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'P.S. I Love You', Gerard Butler's Best Movie, Is Getting a Sequel Few People Asked For

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 12, 2020 |

By Kate Hudson | Celebrity | February 12, 2020 |


It is no secret I love Gerard Butler. I love his (very few) good movies and perhaps I love his (numerous) bad movies more. There’s just something about the hot Scot that I truly enjoy, so I say this with great, great excitement that my favorite Gerard Butler movie, P.S. I Love You, is getting a sequel that few people asked for, but the dozens of us who did? Friends… (I’ll let Butler finish this sentence)


So, see you at the airport Chilis, 7 pm, our usual spot? If you get there before me, order two Awesome Blossoms, OK? One for the table and one for me. You know I don’t share food.

Anyway, back to the larger point here—the movie about a dead husband sending Hillary Swank letters from beyond the grave while Harry Connick Jr. pines in the background, is getting a sequel. Like, no shit, I love this movie. I can’t help it. It does something to me, and I’m unapologetic in how much I enjoy this car crash. Just watch this scene and tell me that Butler isn’t charming when he’s not completely phoning it in!

Yup, but don’t get too excited about this—while the sequel was announced today none of the original cast is attached to it yet.


Variety reported that Alcon Entertainment has acquired the film rights for the sequel, Postscript, from author Cecelia Ahern, who also penned the novel that inspired the 2007 movie. Alcon, the company that produced P.S. I Love You, will be co-financing and co-producing the new movie alongside Black Label Media, the outlet said.

It continues:

Ahern’s follow up to the story finds Holly six years later, when her sister asks her to talk about the letters on her podcast. Holly’s grief then resurfaces as when a group of strangers inspired by the story reach out to her seeking guidance on letters of their own. It’s too soon to tell whether Swank, Butler or any of the original film’s cast will star in the sequel.

OK, look, if I know anything about Gerard Butler’s approach to picking projects, if you pay him, he will show up. He’s like Christopher Walken in that respect, or Samuel L. Jackson. Hillary Swank is the wildcard here but I can’t imagine she’s too busy to revisit my favorite movie of her co-star’s (Obviously my favorite Hillary Swank movie is the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) I mean, she probably is, but I have a mental block that doesn’t let me see anything I don’t want to, so you know.

Now, I don’t think this sequel will be a huge blockbuster but I do think it would be perfect on one of the streaming services, probably Netflix because they do romance movies well. I can imagine nothing greater than if they have Butler in it, and they do some The Irishman not-so-magic so he’s distractingly de-aged since this movie came out in 2007, and Butler’s done a lot of livin’ since then. I mean, I haven’t even read the book, so I don’t know if his character Gerry is even in it, but I will riot if we don’t get Butler in this movie sequel, dammit.

Obviously, if the worst comes to pass you know where to meet me to plan our revolt. Just, again, order two Awesome Blossoms, OK?