americanski privilege: Fixing "A Good Day to Die Hard"

Yer a Goat, Harry:: "Horns" Trailer

Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and Internet Misogyny as Terrorism

How Memory Interconnects Everything We Watch and Read

Every "Criminal Minds" Season Streaming on Netflix

Your Brain on Roleplaying Games: "Dark Dungeons" Trailer

Mmmm Brains: 'Walking Dead' Teaser

Chinese Theaters Allow Text Messaging

Why I Love Spoilers

A Pajiba Exclusive: "Star Wars: Episode VII" Script in Hand

'Community' Season Six Teaser

Sony Editing 'The Interview' to Appease North Korea

Science Fiction Thursday: Babylon 5, Star Wars Pictures, Mary Shelley Biopics

"Aquaman": So This is Happening

Pajiba Exclusive: Fox Admits to Rigging Elections

Pajiba's Guide to Everything You Need to Know About the Teen Choice Awards.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish: "The Hundred-Foot Journey"

The Clearing at the End of the Path

Why People Like Joe Should Be Halted and Lit on Fire, and How the Media Confuses Leeches with Geniuses

Miami Marlins' Mascot Stars in Own 'Star Wars' Trailer

Poor Man's 'Walking Dead': "Z Nation" Trailer

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Pacific Rim 2: Shirtless Jax Boogaloo,' 'Dragonriders of Pern,' and Joe Abercrombie

Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Interstellar Trailer

What Video Games Say About Our Morality

'Manhattan' Review: Don't Want to Set the World on Fire

Why We Persist in Monster Hunting and Conspiracy Theories

Lucy: Painfully Stupid No Matter What Percent of Your Brain You Use

Leslie Knope and Heroes without Arcs

Science Fiction Thursday

Episodic Television: An Elaborate Delivery Mechanism for Short Stories

'Predestination' Trailer: Heinlein, Hawke, and Mixed Emotions

Whedon Biography Throws Punches

Science Fiction Thursday

Thus Spake Gilliam: 'Zero Theorem' Trailer

'Snowpiercer' Heading to VOD on Friday

Ten Things You Learn While Marathoning the USA Network

Surprisingly Little Pea Soup: 'Deliver Us From Evil' Review

Science Fiction Thursday

CBS Gives the Finger to "Criminal Minds" Fans

How to Watch Season Six of 'Community'

Draco Kills a Mudblood: 'Murder in the First' Review

A Stunning Vision of Hell: 'A Stranger to Myself' Review

Science Fiction Thursday

'The Stand' for Morons: 'The Last Ship' Review

Book Readers' Edition of 'Game of Thrones': Where Do We Go From Here?

The Greatest Television Show Ever Conceived: 'Treehouse Masters'

Well Be Still My Stone Heart: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Children'

Your Pajiba Guide to Surviving Summer Road Trips

Your Completely Unhelpful Guide to World Cup Viewing Options

Science Fiction Thursday

DVDs and Blu-ray Dying: Internet Commenters Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Look Ma, No Filler: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Watchers on the Wall'

Why "Cosmos" Matters

All You Need is Kill: “Edge of Tomorrow” Review

Why Are Horror Stories Not to Blame for the Slenderman Crime, but the Men’s Rights Movement Carries Some Blame for the Santa Barbara's Killings?

Science Fiction Thursday

The Broccoli Theory of Bad Television

Mmmm, Beetles: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - 'The Mountain and the Viper'

"Game of Thrones": Hot Pie's Choose Your Own Adventure

The Fascinating Real-Life Account of How Man Waged War Against Emus with Machine Guns ... and Lost

Science Fiction Thursday

The Journey, Not the Destination

These Stories Aren't About Superheroes: "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Why Jack Bauer is Hurting America

Science Fiction Thursday

Kitten Mittens Meet Wearing Sunscreen: Charlie Day Commencement Speech

Slim Pickens Demands Royalties: "Game of Thrones" Book Readers' Edition - "Mockingbird"

"Cosmos" Week 11: "Life here began out there".

Slumdog Jerry Maguire: 'Million Dollar Arm' Review

What We Say About Readers: An Internal Email Exchange About the GoT Book Reader Backlash

Science Fiction Thursday

Fear in the Darkness: H.R. Giger 1940-2014

The Uncanny Valley of Television: "Game of Thrones" - "The Laws of Gods and Men"

"Cosmos" Episode 10: He's Electric

The Most and Least Popular Countries in Film and Television

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars', 'Interstellar', Clive Barker

This Water Ain't Going to Tread Itself: Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "First of His Name"

Beep-Boop-Beep-Boop: "24" Real Time Review

"Cosmos" Week 9: The Past is a Different Planet

Science Fiction Thursday: So Many Shows, So Few Extraneous Y's

"Believe": The Best Show Ever in My Head

Never Go Full Robert Jordan: Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "Oathkeeper"

"Cosmos" Week 8: We Looked at the Stars and Found Plato's Cave

Parkour, Dystopian Detroit, and Paul Walker's Final Gift to Us: "Brick Mansions" Review

Science Fiction Thursday: Fantasy Release Round Up

Peak Reference -- The Point At Which We Can't Cram Anymore References Into Our Head -- Is Coming

"Farscape" Film: To the Stars, My Friends

Stretch Those Storylines! Book Readers' "Game of Thrones" - "Breaker of Chains"

The Perfect Review of a Perfect Movie on its 25th Anniversary

"Cosmos" Week 7: People, People Never Change

Jenny McCarthy's Terminator Reboot: "Transcendence" Review

"Bob's Burgers": Linda, Louise, and Accepting Your Kids For Who They Are

Science Fiction Thursday: Real Astronauts, Hugo Awards, Eisner Awards

Mourning Colbert: Why 'The Colbert Report' Matters in Ways Other Late Night Shows Do Not

Next Stop, The Grey Wedding: Book Readers' "Game Of Thrones" - "The Lion and the Rose"

"Cosmos" Week 6: Fear? It's Poetry That's in a Handful of Dust

Mirrors Always Lie: "Oculus" Review

Quantity is its Own Quality: Fantasy Epics as a Distinct Medium

Science Fiction Thursday: "Battlestar Galactica", "Star Wars" Sets Consumed

"Mr. Selfridge" and the Pornography of the Past

For The Literate Among Us: Book Readers' "Game Of Thrones" - "Two Swords"

"Cosmos" Week 5: We are the Stuff of Stars

Communism's Blood Drenched Flood

Science Fiction Thursday: 'Star Wars', More 'Discworld', Chris Carter

Worst Finale Ever: A Complete Tone Deafness of Basic Storytelling

"Cosmos" Week 4: A Sky Full of Ghosts

Listen All Y'all It's a "Sabotage" Review

Word Counts and Fandom

Science Fiction Thursday: "Cosmos", Sir Patrick Stewart, SHIELD Casting, and Terry Pratchett

"The Breakfast Club": The Nostalgia of Others

"Cosmos" Episode 3: Your God is too Small

Ten Twisted 'Dungeons & Dragons' Monsters That Should Be Adapted By SyFy Originals

Science Fiction Thursday

"Archer": Really Just a Documentary from the Future

Why George R.R. Martin Needs to Finish 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

"Cosmos" Episode 2: Evolution Boogaloo

Fathers and Heroes: 'Our Fathers Were Our Models for God'

Science Fiction Thursday: History of Sci-Fi Documentary, Brandon Sanderson, and Frederik Pohl

Redeeming Ted Mosby

BadWrongFun: Are You Enjoying Yourself Correctly?

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself: 'Cosmos' is a Supernova in Your Brain Bits

It Ain't Fantasy Without a Little Fascism, or Why Neville Was the Real Hero of 'Harry Potter'

There Are Going to be Some Changes Around Here

Sunday Night Just Became Science Night

Life is a Sitcom: How Our Reality Mirrors 'Burn Notice'

The Post-Meta Academy Awards Experience

Ukraine, Revolution, and Movies: People Tweeting About Movies While the World Ends

It's Science: Earworms Make the Best Comic Book Trailers

'Hannibal': For the Love of All Mankind

So You Want to Kickstarter: How Not to be an Asshole

B*tch Ranking 'Downton Abbey': The Americans Arrive, Substituting Vulgarity for Wit

Romantic Comedies Destroy the Best Parts of Being Alive

The Doctor Joins Inspector Spacetime

My Money Was on Fuchsia: 'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 Teaser

B*tch Ranking 'Downton Abbey': Ask Ms. Padmore how Revenge is Best Served

'The Last Man on Earth' Will Be Mid-Season Replacement for Fox next Season

So, Sochi, Just What Is That Place?

Finally, 'Species' for Pompous Film Nerds: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

Steampunk Nazi Killing Short: 'Project Arbiter' Short Film

B*tch Ranking 'Downton Abbey': New Sheriff Edition

It Ain't Whedon, But It'll Do: 'Vampire Academy' Review

The First Color Photographs and the Two Old Lady Theory of History

Divergent, Derivative, They're Like Right Next to Each Other: 'Divergent' Trailer

Oh, Boy: Scott Bakula Heading "NCIS: New Orleans"

In Retrospect, Superb Owl Sunday Would Have Been Better: Worst Super Bowl Ever.

The Top Seven Rulers of Russia Who Deserve a Film

White House Petition to Deport Bieber hits 100,000

Guy Ritchie Working on 6 Film King Arthur Series

You Had Me At Terry Gilliam: 'Zero Theorem' Trailer

'Wiccan Good and Love the Earth and Women Power and I'll Be Over Here': 'Salem' Trailer

Why Crowd Sourcing the Critical Process Poses a Far Greater Danger to Studios, Labels, and Networks than Piracy

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small": 'Better Living Through Chemistry' Trailer

The Universe is Toying with Us: Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean

This One Gets Zack Snyder an Island: '300: Rise of an Empire' Trailer

The Internet Will Shutdown Today Because Patrick Rothfuss Won It

Mass Literacy and the Revolution of Literature

Iron Men with Wooden Teeth: 'Turn' Trailer

Just Leave the Bottle: NBC Orders Pilot of 'Constantine'

I Only Watch Documentaries with Exclamation Points in the Title: 'Doomed!' Trailer

But Where's the Kurgan? 'Outlander' Trailer

The Mentally Challenged Golden Retriever of Cinema: 'The Legend of Hercules' Review

Stupid Enough to Not Be Its Own Legal Guardian: 'Intelligence' Review

All Seven of Them? 'Bad Words' Trailer

'Parks and Rec' 100th Episode Special

Sundance Launching Another Light Comedy: 'The Red Road' Trailer

Original Audio of Apollo 13 Incident, in Real Time

The Dark Side of Netflix

He's Electric: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser

'47 Ronin' Review: The Best Fantasy Film of this December

'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' Review: 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with Orcs

'Community' Animated Trailer

It's Christmas, Must be Time to Kill a Doctor: 'Doctor Who' Trailer

Because the Universe Hates You: Another Adam Sandler Trailer

Confirmed: Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman'. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. David Goyer.

'House of Cards' Season 2 Trailer: Ooh 52 Card Pick-up!

Christmas and the Joy of Living in the Season of Death

'Groundhog Day' in Power Armor is my Spirit Animal: 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer

Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work: NSA Employees Paid to Play 'World of Warcraft'

Why I Drink, Dude-Bro Edition: 'Shannara' Heading to MTV

The Bureaucrat's Revolution: Vasili Mitrokhin and His Archive

SyFy Officially Gives Up: 'Legion' Gets Series Order

It's French, So You Know it's Classy: 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer

You had me at History: AMC's 'Turn' Trailer

Ron Burgundy Does the News in North Dakota. For Real.

It Belongs in a Museum: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 1981 PBS Documentary

The Doctor Lied, People Died: "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Details

'Blade Runner' Remade in Watercolor. No, Seriously, Watch This.

'Delivery Man': Oh a Lovable Loser, I Don't Suppose We'll Get a Montage With That?

The Hateful Propaganda of Middle Earth

Lift a Pint for the 'World's End' Gag Reel

Rob Ford Reality Show Cancelled. Wait, What?

'Need for Speed' Trailer: Definitely Broken and Bad

'Day of the Doctor' Clip: 10+11=Nifty, it's Math

Why Shakespeare Matters: 'We Are Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On'

Wait, I Thought He'd Gone Wrestling: Andy Kaufman Might Be Alive After All

Well That's Just Dynamite: Napoleon Getting a Film

Sued for Nicking the TARDIS, BBC Barristers Say 'Bugger Off'

'Downton Abbey' Gets Renewed Because Everyone in Britain Watches It

Please Just End New York City's War on Crime: 10 Places That Procedurals Should Be Set in Before New York City

'Doctor Who' Short Story Collection, with Added Gaiman

That DNA Looks Human: 'Helix' Trailer

'Twilight' DVD Extras Actually Have Purpose: The Creepiest Doll Ever

'Client List' Cancelled After Cliffhanger, Internet Riots

'Ender's Game' Review: Humanity Does Not Ask Us To Be Happy

More Worlds to Conquer: Rome's Lost Legion

CW Developing Drama Based on Fred Durst's Life

Blomkamp Light: Sci-Fi Short "Lunar"

Apparently Rob Thomas Didn't Take the Kickstarter Money and Run: "Veronica Mars" Movie Releases a Clip

That Laserdisc is Our Last Hope: Edit Disc of 'Return of the Jedi' Hits Internet

Getting 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Right

Does This Mean the Nazis are Winning: 'The Monuments Men' Delayed

But Where's the Cow? 'Almost Human' Trailer

Like Fire and Ice and Rage: 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Trailer

BBC America Says More SciFi, Picks up 'Intruders'

All progress depends on the unreasonable man: 'The Fifth Estate'

'Zero Charisma' Review: Social Torture Porn

Rosemary's Found Footage: 'The Devil's Due' Trailer

Headline About Literal Movie Title: 'Big Ass Spider' Trailer

World's Dumbest Pirate King Caught by Being Offered Job on Movie

Optimism Wins This Time: Nine Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Recovered

The Best Russian Musical You Haven't Seen: 'Stilyagi'

The Greatest Film of the Decade: Peter Dinklage. R-Rated Leprechaun Comedy.

Mads Mikkelsen and Shia LaBeouf. Wait, What? 'Charlie Countryman' Trailer

Point Comma Missing The: 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' Trailer

Missing Episodes of 'Doctor Who' Discovered in Ethiopia (Or Not)

Books, Rebellion, and 'The Hunt for Red October'

First Pics from Ron Moore's 'Helix'

Finally, Something No One Wants: Found Footage in Next "Friday the 13th"

What's the Opposite of Nostalgia? This Post

Why I Drink, English Magician Edition: John Constantine Coming to NBC

Masterpiece Theatre is my Slow Motion BBC DVR: "Foyle's War"

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy:CW Picks Up Western on Mars

A Little Something for Everyone: "Little Favour" Teaser

Finally, a 'Species' Reboot: 'Under the Skin' Trailer

Whedon Talks SHIELD

A Great Film Lacking Greatness: "Prisoners"

Mere Anarchy is Loosed Upon the World: "Breaking Bad" and Our Love of Antiheroes

Incoming Yuppie Cocaine: "Downton Abbey" Series 4 Clip

Well at Least the DNA Doesn't Look Human: "Last Days of Mars" Trailer

Bro, Do You Even Understand THAC0? "Zero Charisma" Trailer

No Tridents Yet, Footage at Eleven: "Anchorman 2"

A Snuff Film for Formerly Great Film Careers: 'The Family'

So You Think There Have Only Been Eleven Doctors? The Other Time Lords.

Want a Solo Loki Movie? That's What Democracy is For

Roland Emmerich Digging Up The Corpse of "Stargate"

Was Kevin Sorbo Busy? BBC's "Atlantis" Trailer

More Anti-Equestrian Propaganda: "Sleepy Hollow" Trailer

On Books and Infinity

Runner Runner Trailer Looks Stupid Stupid

I Don't Care if It's True, It Makes me Happy: Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars VII

I've Made a Huge Mistake: Getaway

It's Not a Lie If It's To a Vegetarian: "Bob's Burgers" Review

ESPN Caves to NFL, Frontline Airing "League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis" Anyway

In Today's Authoritarian Entertainment News: China Accuses Pacific Rim of Being American Propaganda

Well the Bigger Boat Idea Didn't Work: Captain Phillips Trailer

More Like "Derivative": Divergent Trailer

A Brilliant Tragic Comedy: Just Go See The World's End

We Don't Remember the Years, We Remember the Moments: Fiction and the Slow Problem of Time

Feeling Down? Have Some Whedon: First Clip from "Agents of SHIELD"

A Glimpse at the Beginning of Greatness: Ray Bradbury's Fanzines of 1939 Now Freely Available

Life After Jon Stewart, Maps, Librarians, Gorillas Proposing to Giraffes, and Kangaroo Pornography

The Seventies were Kind to No One: Wolverine and Xavier Pic from X-Men Days of Future Past

We're Going Full Ouroboros: "Friday Night Lights" Movie Script Done

You Had Me At Spaceships, Dystopia, and Power Armor: Elysium

We Live in a Primitive Time, Don't We? "Orange is the New Black"

More Power Armor than You Can Shake a Prawn At: Elysium Extended Trailer and Clip

Oh a Time Travel Story with a Time Pun in the Title, How Original: About Time Trailer

Lack of Money, the Root of All Evil: Cheap Thrills Trailer

Where's Agent Smith? 47 Ronin Trailer

Reading the Entrails: Predictions of the Endings of Ten Current Television Shows

What do Captain America, an Ice Age, South Korea, a Train, and Class Warfare have in Common? Snowpiercer Animated Prequel Clip

In Space No Can Hear You - No Wait the Radio Still Works: Gravity Trailer

I Don't Know About Them, But I've Gone To Heaven: "12 Monkeys" Television Series

All of the Non Comic-Con News in One Convenient Place

How Interface Matters More than Genre in Video Games

Meh, They're No Veridian Dynamics: Robocop Corporate Propaganda

Ooh, Shiny: New SHIELD Footage

The Suspense is Over: Alan Moore Comments On "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Trailer

"The Ceremony of innocence Is Drowned": The Story of Rasputin

The B-Movie to End All B-Movies: "Sharknado" Full Trailer

Fox Orders Pilot of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

Giant Robots, People, Giant Fricking Robots: Final Pacific Rim Trailer

It's Like Ken Burns. On Acid. The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek Trailer

When You Need a Criminal Lawyer: "Breaking Bad"s Saul Getting Spinoff

The Wolverine Featurette: A Little Bit of Stupid, A Lot of Awesome

Aziz Ansari Turns the Baleful Gaze of Skynet Upon Comedy

A Pox On Both Your Houses: A Conversation About Spoilers

There's Always Time for More Slaying: New BtVS Behind the Scenes Video

Wednesday SciFi Roundup: Ronald Moore, Richard Matheson, and Independence Day

"How Quickly One Accepts the Incredible If Only One Sees It": Richard Matheson Takes His Leave

Whedon Sits Down to Chat: "Firefly", Much Ado, Man of Steel, and More.

"Justified," Fathers, and Federalism: Don't Want Live in My Father's House

Bryan Fuller's Seven Season Plan for "Hannibal"

Worst Traffic Jam Ever. World War Z Clip

Why I Drink: The Hollywood Reporter Edition

Overthinking Movies? But That's Our Thing: Writers Saying Smart Things About Superman

"When was writing ever your profession? It's never been anything but your religion.": Salinger Trailer

Through the Graves the Wind is Blowing: A Historical Theory of A Game of Thrones

Surprisingly Not an Eskimo Fetish Snuff Film: Snowpiercer Trailer

Why I Drink, Flip to Page 74, Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

Have You Had Enough of Man of Steel? Then Don't Click on This Post

No One Knows Who the Next Doctor Is, But We Do Have Polling Data

The Abyss Stares Back: "Hannibal"

Sometimes They Come Back: First Three Minutes of "In The Flesh"

The Film You've Seen Before But With a Better Cast: The To-Do List Trailer

How "Arrested Development", The Dark Tower, and The Lone Ranger Are All Connected

And Now Let's Print Some Letters!

I Was Promised Fear, But All I Got Was This Handful of Dust: After Earth

They Must Have Some Fantastic Dirt on Somebody: Roku Raises $60 Million

Why I Drink, Zombie Edition: World War Z Clip

J. Michael Straczynski Wins All Conventions Ever

Ooh a War! Maybe That'll Thin the Ranks of Irritating Characters: "True Blood" Season Six Trailer

The Gospel According to John Luther

Prepare to Get Annihilated: The World's End Trailer

Cannes Needs Batman: Crime Spree Strikes Film Festival

"Whatever You Believe Can Change the Nature of a Man, Can": "Believe" Trailer

As Ka Wills: Mysterious Investor Saves Dark Tower

Star Trek Into Darkness: A Fantastic Space Action Film, and an Excellent Star Trek Film

"People writing songs that voices never share": Berberian Sound Studio Trailer

I Have No Idea What I Just Saw: The Congress Trailer

Whedon Denies All Rumors About Avengers 2. Also Denies Deployment of the B-3 Bomber.

How Netflix Should Democratize Television

How Far House Stark Has Fallen: Sean Bean in Trailer for TNT's "Legends"

Everyone Roll Will Saves Against Fear: Warner Brothers Buys Movie Rights for Dungeons and Dragons

A Stephen King Miniseries, It's 1995 All Over Again! "Under the Dome" Trailer

If The Empire Strikes Back is No Longer Topical, Get Off of My Lawn

"The Walking Dead" and the Birth of the State

Yeah I'm Sure Swords Will Do the Trick: The Wolverine Trailer

Finally, a Heartwarming Movie About Teenage Assassins: Violet & Daisy Trailer

I Don't Remember Eating the Lightning, But I'm Sure Crapping Thunder Now: Rocky: Das Musical Trailer

"I'm Daniel Day-Lewis": The White House Correspondents Dinner

Alien Species? How About Seven of Them? Defiance

10 of Today's Trade News Headlines That Will Drive You To Drink

Well, We're Boned: "Futurama" Cancelled Again

Kick-Ass 2 Clip Hollow and Uninspired

Fighter Jets and the Mad Hatter Theory: How NBC's "Community" Died

"Zombieland" Series Off to Inauspicious Launch

Why Do Movie Scientists Keep Doing Research in Antarctica? "Helix" Teaser

Meh, It's No Sandlot: Kings of Summer Trailer

Kryptonian Crossword, Three Letters and He'd Really Prefer it if You Knelt Before Him: Man of Steel Viral Stuff

Where Else Would You Go For History Lessons, Lightsabers, and 2Pac?

It's Not All Wrestling: Upcoming SyFy Shows that are SciFi

Christopher Nolan Hires Anne Hathaway for Interstellar

Doctor Who What Now? All the "Doctor Who" News and Rumors of the Week

"Jurassic Park" Review: Let's Find a Way

Locking All the Insanity in a Single Room: Lumping the Most Explosive Character Types Together

Man Knows Little: Ragnarok Trailer

They're All Going to Burn: "True Blood" Teaser

These May Not Be The Droids, But This Is The Film We Are Looking For: Episode I Trailer

On the Side of the Angels: "Sherlock," Sociopathy, and Evil

Finally, the Hero Gotham Deserves: New Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Last "Doctor Who" Trailer Before the New (Half) Season

"Zombieland" Television Series is a Go

Statham VII: The Stathaming ... Hummingbird Trailer

Olympus Has Fallen Review: Yippee Ki-Yay Mr. President

Why We Write

I Will Walk Over Your Cold Corpses: Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

First Three Minutes of BBC's "Orphan Black"

New Harlan Coben Novel Lands an Ackman of Enormous Proportions

The Only Mystery Worth Solving: New "Doctor Who" Trailer

Hold the Fava Beans, the Chianti is Here: "Hannibal" Extended Preview

Yoda Would Clean This Papacy Right Up

Jack McCoy Would Not Put Up With This: Hollywood Lawsuit Updates

Psycho Prequel, "Downton Abbey" Sequel, Or Both: First Six Minutes of "Bates Motel"

The Joss Speaks: "SHIELD", Star Wars, and Wonder Woman

Christopher Nolan's SciFi Film Interstellar Greenlit

Bored Now? All of Today's Buffy Themed Trade News

Empathy is the Enemy: The Fall of Orson Scott Card

Finally a Movie About A Quirky Young Hipster in New York City: Frances Ha Trailer

Knights of Badassdom Will Probably Never Be Released

You Guys! Seriously! The Internet is Scary and Mean! Disconnect Trailer

"Ooh, look at me today, I'm entertaining whilst saving lives aren't I brilliant?": David Brent is Back

The Kevin Bacon Manifold: Or How There Is Actually Only One Fictional Universe

Sundance Channel Goes Miniseries: Top of the Lake Trailer

When Hell Is Full, The Dead Will Walk on the BBC: "In The Flesh" Trailer

News So Irrelevant, It Might Make You Care About the Oscars by Comparison

The Only Awards Season I Really Need: Nebula Awards Nominations Announced

1 in 14 Of History's Greatest Artists Are Alive Today: The Upside to Overpopulation

Not Another Winter Coming Pun: "A Game of Thrones" Deleted Scenes

Let's Take a Tour: News From Around the Old World

Needs More Elephants: NBC's "Hannibal" Gets a Teaser

Mutant Dinklage is the Best Kind: Peter Dinklage Joins X-Men V

Have You Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?

A World in Flames: Lore Trailer

The BBC is Right Chatty This Morning: "Doctor Who" News

Backstreet Boys Bring Down the Papacy

This. Is. Saint. Louis! "Defiance": Teaser and Game Trailer

"But they treasure, secretly treasure, the times they lost. It's a sacrifice, of sorts": Why We Keep Watching Sports

Good news, everyone! "Futurama" Season 7 Trailer

I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah: First New Star Wars Film May Be Yoda Vehicle

The Mostly Disastrous Movie Trailers that Aired During Super Bowl XLVII

Roll Initiative: Why You Should Read Role-playing Game Rule Books

Goddammit Leroy: Warcraft Film Lands Director

Wait, Daytime Television Still Exists? CBS Renews Entire Daytime Lineup for Next Year

Because the Universe Hates You: Random News that Will Make You Drink

Now That's a Creative Name for a Show: "Vikings" Trailer

They're Trying to Take Your Precious Bodily Fluids: "The Americans" Title Sequence

Wait, When Did Canada Get Guns? Flashpoint

All The Marvel News Fit to Print

Where's the SciFi in This Pile of Hippies? The East Trailer

It's Just Not Oblivion Without a Patrick Stewart Voiceover: New Oblivion Television Trailer

Sam Raimi's 1981 Proof of Concept Film for Evil Dead

This Common Household Item Could Cause Instant Death, but First a Few Links

I Am Become Death: "Fringe" Finale Trailer

Warner Brothers Making Odyssey in Space (Homer not 2001)

Needs a Little More Harmon-y: "Community" Season 4 Trailer

"It's Not the Years, Honey, It's the Mileage": The Awkward Aging of Television and Film

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Stunt Scenes Hit YouTube

Boy Saint Louis Has Gone Down Hill: "Defiance" Trailer

Disney 3D Conversions in Jeopardy: Convoluted Legal Stuff Does Something Right For Once

I Remember When That Word Meant Something: Hansel and Gretel Redband Trailer

If You Haven't Seen It, It's New to You: The Best of 2011

Oz: The Great and Powerful: Look On My Works Ye Yada Yada.

Dead Man Down Trailer: I Think I've Seen This One Before

Django Unchained Review: Now That's a Bingo

New Bram Stoker Stories Published: Family Still Denies He Is Immortal

Zero Dark Thirty and Torture: Evil is Not Washed Away by Good

More Giant Robot Movies: Gale Anne Hurd's Gaiking

Fuel for Your Heart's Fire: All Sorts of Transformers 4 News

Good evening, Beijing. I thought it time we had a little talk: Chinese State Television Airs V for Vendetta

This is OUR Independence Day, We Band of Buggered!: Pacific Rim Trailer

Democracy is a myth, sold to us by the West.

The Rise of the Apocadouche: It's Lawsuit Wednesday in Bad Television Land

Stand It Like a Man and Give Some Back: Darren Aronofsky Explains Why The Fountain Flopped

"Like a drifter I was born to walk alone": The Sorcerer and the White Snake Trailer

The Most Sarcasm Inducing Headlines of the Day

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: How We Mistake Dark Stories for Complex Ones

Alan Turing Film The Imitation Game Gets a Director

"You Build Little Worlds, Little Stories, Little Shells Around Your Minds, and That Keeps Infinity at Bay": Showrunners: A Documentary Trailer

DC Cancels Hellblazer: "Yours is the Kind of Life Serial Killers Wank Off To"

Pacific Rim: Great Giant Robot Movie, or Greatest Giant Robot Movie

"My Life As a Turkey": "It Does No Harm to the Romance of the Sunset to Know a Little Bit about It"

New AMC Series Orders: The Spies of George Washington and the 1980s Computer Industry

A Batch of Cumber: Star Trek Into Darkness Plot Summary

Mawwiage. It's Wat Bwings Us Togeveh Today. I Give It a Year Trailer

The Breakfast Club, Except Everybody Dies: Bad Kids Go to Hell Trailer

This Is 40: They're Calling It a Red Band Featurette Trailer. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.

Oh Look, Two Agents Are Getting Fired: Nick Frost and Rashida Jones in Cuban Fury

"How I Met Your Mother": The Truth About Ted Mosby

Want to Stop Texting During Movies? There's an App for That.

Somehow Television Got Stupider: New Discovery Series "Amish Mafia"

Where the Power Armor? Sharlto Copley Heads to Space in Europa Teasers

And on the Fourth Day the Internet Gave Me Evil Toasters: "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" Episodes One and Two

It Has a Loose Candyland Structure and the Floor is Lava: "The Americans" Trailer

Systems of Magic And Politics

Why Frodo? Why? Trailer for Maniac

I Still Don't Trust My Toaster: "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" Trailer

Need That Extra Little Push Before Jumping? Ten Minutes of Breaking Dawn Clips

Hobbits Teach Airline Safety for Air New Zealand

The Hand in the Dark: Why We Have Come to Love Assassins

X-Men: Days of Future Past Mutates from Vaughn to Singer

Burn Them All: Hansel and Gretel Trailer

Neil Gaiman Reads New Story For Charity

It's Certainly a Different Approach to Nurse Fetishes: Silent Hill Revelations Trailer

Captain My Captain: He Just Might Get You High Tonight

Finally, a Dark and Edgy Mermaid Movie: Empires of the Deep Trailer

Now That's a Different Kind of Americana: Trailer for Ken Burns' The Central Park Five

Move Over Jackson, Fincher's Got Halo (Sort Of)

The CW's Entire History Has Led to This Moment: Twilight Television Series

"True Blood" As A Subversion of the Tragic Vampire Trope

Better Late Than Never: Material from Unfinished Empire Strikes Back Documentary

Leonardo Da Vinci Gets Television Series: No Turtles In Sight

The Next Best Thing to Rocky 7

New J.R.R. Tolkien Book: The Fall of Arthur

Television is Better Today (And Worse): Political Science Says So

No Showers After the Apocalypse: "Walking Dead" Season 3 Clip

JCVD Cordially Not Invited to Bloodsport Remake

More Like the Uncanny Chasm: Tarzan 3D Trailer

Politics is About Storytelling, Not Debates

Someone Really Didn't Like Therapy: "American Horror Story" Trailer

It's Slipping Now: End of Love Trailer

S.H.I.E.L.D. Character Outline: First We Cancel Castle

It's a Game! It's a Show! It's a Game and a Show! (But not a Game Show) Behind the Scenes of "Defiance"

Somebody Stole the Funny: Identity Thief Trailer

The International Twitter Response to The Emmys

As Sweet as Vinegar Strokes: "The League" Teasers

NBC Orders Pilot from J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron

Life, the Universe, and Everything (i.e. Baseball): Trailer for 42

Internet Manages to Make Advertising Even More Annoying

Sinister Red Band Trailer

Personally, I Think the Carnies are Behind it All: Conspiracy Trailer

Watch Rian Johnson's The Psychology of Dream Analysis

Media Companies Doing Stupid Things? Must be Thursday.

The Best Space-Travel Science Fiction Novels

Shannara Being Adapted for Television (The Fantasy Series, Not The Stripper)

"I do expect it will cease to be divided": First Trailer for Lincoln

All Pain Ends Eventually: Final Trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn

A Modest Proposal for Funding Art

This Week's Entry in the Ignorance of Your Elected Officials: The Fighting 11th

Netflix Loses Another Round, This Time to Amazon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Updates: I Hate Myself For Writing That Headline

What Superheroes Mean

Refuting Tolkien

A Taxonomy of Time Travel

The Death of the Movie Theater

Why We Watch Procedurals

Spiritual Atheism: 'Buffy,' 'Angel,' 'House' and 'Doctor Who'

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe": Nixon's Speech if Apollo 11 Had Failed

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain”: Matters of Memory

The Universe Hates You: Grab Bag Edition

Finally a Todd Akin Horror Film: Trailer for The Hole

Party Like It's 1977: Star Wars News

Finally, a Gritty Film About Los Angeles Police: End of Watch Trailer

It was Never Meeting Sally that Mattered to Harry: What Romantic Movies Don't Get

Better Dead than Red: Lawless Redband Trailer

A Million Dead, But the King has a Hangnail: The Impossible Trailer

Bring the Popcorn and LSD: "Fringe" Season Five Teasers

“Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Kings”: Why We Love Dark Stories

See Mom, Comics Are Art: Pitch Sketches from Abandoned Sandman Film

Is The Heinlein Estate Getting Royalties? Looper International Trailer

"The Great Circuits Fall Quiet, One By One": Clip From "Revolution"

Someone Needs Their Coffee: First Ten Minutes of The Awakening

I Am Not Your Blowing Wind: Audiobooks and the Endless Road

You Had Me at "Zombie Vigilante": The Revenant Trailer

Ron Howard Brings the Aztecs to Showtime

The Saddest Headline of the Morning: "Rush Hour 4 in Development" Wins By a Hair

Why I Drink (Happily): Sci-Fi Tidbits for the Day

The Universe is Literally Trying to Kill "Fringe's" Final Season: John Noble Hospitalized

Why I Hate the Olympics

Gangster Squad Being Reshot to Protect Our Precious Innocence

Two Doctors at Once? Madness.

Finally a Crappy Version of Bridesmaids: Bachelorette Trailer

Whichever One You Feed More: Crave Trailer

Television Killed Itself: The Rise of Pointless Television

The Universe Hates You: Book Club Edition

Three Hobbit Films? Do I hear Four?

May The Bigger Man Win: Ant-Man Hits Comic-Con

Like The Historian Without the Historical Accuracy: Starz Making "Dracula" Television Series

No Word if He'll Sing "Rocket Man" on the Soundtrack: Shatner Presents Documentary of "Star Trek" Fans Called Get a Life

The Hobbit Has a Zoomable Picture Thingie. Advertising Runs Out of Terms.

Because Grant Morrison Could Make Watching Paint Dry Great: First (sort-of) Teaser for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

The Return of the Greatest Character in Movie History: New Total Recall Trailer

The Death and Rebirth of Television News: "All of Life is Reduced to the Common Rubble of Banality"

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature: The Prototype Trailer

Roddenberry Responds to the Snark About "Star Trek"

Alan Moore Decides to Make His Own Movie. With Hookers. And Blackjack.

Surprisingly Short on Time Piece Jokes: The Watch Trailer

All Dogs Go To Heaven: Why We Cannot Stomach the Suffering of Dogs in Our Fiction

That's Like a DVD for Old People Right? V/H/S Trailer

Alamo Drafthouse Gets Netflixy

Never Let Zemeckis Motion Capture Again: Flight Trailer

"Build your wings on the way down": Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

"Star Wars" Live Action Television Series Sounds Awesome, Will Never Happen

For Every Action: Shonda Rhimes and Veena Sud Demonstrate How Not To React

This Town Needs an Enema: Dark Knight Rises Footage

"There Is Still Good in Him": George Lucas Retires

The Greatest Book Series to Marathon

The Universe Hates You, Sparkle Edition: Stephenie Meyer's Second Film Series Arrives

Emancipate This: Two More Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailers

Horror? This is Not Horror: Chernobyl Diaries

Giant Robots and Cthulu: Pacific Rim Plot Summary

Television is a Business You Know: Why the Firing of Dan Harmon is Wrong

Disney Shuts Down Order of the Seven

Take It Out Back and Shoot It: Inexplicable Television News

My Confidence in This Adaptation Is Going in the Direction of the Enemy's Gate: Ender's Game Updates

There Are Other Worlds Than These: Being Born in Another World a Low Percentage Bet

What's in the Box? Possession Trailer

Walk With Me: Sorkin Brought on Board Steve Jobs Bio Pic

You Had Me at Vampire War: "True Blood" First Full Season Five Trailer

Gangster Squad Trailer

A Manifesto for the Next Fifty Years of Media

You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N: Killer Joe Trailer

Department of Defense Disavows All Knowledge of Avengers, Internet Explodes

This Season of SVU is Really Weird: "True Blood" Trailer

Welcome to the Bathtub: Beasts of the Southern Wild Trailer

That Dish Is Supposed to be Cold, Not Half Baked: Revenge of the Electric Car

The Avengers is so Last Week: Whedon Makes Much Ado About Nothing in Backyard

I Think He's Mad As Hell: New "Newsroom" Trailer

Now With More Running and Exposition for the BBC Crowd: Prometheus International Trailer

Sound of My Voice Review: There's a Storm Coming

You'll Never Live Like Common People: The Manning Bros, “Girls” and Where Nepotism Actually Begins

Break Out Your Spanish Language Albums of the Doors: The End Trailer

SyFy Rundown: A Little Sci, Still Not Enough Fi

Total Oscar Bait: G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer

"Piled Higher and Deeper": PhD: The Movie Trailer

There is No Mouse: Error of the Human Body Trailer

How Modding Changes Art

Finally, Found Footage with Velociraptors: Area 407 Trailer

Oh That Statham, He's Stathaming Again: Trailer for Safe

Say It Ain't So, Countess: Maggie Smith Leaving "Downton Abbey"

Reboots Hit Rock Bottom: "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Rebooting as Edgy Movie

The Five Most Fantastic but Unfilmable Books

There Are No Cute Pictures Here: News to Make You Angry

First Five Minutes of Lockout: At Least Nine Minutes Worth of Guy Pearce

The Apocalypse Gets a Larger Cast than Seth and Jay

With Headlines Like These, Who Needs Drugs to Warp Reality?

Tolkien's Bastards: Why Certain Fantasy Tropes Stick

"It was you drew my heart in a snare": Lovely Molly Trailer

Finally, Almost Famous For Idiots: Rock of Ages Trailer

He's Mad As Hell: "The Newsroom" Trailer

It's a Game! It's a Series! It's Your Sister and Your Daughter! SyFy Announces "Defiance"

Pick Your Poison: Sturgeon's Law and Why We Love Bad Fiction

It's Die Hard in Space, and I'm Okay with That: Lockout Teaser and Clip

Angel Made Do with Blood Banks: "True Blood" Teasers

3D, The Price Hike that Keeps on Giving

Why I Drink: Classic American Literature Edition

At Last Our Long National Nightmare is Almost Over: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser

The First Rule of Suburban Cult Club... Sound of My Voice Trailer and Clip

First Four Minutes of Iron Sky

HBO's "Luck" Cancelled on Account of Horse Deaths

“Books Break the Shackles of Time, Proof that Humans Can Work Magic”: Technology and the Future of Books

And They Said It Couldn't Be Stupider: New Battleship Trailer

You Can Take Our Lives, But Only During Sweeps: "Braveheart" Television Series in the Works

"The only people for me are the mad ones": On the Road Trailer

“Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief”: Borrowing, Stealing, and Copyright's Suppression of our Gestalt

Well Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, There's Good News: Three Sci-Fi Bits That Don't Induce Suicide

Um, Someone Spiked the Horror with Some Sci-Fi: Cabin in the Woods Trailer

3 Bits of Inexplicability: Bill and Ted 3, "Terra Nova," Animal House

It's All About the Big Hats:We Have a Pope Trailer

I Don't Want Your Life: Touchback Trailer

The Doctor is Not In: “Doctor Who” Series Six

Disney Panicking, Desperately Releasing New John Carter Trailers

Because the Universe Still Hates You: National Lampoon's Vacation Getting Rebooted

Sadly, Not Literally About Moths: Moth Diaries Trailer

What's History Doing on the History Channel? "Hatfields and McCoys" Trailer

"Battleground" Review: It's Such a Gorgeous Dirty Game

Well There Goes March: Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines Trailer

Dude Took the Red Pill and the Blue Pill: NBC Releases Full Pilot of "Awake"

Hannibal Television Series Gets a Pick Up

I Don't Think Duct Tape Will Work: Fixing the Nielsens

Anyone Climbing "The Mountain of Death" Sort of Had It Coming: Dyatlov Pass Incident Being Adapted to Film

You've Got a Time Machine, I've Got a Gun: How to Build a Time Machine Trailer

Retro Eighties Sci-Fi and Shrooms, What Could Go Wrong? Beyond the Black Rainbow Trailer

Is the Roof on Fire? Because Fox is Letting "House" Burn.

As Long as Lestat Doesn't Sparkle: Tale of the Body Thief Inching Towards Production

New "Star Trek" Series? Because the Internet Was Built for Rumors

Ridley Scott Pulling Harrison Ford into Blade Runner Sequel

DC Launching Watchmen Prequels this Summer, Web Sites Run Out of "Who Will Watch" Puns

Haven't You Always Wanted a Mel Gibson Trade News Roundup?

"Arrested Development" Comeback Officially a Go

The Daily Show Staff Now Writing Reality: NBC Throws Down with Romney over Fair Use

Good News Everybody! All the Television Shows You Hate are Breeding

Your Free Time Shall be Exterminated: "Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock" Game Trailer

The Good News is that Russell T Davies has a New Show...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. I Am Not a Hipster Trailer

"Put Your Bodies Upon the Gears and Upon the Wheels": Martin Luther King and SOPA/PIPA

How Do I Reach These Kids? Detachment Trailer

The First Law of Robotics is Don't Talk About Robotics: Meaning of Robots Trailer

"Alcatraz" Review: He Did What to His Ocular Cavities?

Me No Habla: Casa de mi Padre Full Trailer

Which One Was Spartacus? "Spartacus: Vengeance" Trailer

"You Know, We're Standing on the Doorstep of a New Millennium": Hollywood and Politics

How the Darkness Descends: Perfect Sense Trailer

There's Something on the Boat, Some Thing: "The River" Trailer

Two Lost "Doctor Who" Episodes Recovered

Today's Straight to DVD Disaster: Snow White: A Deadly Summer

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Trailer

Save Your Children from the Liberals: The Muppets is Anti-American Propoganda

Geronimo! No, You're Right, We Don't Say That Anymore: "Doctor Who" Christmas Special Pictures

It's Elementary: BBC's "Sherlock Holmes"

Scarface 2: Chainsaw Boogaloo: Just Kidding, It's a Remake not a Sequel!

This is One Weird "ER" Reboot: John Carter Poster and Pics

"Power is not a means, it is an end": Khodorkovsky Documentary

It's Tradition, so Suck It Up

"A survivor … unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality": Prometheus Stills

Netflix Borrows Pile of Money, Says Nothing is Wrong

"Doctor Who" Christmas Special Trailer: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

It Ain't Exactly Sparkle Motion: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

Are Campers Just Supposed to Hold It? Don't Go in the Woods Trailer

The West Wing Post-Sorkin: So That's How You Destroy a Television Series

Q: The Film. No, It's Neither Star Trek nor James Bond

Why I Drink, Stone Angel Edition: Making a Doctor Who Film Unconnected to Series

Hope Yet for Storytellers: Rome Sweet Rome Film Deal

"Game of Thrones" Gets Three Video Games

On This Day in History, We Talked About History: Pajiba Storytellers Day

Storytellers: Black Bart, The Scourge of Every Sea

Storytellers: The Czechoslovakian Legion Fights a Land War in Asia

The Lady Trailer: "Big men are scared of her. Armed to the teeth and they still run scared."

They Grow in Blackest Night: The Flowers of War

You Don't Get Ghostbusters 3, But You Can Have Spectral

Damon's Going Full Noah: We Bought a Zoo International Trailer

What Superheroes Mean: "We Must Not Remind Them that Giants Walk the Earth"

That DNA Better Not Look Human: The Last Days on Mars

Finally a Franchise for Charlie Day: George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Picked Up by SyFy

Warning, Children's Entertainment: ParaNorman Trailer

Your Morning Bile: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Clip

Netflix Downward Spiral Continues: No Qwik Solution Anticipated

Moby Dick ... IN SPACE!

Damon and Affleck Developing Whitey Bulger Film

"All this has happened before, and all this will happen again": Battlestar Galactica Movie Still in the Works

"Misfits" to be Americanized: No Word Yet on Whether They Need to Save a Cheerleader

"Terra Nova" Four Episodes In: Sticking with What Doesn't Work

The Descendants Trailer 2

Salman Rushdie Throws Down on Game of Thrones

Chris de Burgh Rumored to be Writing the Theme Song: Woman in Black Trailer

New Robocop Film Still Being Made, Gets Worse Every Day

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Ken Burns' Prohibition

American "Being Human" Season Two Teaser

NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of Season

Oh Look, The Apocalypse: Farmville The Movie

Jon Favreau, Seth Green, Michael Dougherty, Orci & Kurtzman Working on Sci-Fi Television Series

The Two Dumbest Trade News Bits of the Day

"Revolution Becomes a Right": Tahrir: Liberation Square Trailer

"American Horror Story" Opening Scene

Ender's Game is Now Being Cast: “I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it.”

"Terra Nova" Review: On the Shoulders of Geniuses

Sony Wins this Week's Evil Raffle: 3D Glasses No Longer to be Free

Well That Misses the Point: Human Centipede 2 Full Trailer

Why Does Fox Keep Bad Touching Asimov? The Caves of Steel Adaptation

Killer Elite Review: It's Not a Proper Stathaming, but It Will Do

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Extended Trailer

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology: Hollywood and the Hacker

Paranormal Activity 3 Poster: Because Prequels are Always a Good Idea

We Are the Sinners: J. Edgar Trailer

I Don't Understand Television: "Catfish," "Source Code," "Beauty and the Beast"

This is an Outrage! Well It's a Trailer for Outrage Anyway

“Every one of you is the leader”: The Anabasis

It's Breaking Something Alright: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

The Musical Episode will be Killer: Hannibal Lecter Television Series

Gene's the Real Star: "Fringe" Recap Webisodes

Well That's Not Orange and Rocky: The Thing Clip

For That Inch

"Terra Nova" Trailer and Clips: Won't Someone Think of the Children?

How Many Until it's a Millipede? Human Centipede 2 Trailer

The King is Dead. Long Live the King: DC Reboots

China Miéville and How Television Helped the Evolution of Rape Investigations

Box Office Records and Whining Twatwaffles of the MPAA

Finally, a Movie Title for Grammar Nazis: The Skin I Live In Trailer

You Are Not Allowed to Watch this Film: Fireflies in the Garden Trailer

We'd Better Get a Voiceover from Quint: WB Filming Story of USS Indianapolis

That Peculiar Institution: 12 Years a Slave Being Adapted to Film

The Most Dangerous Man is the One Able to Think Things Out: New "Doctor Who" Teaser

Taiwan Needs Brains: Zombie 108 Trailer

Adaptation of World War Z to Suck

J.J. Abrams Thinks Star Trek XII Could be Gayer

The Ides of March Trailer: I Assume Gosling Stabs Clooney on the Floor of the Senate?

Everything You Love Dies: Darabont Walks from "Walking Dead"

A Hodge Podge of Stupid: Because Some Trade News Doesn't Deserve Its Own Post

"Doctor Who" Trailer for (The Rest of) Series Six

Why I Drink, Literary Edition: Ben Stiller Remaking Walter Mitty

"Dexter" Finds Religion: Season Six Teaser

Planet of the Apes Clip: Who Let Caesar Watch King Kong Again?

How to Sell Captain America to Non Americans

At Least Madagascar Will Be Safe: Contagion Trailer

The Real Housewives of the Bible

Felicia Day Joins "Eureka"

Mercy Flush: All the VH1 News in One Convenient Place

Inexplicable Inexplicability: Animal Farm, Angry Birds, Stephenie Meyer

Prometheus Gets an Official Synopsis

News from the "Fringe"

"There is no suspense in inevitability": Damon Lindelof Talks Prometheus

Just Relax Jodie Foster: Horrible Bosses Red Band Trailer

"Rescue Me" Final Season Teaser

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Feature Clip

The Unreasonable One Persists: Fight Club, Office Space, and The Matrix

Threes Come in Threes: Hangover 3, "Doctor Who," Sorkin

Japan Mistakes 1984 for a Brainstorming Session

Sex and Zen 3D Coming to America

One Time They Were Just Like You: "Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost"

Eve was Weak! Carrie Remake

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Full Trailer

"The Transporter" Television Series Updates

Lars Von Trier Banned from Cannes

In Defense of Tracy Flick

"Torchwood: Miracle Day" Teaser and Pics

Super 8 Sneak Peak

The Muppets: And You Thought the Smurfs Movie Looked Bad

Spike TV Proves Rock Bottom is a Moving Target

There Can Be Only One More: Highlander Remake

"Dexter" Season Six Trailer

Dark Tower Adaptation May be on Hold

Pajiba Storytellers: Osama bin Laden

"Hell on Wheels" Trailer: AMC Aims for Deadwood

Three Musketeers and Pompeii: We're Going to Try to Contain the Paul W. S. Anderson Suck to One Post

"Terra Nova" Trailer: Jurassic Park IV: Time Travel Boogaloo

A Dance with Dragons Actually Really (He Means it This Time) Finished

The Slow Motion Theater of Television: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bad Episodes

Colin Farrell Lowers Total Recall Expectations Precipitously

Another Earth Trailer: "That's Why I Would Go"

"The Office" Season Finale Guest Star List Leaked

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: It's Selling Out All the Way Down

I Don't Understand Theatre

"The West Wing": "Decisions are made by those who show up"

Sarah Jane is Dining With Ten Doctors Tonight: Elisabeth Sladen Passes On

Bay and Singer Admit Superman Returns and Transformers 2 Were Bad, Cite Own Awesomeness

HBO Considering American Gods Adaptation

Finally a Movie With ALL the Genres: Priest Trailer

"Garrow's Law:" "Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!"

The Sound of Demographic Inevitability: Univision Hits #3 For a Night

James Cameron Finds Office Space: Repeat After Me, Internet, This is Not News

China Bans Time Travel in Film and Television

Thursday Sci-Fi Miscellany

A Tale of Two Sisters: Eve and Irene Curie

So It Goes: Actor from Controversial Miral Murdered

Chinese Removed Digitally from Red Dawn in Post-Production

Finally, a "Doctor Who" Series 6 Trailer Dumbed Down for Amerikuns

Oh! Doomed Adaptations! Earthseed and Total Recall Reboot

"Private Practice": Not the Worst Show on Television, But You Can See it From There

Chicken Little Ain't Got Nothing on Noah: "Falling Skies" Trailer

Why I Drink Part 32: Vin Diesel, Paris Hilton, Child's Play, Piranha 3D, and The Boys

"There Are No Monsters in the White House": Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser and Mini-Episode, Torchwood Poster

Upcoming SyFy Originals Ranked from Suck to Blow

"Being Human": The Yankee Version

SyFy Announces Its Largest Original Lineup Ever (But Still No Firefly)

HBO's "Game of Thrones" Marketing Has Gone Nutty

I Couldn't Possibly Comment: Netflix Picks Up "House of Cards"

Paul: It's Probin' Time

SXSW Trailer Roundup

"Firefly" Still Dead. I Blame George Lucas.

Falling Through the Cracks: Barbara Newhall Follett

Runner: I'm Not Sure Disney Knows What "Original" Means

Hasta La Pasta, Terry Gilliam Films New Short

Super Theatrical Trailer: Now With 100% More Fillion

Beastly: “Embrace the Suck”

Why Androids Drink Electric Sheep: Blade Runner Remake

A Tale of Two Trailers: "A Game of Thrones" and "Terra Nova"

Will Smith Attached to Modern Adaptation of Job

G.I. Joe 2 Gets a Director: Now You Said Never and Never Saying Never is Half the Battle

Seventh One's the Charm: New Game of Thrones Trailer

We're Never Too Old For This: Lethal Weapon

Charlie Sheen Wants to Make Major League IV

Grammar Nazis Who Complain About This Title's Capitalization are Racist: blacktino Trailer

Everything You Love Withers and Dies: What is Monday Miscellany?

I Am Number 4: Finally, James Frey's Real Autobiography

Hanna Clips, Because Children Weren't Evil Enough Without Assassin Training

Leslie Knope and the Future of American Government

Clips From the The Adjustment Bureau

Time Warner Cable Signs Eternal Contract with Lakers

Atlas Shrugged Trailer: Too Bad They Didn't Go Galt

J. Michael Straczynski Gets Historical

"He cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath"

La Nuit des enfants rois

Aronofsky Goes Biblical

If There's Anything You Love, This Post Decapitates It

Sanctum Review: Well, It's No Sarlacc

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

Loser Does the Dishes

A Quantum Singularity of Suckitude

Absolutely No Sparkling Within

Toss Jeffrey Dean Morgan a Bone Will You Javier?

Sci-Fi Thursday Miscellaeny

The Iron Law of Sturgeon

Ebert Presents Exhibit A

No Word on a Studio 60 Movie

Silent Bob Sure Talks a Lot

It Could Have Used a Few Strings

Is It on XBox or Playstation?

More Reboots than a Used Shoe Store

Masterpiece Theater Y’all

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

It's Sci-Fi, Not Porn, Maybe

It Doesn't Look Like a Very Silly Place

For the Procastionators, the Shut-Ins, and Me

Whoa Dude

"It's probably something else"

Any Sufficiently Advanced Film is Indistinguishable From...

I Don't Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light”

We Want Information ... Oh Wait, You're Not Number Six

First Amendment Side Effects

Skynet Has A Ways to Go

"I wear a Stetson now"

What Happens If I Take the Red Pill and the Blue Pill?

I'll Have You Know James T. Kirk is From Iowa

"Burn her anyway!"

Rise of the Toasters

"Why can't you harness Might so that it works for Right?"

Form Without Function

"I am a stone. I do not move."

This Oughta Be Good

Another Day, Another Reboot

Just Put a GPS Chip in Her Already

All The Rumors Are Lies

"Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all"

Movies Were Not Better When You Were A Child

What Is He Doing In The Woods With His Hat?

"There is no middle ground"

In Space No One Can Write You Subtitles

Darren Aronofsky Roundup

Kurtzman and Orci Have Broken Star Trek

“Are you happy now, Detective Mackey?”

Oh That's Just Fantastic

You Stay Classy Pennsylvania

The Best "I Believe" Speeches

Who Needs a Film With PR Like This?

Still No News on Buffy Reboot

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Why Don't They Just Speak American?

Warning: This Post is the Mass Grave of Random News About Sequels

"Magic, Motherf**cker"

Fate, It Seems, Is Not Without a Sense of Irony

Love is a Funny Thing

At Least They Didn't Use a Mac

Get Your Coat, Love, the Doctor Is In

The Stupidest Commercials of Sunday's NFL Games

We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Why I Drink: If I'd Been Born Yet Edition

Let's Just Fire Everybody

You Make My Heart Sing

Once More Unto the Breach, with Cyborgs

The Worst Superhero Movie Never Made

Bombing Starts at Sundance

Why I Drink: The Other Foot Dropping Edition


I Bet Tolkien Wished He Wrote This

Spoiler: The Serpent is the Bad Guy

You're Not Allowed to Have Nice Things

In New York City's War On Crime...

Don't Drive Angry!

I Think It's a Metaphor for Scandinavian Socialism

Pinhead Junior

Just Keep Walking

The Most Filmable Video Games

Wednesday Sci-Fi Miscellany


That's a Hell of a House Call

"I remember it as a tiny grove. Now it resembles a forest."

I, Robot Meets the Subcontinent

Call Me A Cynic


Internet Killed the DVD

You Stay Classy Rick

Well At Least We've Got "Two and a Half Men"

Think of the Children? I Blame the Bastards.

Lucas Mounts the Corpse Again

"I Wanna Be a Cleaner"

The Goose that Laid a Golden Egg Would Go Great With Gravy

Eh, It's No Equus

Surprising Finding: America Loves B+ Movies

Walk This Way

Why I Drink (Besides the 49ers)

Domo Arigoto

It Can't Be Worse Than "Galactica: 1980"

I Hope Mose Is In It

Oh Look a Procedural, How Novel

"Take the Lie as His Principle"

Television Miscellany for $400

Untempered Happiness Gives Me Indigestion

Why I Drink: Part 19

What's the Opposite of a Good Idea Again?

Why I Drink (An Ongoing Series)

"To die will be an awfully big adventure"

Make Like a Tree

Slap Fight!

"Yes, it's true–this man has no dick"

"Paradoxes are just the scar tissue"

In Here Is the Dream

I Swear It's Really Six

Blood in the Mashed Potatoes

Verhoeven's Gonna Get Fatwa'ed

The Save Idris Elba Campaign Might Be Working

Except Sometimes He Doesn't

"I'm the sheriff. I'm sheriffing."

Oh, Now I Understand! They Left Out the Dying Girlfriend Twist!

At Least He's Not Wearing Yellow Spandex

Still No Ewoks in a Hot Tub

The Eighties Called...

Maybe We Should Get A Queen Too

Peaches Come From a Can, They Were Put There by a Man in a Factory Downtown

Put The Left Brain In

Put The Right Brain In

A SyFy Original Series, Huh?

I Could Kiss James Cameron Right Now

Screw the Squeaky Wheel, I Spread My Grease Around

Fracking Toasters

Done With the Bloody Feel Good Episodes

Conscience is a Killer

Stranger in a Strange Land

Peanut Butter in Your Chocolate

We Have to Go for an Ideal

No New Ideas

What's a Nubian?

Caesar and the Queen

Who's Quitting?

Well At Least the Poor Soul Is Moving On

There's Amerikanski in My British Soup

Proper British Class Warfare

Tidbits for Your Thursday

At Least It's Not Speed Racer

Do You Smell What He's Cooking? Roadkill Au Jus.

Needs More Pepper

"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die"

We Want Information

Hey! A Worse Name Than 5nal Destination!

Why I Drink (An Ongoing Series)

"I Live in the Weak and the Wounded"

Ice Road Truckers: The Movie

The Worst Name Ever

All Your Base Are Belong to Us -- Great Trailers Don't Need No Stinkin' English

And the Moon Be Still as Bright

Anyone Who Laughs Is a Communist!

The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Chorus Is Warming Up

You'll Only Have Yourself to Blame

What a Difference a Song Makes

The Part of the Internet Al Gore Didn't Invent

Internet Killed the TV Subscription

"Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia"

I've Seen This Futurama Episode

Sam Raimi Oz Prequel

Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

No Time for Love Dr. Jones

Unhappy Is the Land That Needs Heroes

All That's Missing Are Gladiators

To Boldly Go

Keep Believing, Keep Pretending

Why I Drink, An Ongoing Series

Now With Color Coding!

"Be A Better Man Than Your Father"

Oh Yippee, I'm Sure They'll Do It Justice

Sparkle Free Vampires

Exclusive: A Statistical Analysis of the Vampire Trend, Pre- and Post-Twilight

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Anyone Else Want to Negotiate?

How Very Witty of Them

It's Hard to Come Up With a Pithy Quote From a Silent Film

If Russia Got Cooler, It Would Be Fictional

That's the Cue for a Changeover

Rogue Satellite Threatens Television

Why Don't They Have Muskets?

Easy to Govern, But Impossible to Enslave

It's Judgment That Defeats Us


I'm So Confused Right Now

All You Zombies

Because the Universe Hates You, An Ongoing Series

Iron Man 2 Ultra Super Secret After Credits Scene

On Special Effects

3D 3D the 3D, 3Ding to the 3D.

"Who Are You People?"

Alien Prequel Plot News

Americanized "Torchwood" Scrapped

"What can change the nature of a man?"

"Shortly after, the human era will be ended"

How Come the Russians Get Robot Butlers First?

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe"

Insidious Communist Propaganda

Philosophy! Drugs! Boobs!

Congratulations! You're a Douchebag!

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."

More Anchorman, Less Land of the Lost

Is It Still April Fool's?

Lost In Translation

Danny Trejo & An Inspirational True Story

Speculations About Rumors of Guesses

The Doctor Is In!

The End of the World as We Know It

Grr. Arg.

Gladiators v. Werewolves

"His Madness Keeps Him Sane"

Cats and Dogs, Living Together

Whoniverse Miscellaeny for $200

"Alike and Equal Are Not the Same."

"It's Just a Kidney"

Pacino. Kevorkian. HBO.

Code Monkey Like Fritos

I Doubt My Commitment to Sparkle Motion

Everything is Better with Cylons

Still Not a Ginger

Ah Script 3a, It's Been Almost a Month

Now Raping Your Grandpa's Childhood

Just to Tide You Over

Just a Squirt

About Your Father...

Us and Them

Seldon Blue

We Took Risks

Winter Is Coming

Why Don't You Love Me?

Proving Sturgeon's Law One Post at a Time

Instant Gratification

They Should Make Bank on Product Placement

Outside the Little Boxes

"That's Where I'm a Viking!"

If This Goes Emo, Somebody's Getting Cut

Child of the Devil

Pirates, That's Original

Good, Bad, He's the Guy with the Camera

It's Probably Just Henna

I'd Like to Meet His Tailor

I Thought Avatar Had Blue People?

Perpetually Rejuvenated Illusions

3D Coming to Game Shows

Something Fishy

Neil Gaiman Writes an Episode of "Doctor Who"

"It's a Kingdom of Horror"

This Song is Ending, But the Story Never Ends

The Next Paranormal Activity

Toga! Toga!

That Ain't Right

Two Rumors Enter, One Rumor Leaves

The Road to Hell

Sawings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

We Got a Runner

Mama Told Me Not To Come

Bless Me Father for I Am Stupid

"There was a hand in the darkness and it held a knife."

Touched by an Angel

Great Caesar's Ghost

In Which We Speak of Zombies and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Bloody Stupid Yanks

A Case of the Mondays

Another Great Story Made Boring

The Franchise is Dead, Long Live the Franchise

A Sense of Irony

"Only As Good As Your Last Film"

They Mostly Come At Night. Mostly.

Something's Tingling, And It Ain't Raimi's Spidey Sense

Taken for a Quantum

The Longest Day of My Life

It's Like Braveheart Except With Jet Li

It's On Like Donkey Kong

Mark Antony Goes Van Helsing

Which Of Us Was Spartacus Again?


Everything You Ever Wanted In A Liver

The Manson Family Christmas Special

Carnivorous Cities

"Oh Child, You Always Knock Me For A Loop!"

Isn't Stupidity A Hate Crime?

"Haven't You Seen Wild Hogs?"

A Maggot Living Off the Corpse of the Old World

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Ooh, Free and Shiny

In This Life or the Next

History vs. Reality

Hype? What Hype?

Sleep Out in the Rain

What Kind of Mickey Mouse Company ...

Edward Needleteeth

What If the Yankees Just Signed Everybody?

A Heist Film for Morons

With Arms Wide Open

"Very Fancy!"

Because the Universe Hates You

I Don't Think "Based On" Means What They Think It Means

Which Sign of the Apocalypse are We Up To?

Like a Punch to the Ovaries

"Monsters from the Id!"

Now That's Christmas

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife

One Single Man in All This Madness

Before the Infinitive Split

The Last Man (Not Yorick)

Buffy's Back (Sort Of)

"Torchwood" Series 4 Teaser

We Want Information

A Tale of Two Artists

They Don't Make Scorpions Like That Anymore

Another Salvo from the Anti-Reptilian Propagandists

You Know, Twilight Could Really Be Worse

"Whoa, Wait, Is This Going to be About Tights?"

Six Degrees of James Marsters

Shoulda Brought Your Multipass, Leeloo

Great Procedural or Greatest Procedural

Because Good Things Come in Threes

That Didn't Take Long

Uplifting Music Makes Me Suspicious

But I Want It Now

"You Are Powerless"

In Case You Don't Get Those Fancy European Channels

A Year Later Their Footage Was Found

SciFi Disappointments for $200

Totally Didn't See That Coming

It Ain't Harry Potter

I Hear the Soylent Green on This Planet is Fabulous

"That Is the Sound of Inevitability"

"History Is Written By Those Who Have Hanged Heroes"

Knock Off Another Hour of Primetime

M. Night Shyamalan's Devil

Volunteer Week

Let's Do the Time Shift

The War So Nice, We Fought It Twice

Airing What They Paid For

No News Would Be Better News

The Cabin in the Woods Delayed

Indie Tolkien

"Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die"

New Logo, New Doctor, New Companion

Torchwood for Tots

Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Trade News: The Sodomy Edition!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Somebody Get Broderick On The Phone

"Not In This Life Time"

Next Up: Miley Cyrus Plays Dream In Neil Gaiman's Sandman!!!

Third Spin Off Is The Charm, Right?

Short, Marginally Sweet

A Girl, A Wolf, Some Goggles

Poor Man's "Star Trek"

Werner Herzog Opens A Film School

The Object of Persecution is Persecution

Eastwood! Damon!

Two Crotch Kicks and Pretty Pictures

Apocalypse Porn

Free HBO!

That's Not A Moon, That's A Battlestation

Because Only Russia Can Handle James Purefoy

They're Heeeere

The Triple Threat

Vagabond Kings and their Stolen Crowns

Under My Skin

Maybe Bruce Willis Will Do The Theme Song

Silver Lining Part Two

He Had Everything Except Desire

Franchises That Won't Die

"You Need to Start Killing, If You Want To Stay Alive"

The Silver Lining

If Steve Martin's Surrogate Was A Woman, Would He Just Stay Home?

Give My Regards to King Tut

Someone Get Mel Gibson On The Phone

An Articulation Of The Idiocy of "SyFy"

Because Clive Barker Posts Come In Pairs

Jesus Wept

Potpourri For A Hundred, Alex

High Noon: In Space

This! Is! Stupid!

I Want To Believe

Dude, Bryan. Don’t be That Guy.

Gateway Anime

Torture Porn, 14 Kids, Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

It's Always Sunny ... in Space

Did We Mention this is Heath Ledger's Last Film? Because It's Heath Ledger's Last Film. Heath Ledger.

It’s Gonna Be Huge

Nevermore Quoth the Resleeved Anarchist

A Series of Down Endings

Suffer the Children

To Suck or Not To Suck

The End Is Where We Start From

Something with Robots and T*ts

I’m Not Your F**king Mommy

The Boring Bits

"Now That's Just Tacky."

Terrific. I'm About to Get Killed a Million Miles from Nowhere with a Gung-Ho Iguana Who Tells Me to Relax.

America's Attic

Viral Twist and Shout

News of the Who

Outside the Government, Beyond the Police

Childhood’s End

The Lonely God

Love and Monsters

Bad Wolf

Through the Looking Glass

Computers with Consciousnesses? It's Sooner than You Think

No Fate

Déjà Vu All Over Again

It Took Us Centuries to Learn that It Doesn't Have to Take Centuries to Learn

The Next Generation

Whales, Heaven, and the Cold War

The Launching of the Star Trek Franchise