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'Sherlock' Wins Three at the Emmys, Moffat There to Crush Our Spirits

By Emily Cutler | Industry | August 26, 2014 |

By Emily Cutler | Industry | August 26, 2014 |

Did everybody read Courtney’s liveblog of the Emmys last night? Even if you missed it last night it’s still worth a read. Especially because she captures so well the feeling we all have when the winner isn’t present.

And those two times she had to make that face? It’s because Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman won for Best Actor and Supporting Actor in a Miniseries respectively (yay!), but weren’t there to give fantastic acceptance speeches (boo!).

But co- creator Steven Moffat took home Best Writing for a Miniseries (yay!), and then talked about season 4 of Sherlock backstage (yay? Nope, it’s a boo.)

“We have a plan to top [season three] — and actually I do think our plan is devastating,” he teased. “We practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them the plan. Honestly, Mark [Gatiss] and myself are so excited with what we’ve got coming up, probably more excited than we’ve ever been about Sherlock. … Honestly I think we can [top the last season].”

Why do you hate us, Steven? We love your show. We love your actors. And you’ve only repeatedly hurt us. Do you and GRRM sit around thinking about the best ways to devastate us? Do you laugh about it? Because this is starting to feel mean.

The second season was gut-wrenching. The third season was actually physically exhausting to watch. If the fourth season “tops that”, I won’t be able to handle it. It feels dangerous. It’s … I …

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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