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Chris Pine Made a 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie?!

By James Field | Film | July 21, 2022 |

By James Field | Film | July 21, 2022 |


I have never DnDed. Despite devouring the Saturday morning cartoons, reading most of the classic Dragonlance novels, listening to approximately 600 hours of Critical Role, and reviewing The Legend of Vox Machina I remain a DnD virgin. But its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the aforementioned Critical Role group and many roleplaying podcasts and Twitch channels, and I love the genre. So the trailer release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves isn’t a surprise. The actor attached is.

There are a lot of nerdy actors I’d expect to deliver a genuine DnD-themed movie. Joe Manganiello, for example. Vin Diesel (though technically The Last Witch Hunter was based on his DnD character). Debra Ann Woll and Ashley Johnson, maybe. But Chris Pine was not on my list, despite his many forays into nerddom with Star Trek, Rise of the Guardians, A Wrinkle in Time, etc. Dungeons & Dragons is not one of the actor’s many passions. But I’m so glad he did, because this trailer contains 5 decades of DnD tropes that a world of socially awkward people is dying to see.

We’ve got dungeons. We’ve got dragons. We’ve got mimics and a freaking owlbear! I even saw a gelatinous cube. We have some of the most popular player classes found in the entire genre. Pine plays Edgin, a lute-wielding bard. These lusty characters are known for their musical support skills and trying to bed everything with a pulse. Michelle Rodriguez (F9) is a barbarian named Holga, ready to deal serious melee damage. Regé-Jean Page (Bridgerton) unleashes his righteous fury as faithful paladin Xenk. Rounding out the group is the unnamed spell-flinging sorcerer Justice Smith (Pokémon: Detective Pikachu) and a ginger Elven druid played by Sophia Lewis(It). There’s also a rogue played by Hugh Grant and a possibly undead sorceress to slay.


Everything about this hits the nostalgia sweet spot, from the classic array of monsters to the absurdly long title and the Led Zeppelin track in the background. As Andrew pointed out in our Slack earlier we have two perfectly good modern tabletop movies already, with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and its sequel. But I’m still ready for more!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves opens March 3, 2023. I wrote this whole thing before realizing how far away that is! I only hope the remaining 600 hours of Critical Role can tide me over until then.

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