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Welcome to the Author Archive for Kate Hudson

kate-hudson_100x100.jpg Kate Hudson, Staff Contributor: Kate Hudson is fully aware of her name and will neither confirm nor deny that she is that Kate Hudson. She lives in Los Angeles and has written for and Bustle. An avid fan of John Cusack movies made in 1997, she has seen both Con Air and Grosse Pointe Blank at least 50 times each. You can follow her on twitter here.

YA Book Club: Anonymous’ ‘Go Ask Alice’

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Celebrate Their Ninth Anniversary Today. Here’s What to Get Them

Remembering Rip Torn as Don Geiss, One of the Best Supporting Characters in '30 Rock'

Have You Slept With More People Than Mick Jagger? What About Mariah Carey?

Can’t Get Enough 'Stranger Things'? Here Are Some More '80s Things to Stream

What Does Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Have to Do with the USA Women’s World Cup Team?

Which Big Movie Star Harassed Sarah Jessica Parker on Set?

What if 'Independence Day' with Will Smith is a Warning?

Gerard Butler Has Done it in Some Weird Places

What Ben Affleck Movie Best Encompasses the Spirit of Billy Joel’s Hit Song ‘Uptown Girl’?

'Hobbs and Shaw' is Coming Out (Maybe With a Keanu Cameo.) What Are You Wearing to Go See It?

Is the Queen Pleased With What’s Going on With Meghan Markle and The Yankees?

What’s Next for Jojo Siwa After Her Makeup Line Recall?

Marianne Williamson Should Be President, Just Not of America

YA Book Club: Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitter’s Club – ‘Claudia and the Mean Janine'

Paul Rudd Has Let Me Down, Personally, By Joining the 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Ava DuVernay

The Holy Grail of Trash TV is Finally Available to Stream on Hulu in the US

Amanda Bynes Graduates!

Reminder: Nic Cage Has Always Been Nic Cage. Let’s Talk About His 'Vampire’s Kiss' On-Set Antics.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to Perform at Glastonbury?

Nicki Minaj Called Miley Cyrus a ‘Perdue Chicken’ Over Cardi B

What Film Character Would You Most Like to Drink With?

Amber Rose is Shilling “Flat Tummy” Pregnancy Tea. Humanity Weeps and Jameela Jamil is not Pleased

YA Book Club: Christopher Pike’s ‘Witch’

Adam Sandler Wants Jennifer Aniston to Agree to a ‘Friends’ Movie as Much as Your Aunt Does. They’re Both Wrong.

What’s the Nicest Thing Oprah Has Ever Done for You? Gayle King Knows Her Answer. Do You Know Yours?

Are Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves Dating?

The Rock Is In Trouble Over His Instagram Post, But Not For the Right Reason

Did Jennifer Aniston Throw Away Her Chance to Date Prince Harry Over Emojis and an Age Difference?

Bradley Cooper Spent Father’s Day with His Daughter and Not Lady Gaga, But What Does It Mean?

An Ode to the Best Cinematic Dad of All Time: Cameron Poe from Con Air

Pepsi Is Never an Acceptable Substitution for Coke

YA Book Club: RL Stine’s Fear Street “The Prom Queen”

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are Clearly Going to Date Now, But Does Anyone Care?

We Have a Theory What the Creature is in 'The Dobby Video'--and It's Not Harry Potter Related

Peak GOOP Reached: Gwyneth Paltrow Only Lives With Husband Brad Falchuk Part-Time

'Lucifer' Season Five Renewed for Final Season. Here’s What We Need to See Happen Before it Goes

The Craziest Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Netflix's 'The Society'

‘Unidentified’ is a Bonkers, Sobering Show About UFOs and the Threat They Pose to National Security

YA Book Club: Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High #1: ‘Double Love’

The Mystery of Geedis, the Michael Schoeffling of ‘80s Cartoon Characters

Who, or What, Is a ‘Jojo Siwa’?

What’s Going on with ‘Lucifer’ and Will There be a Season 5?

Tuna is the Best of the Basic Sandwiches

Prime Minister Priyanka Chopra? President Nick Jonas? Sure, Why Not?

'Real Genius,' the Val Kilmer Classic, Was the Best Movie of 1985. Disagree? I'll See You in Hell.

How to Tell The Cast of 'The Society' Apart

What did Angelina Jolie and Her Kids Just Escape From ( Other than Jon Voight)?

YA Book Club: VC Andrews’ ‘My Sweet Audrina’

What is Gerard Butler’s Character Alignment?

Look. Kate Hudson(s) Love Leggings. Deal With it OK?

We’re Here to Answer All Your Burning Questions About Netflix’s 'The Society' (Including Whether There's a Season 2)

Not to Be a Creep but the ‘Fear’ Remake Better Keep the Rollercoaster Scene or Else I Riot

Raise Your Hand if You Want Moby to Shut The Hell Up, Now

YA Book Club: Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Ugh. So Moby Says You “Dated”? A Guide for Natalie Portman and Women, Everywhere

I’m Not Ready to Face a Luke Perry-less '90210' Reboot

'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Recap & Bravo Catch Up: Really? That’s it?!

Yes, I Want to Smell Like Cher

Don’t Ask Julia Roberts About Arya Stark, Gendry, or Even the Night King, OK?!

Who’s a Better Friend to Jennifer Aniston? Ellen DeGeneres or Reese Witherspoon?

If Jason Statham Asks You For Money Online, Ask For Proof First

YA Book Club: Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’

'Law and Order: SVU' Once Rescued a Monkey out of a Basketball. AKA The Best Hour of TV, Ever

‘Game of Thrones’ Euron Greyjoy was Jaime Lannister’s Family Nanny in Real Life

'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Pt 2 Recap & Bravo Catch Up: Everyone Pile on DJ James Kennedy!

Royal Baby Update: Who is Archie More Compatible With? Meghan Markle or Prince Harry?

‘The Act’: The Truth About Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Dad, Rod Blanchard

Wait, Some People Want to Take Pennywise, from 'IT' to Bonetown?!

YA Book Club: V.C. Andrews’ ‘Flowers in the Attic’

How The 'Avatar' Sequels Can Be Saved

Will There Be a Season 2 of 'The Act'?

'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion and Bravo Catch Up: Jax Finally Tries to Fight DJ James Kennedy

Knowing What You Know About Captain America in 'Avengers: End Game' Would You, Still?!

OK. But What Does Jennifer Aniston Think About 'Game of Thrones'?

Fact Checking the Season Finale of 'The Act': So, Gypsy Rose Blanchard Has a Dad?!

YA Book Club: Jacqueline Susann’s 'Valley of The Dolls'

Put Your F*cking Phones Down. A Guide to Concert Etiquette

Royal Family Gossip: Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Unfollowed Prince William and Kate Middleton

'Game of Thrones': Yes, The Night King Can Still Get It. Meet Actor Meet Vladimir Furdik, Who Plays Him

Is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Chaotic Evil? An Investigation via His Social Media

‘Vanderpump Rules’ & Bravo Catch Up: Jax and Brittany Upstaged at Their Own Engagement Party

Want to Know What Makes Charlize Theron Feel Like a Loser?

An Ode to '2 Fast 2 Furious,' One of John Singleton’s Finest Movies

Fact Checking 'The Act' Ep 7: Gypsy Rose and Nicholas Godejohn Arrested for Dee Dee Blanchard’s Murder

'Game of Thrones': The Night King Can Get It

YA Book Club: Caroline B Cooney's 'The Face on the Milk Carton'

Why Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Probably Won’t Be Getting Matching Tattoos Anytime Soon

Werewolves are the Low-Fat Yogurt of the Monster World

Jennifer Aniston is No Longer Friends With Chelsea Handler?!

Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Bravo Catch Up: Putting Jax Taylor First

How 'The Act' Real-Life Dee Dee Blanchard Never Got Caught

An Ode to Timmy the Doll-Boy on 'Passions,' The Most WTF TV Show in Human History

Fact Checking 'The Act' Episode 6 : Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose’s Complicated Relationships With Mothers

YA Book Club: Christopher Pike’s 'Road to Nowhere'

Selfie Deaths: Yeah, Maybe We Should Stop Gleefully Reporting Them?

John Cusack is Cashing Checks and Coming to Amazon

Cardi B is an Award Winning Rapper… and Amateur Astrologer?!

Vanderpump Rules & Bravo Roundup: Stassi’s Dark Passenger and a Suitcase of Money

Want to Get Drunk With The Rock? You’ll Get Your Wish Soon, Pal

Need to Tell the Difference Between Mossimo Giannulli and Eric Bana? We’ve Got You.

'The Act' Real-Life Gypsy Rose Blanchard is Engaged (From Prison!)

Hey Loaded Game of Thrones Fans: You Can Now Buy Riverrun

Fire Up Tinder, Y’all, Because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Officially Single

Fact Checking 'The Act' Ep 5: Dee Dee Blanchard's Illness and Gypsy Rose's Virginity

YA Book Club: Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitters Club #1: ‘Kristy’s Great Idea’

Ashley Judd is Standing Up For Rape Survivors and Abortion Access

‘The Act’: What the Real Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard (and Others) Look Like

'Vanderpump Rules', Bravo Breakdown: Tom Juan, Charles Manson, and The Puppy Shower Flyer

Remembering 'Renegade'—the Syndicated (Hit?) TV Show Starring Lorenzo Lamas

Did Serena Williams Just Reveal Meghan Markle is Having a Girl?

Chris Evans is Here to Save the Day By Both Sides-ing Us to Death. Hooray!

He Gets It: Seth Rogen Upped His Wardrobe Game Because He Knew He’d Be Standing Next to Charlize Theron

Fact Checking 'The Act' Episode 4: Did Dee Dee Blanchard Have Diabetes and did Gypsy Rose Do BDSM?

YA Book Club: S.E Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’

How Does President Angelina Jolie, Sound? Well, She’s Not Ruling It Out

Helen Mirren Is F-ing Over Netflix, Ok?

You Won’t Believe What Sandra Oh Won’t Do

‘Vanderpump Rules’, Bravo Rundown: Puke and Rally

Why Is Netflix Streaming A Documentary on Stan Romanek, a Man Convicted on Child Pornography Charges?

A Theory on an Affair That Drove Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Apart From Prince William and Kate Middleton

So, You Want to Marry Nic Cage for His Money?! Not So Fast...He’s Already Spent it on Skulls and Ghosts

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Aren’t Done With Us Yet

Fact Checking 'The Act,' Ep. 3: What's Real/Fake for Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard?

'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' Gets It All Wrong

YA Book Club: R.L. Stine’s Fear Street 'Ski Weekend'

Cardi B Won’t Glorify, Nor Apologize, for Her Past

The Secrets of the Cast of 'Troop Beverly Hills', Revealed!

'Vanderpump Rules' and 'RHONY': Feeding the Hog

Let’s Talk About that Lori Loughlin and Keanu Reeves Movie Where He Sells Her

Don’t Believe the Rumor About Paul Rudd Aging

Dr. Dre Boasts About Daughter’s USC Admission, Internet Digs Up Evidence of $70M Donation a Few Years Ago

What Song Needs to Be Made Into a Movie?

Breaking Down ‘The Act’ and the Real-Life Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard

YA Book Club: Judy Blume’s 'Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.'

What’s the Best Use for a Potato?

What’s More Important to You? The Dog, or Jason Mantzoukas Surviving 'John Wick 3'?

Ranking the Online Dating Apps, Including My Own

'Vanderpump Rules' and 'Real Housewives of New York' Roundup: Really, Sandoval, Really?!?!?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Don’t Dream, It’s (Almost) Over

Bring Back ‘Matlock’! It’s Time for a Reboot

JK Rowling Says Wizards Be Doin’ It: The Dumbest Retcon in Recent Pop Culture Memory

How to Find Lightness in the Dark

YA Book Club: Francesca Lia Block’s ‘Weetzie Bat’

What’s Up with Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson?

Britney Spears: 'The Musical!' Is Coming to Broadway, Here’s What We Expect

Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives Bravo Round Up: Now We’re Cooking with Fire

Why Yes, Tucker Carlson, I am Primitive

Did Cardi B Shade Nicki Minaj on Instagram After Nicki Canceled Concert and Crowd Chanted for Cardi B?

The Real Reason Meghan Markle Keeps Losing Royal Aides

Aww, Man Chris Evans, That Guy? Really?! He’s More Hydra than Avenger

Why Does Chris Pine Hate Socks?

YA Book Club: Christopher Pike’s 'Remember Me'

Revisiting the Most WTF Parts of the Most WTF Show: Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'Ghost Whisperer'

OrGar is Dead. Or, Rita Ora and Andrew Garfield have Broken Up. What Does Emma Stone Think?

Can We Please Bubble Wrap Keanu Reeves For the Next 30 Years?

Bravo Trash TV Catch Up.' Vanderpump Rules' and 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' – Reptilian Brain, What?

Luke Perry’s Pike Was Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Best Boyfriend

‘Captain Marvel’ Magic Eye Images are the Only Acceptable Thing to Spark Rage About ‘Captain Marvel’

What Outdated Pop Culture Reference Do You Still Make Frequently?

We Know The Truth About Johnny Depp’s $50 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Amber Heard

Will Netflix Do Right by Claudia Kishi? 'The Babysitters Club' TV Series is Coming

Who was the Funniest on 'Friends'? (It Wasn’t Jennifer Aniston!)

What Weird Standard Do You Judge People By?

Why is Dave Bautista Trashing The Rock and John Cena?

Vanderpump Rules & RHOBH: You Gotta Pay The Troll Toll to Get Into This Boy’s … Private Jet

Andy Anderson, Drummer for The Cure Has Passed Away. Here’s some of Their Best

A Fornicator is Born: Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Together AKA Doing it?

Rami Malek’s Oscar Now Means the 'Twilight Saga' Has an Academy Award Winning Cast

In Honor of Stanley Donen, Let’s Bring Back Musicals Like 'Singing in the Rain'

Hey, Guess What? Marvel Movies are Super Overrated

Life After ‘Batman.’ We Know What’s Next for Ben Affleck

'The Cheerleaders:' Is This Movie a Porno?

Courteney Cox: 'Scream 3' Haircut was No Friend to Me, David Arquette to Blame

Jada Pinkett Smith on Anne Hathaway: She’s a Real Ally

The Week in Trash TV: Can We Talk About Kristen Doute and the RHOBH ‘Charcuterie Expert’ Please?

Royal Shock! Meghan Markle Has Baby Shower in New York, Misses Out on Perfect Gift

Jason Momoa and Girl Scout Cookies: A Match Made in Heaven

What Movie is in Desperate Need of a Remake?

Goodbye Lee Radziwill, And Thank You For ‘Grey Gardens’

So I Watched Jean Claude Van Damme’s Straight-to-Streaming Movie, 'The Bouncer'

Hard Rock Nick : Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Galentine's Day!

Miranda Lambert WILL Toss Salad if You Cross Her

If Loving Lisa Vanderpump is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

When it Comes to Kate Hudson(s) and Jennifer Aniston, There’s a Pecking Order, Katy Perry

'Abducted in Plain Sight' is a Story of Abuse in the Mormon Church

Jennifer Aniston Reunited with Brad Pitt at Her Birthday Party? Details Inside!

'The Two Killings of Sam Cooke' is Available On Netflix, Now. Here’s Sam’s Best Work

Cheese is What Makes a Pizza Good (Or Bad). Pineapple Ruins All.

F*ck Off JTT. Ethan Embry is the Best Teen Idol of the ‘90s

Did Blink 182 Bail on the Fyre Festival Because of Bigfoot?

If You’re Just Now Bitching About Marie Kondo, We Know That Cluttered Bookshelf is For Show

Is it a Ghost or a Dude Living in Your Closet? Pajiba Investigates.

Paging Jennifer Aniston. Gerard Butler Is Single.

Cardi B Drags Tomi Lahren, Again, Because Tomi Continues to be the Worst

Racist “Classic” 'Gone With the Wind' Returning to Theaters. Can We Just Not With This One?

The Real Story Behind Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson is Bananas

Don’t Want to Watch Football? Here’s Some Sports Movies to Enjoy

WTF? 'Fast and Furious' 9 is Going to be Rock-less, Statham-less and Thus Garbage

Stop What You’re Doing: 'Heavy Metal Parking Lot' is Available to Stream

Kylie Jenner Spent $10,000 on Postmates Last Year, Is This a Sign of the Apocalypse?

KISS Drama Alert! Ace Frehley Calls Gene Simmons an A-Hole, Says What We’re All Thinking

Where was Jennifer Aniston? Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Reunite for 'Friends'

The ‘She’s All That’ Oral History is Here, and It’s Pretty Great

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Had Another Wedding Reception. Are They Setting the Stage for More?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Your Skin to Glow

Girls to the Front: The Bikini Kill Reunion and Women’s Rage

Is Bill Pullman or Harrison Ford the Best Movie President of All Time?

Move Over Gritty, 2019’s Mascot is Roof Rat

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar Back as Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

What Does Getting 'Cozy' With Chris Pine Look Like?

Ben Schwartz is a F*cking Genius

Lady Gaga Treads Where Tone Loc Could Not: Musicians Snubbed by the Oscars

Jennifer Aniston is Feuding with Charlize Theron?

Does Billy Zane Make His Own Luck?

Sarah Jessica Parker is Bringing 'Sex and the City’s' Carrie Bradshaw Back, Y’all

Con Air Is Better Than Citizen Kane

Celebrities You Should Pick a Fight With Before You Come for Cardi B

F*ck You, Chocolate

Pothole Paul McCartney, Meghan Markle’s Princess Charlotte Knees. What’s Going on in England?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Getting Ready to Get Ready (to Commit)

Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Hates A-Holes. Now Who Could She Be Talking About?

What Does Ben Affleck Think of Jennifer Garner's Carrot Pants?

Remembering Carol Channing’s Best Role (It Wasn’t 'Hello Dolly')

Meghan Markle’s Due Date: Is it Planned To Drive Kate Crazy?

Terry Crews and Toxic Masculinity: Black Women Supported Me

Does Liam Hemsworth Have the Sexiest Birthday!? People Seems to Think So

The Rock Never Said That, Ok?

Billy Bush Needs to Say to Melissa McCarthy: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Margot Robbie Will Play A Rock Star-Astronaut-Olympian-Doctor and All Around Renaissance Woman AKA Barbie

Everyone Be Cool! Kate Middleton’s Birthday Was Not Forgotten by Prince William

Kit Harrington Is Sick of Winning (and Game of Thrones)

Beyoncé Shops at Target. Well That Makes Two of Us!

Winona Ryder Calls Keanu Reeves Her “Husband.” Join the Club, Girl

Is Rachel Weisz So Good in ‘The Favourite’ Because She Was There?

Nicki Minaj Says She Fornicates 3-4 Times a Night

Lunchtime Poll: You Have to Save the World With One Song. What Do You Choose?

Celebrity Predictions for 2019

Has Meghan Markle Seen ‘The Favourite’ Yet? Because She Really Needs To…

Is Nicole Kidman Really Ocean Royalty? Fact Checking 'Aquaman' Plus Secrets Revealed

Courtney Cox Reunites With Tom Selleck AKA Monica Geller Sees Her Best Boyfriend Again

Is Travis Scott Going to Propose to Kylie Jenner During the Super Bowl Halftime?

Macaulay Culkin Recreates 'Home Alone' and Looks Surprisingly Youthful Doing it. We Know the Reason Why.

Rachel McAdams Is the Coolest

Who Needs People When You Can Take Your Dog to the Movies?

Toto's 'Africa' Covers, Ranked. From Pitbull to Weezer…That’s it. That’s the List.

Kate Hudson Joins Weight Watchers, Gets to Facetime With Oprah

Does Chris Evans' Boggle Game Want to Save You From Eternal Damnation?

Hey Pauley Perrette, Sasha Alexander: Defending Michael Weatherly, an Abuser, Isn’t a Good Look

What Are the Best Books You’ve Read This Year?

Nick Jonas Flies Back to America Without Priyanka Chopra. Is the Honeymoon over?

Kates Are Doing it For Themselves

Huh? Ed Sheeran is Making a Cameo in the New Star Wars?

Is Margot Robbie All That’s Missing In Your Life?

What Made Meghan Markle Disappear?!

Favorite Drunk Aunt Kathie Lee Gifford is Leaving the 'Today Show.' Here Are Her Best Moments.

So You’ve Drawn Jason Statham For Secret Santa. Now What?!

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted? A Pajiba Break Up Guide For When You Leave Your Ghost-Pirate Husband

Who’s Your Favorite Star Wars Heroine?

Loved Jennifer Aniston in ‘Dumplin’’? Here Are Some More Beauty Pageant Movies

Dating Ben Affleck “Scarred Me” (Said Shauna Sexton, Who Would Definitely Know)

Tequila Shots with Jennifer Aniston, Dolly Parton, and Sandra Bullock is Everything I Want Out of Life

Alright, Whose Mom Keeps Buying Out Coldplay Concerts?

Katy Perry is the Petty Queen of My Heart

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Everyone is too Hard on Lindsay Lohan (Is She Right?)

What’s Your Favorite Underrated Holiday Song?

Bonehead of the Week: Kid Rock or 50 Cent?

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Wedding Guest List is Weird. Meghan Markle Isn't Going but Armie Hammer Is?

Why is John Krasinski Naked in The Rock’s Gym?

So It’s Come to This: Would Meghan Markle/Prince Harry or Prince William/Kate Middleton Win in a Fight?

Since U Been Gone: Jennifer Aniston is Living Her Best Life Without Justin Theroux

Ariana Grande Just Got the Mediocre Indie Bro Special

Who Are These People Who Think Donald Trump Looks Like Elvis?

Gerard Butler’s New Movie 'The Vanishing': What’s Happening Here?!

Will Connie Britton Ever Agree to a 'Friday Night Lights' Reboot?

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Classic?

Why are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Moving Away from Prince William and Kate Middleton? Ghosts, Obviously

Which Celebrity Do You Want to Spend Thanksgiving With?

Solo This Thanksgiving?

Ross and Rachel Were Not On a Break. Team Jennifer Aniston Forever

Ever Wanted to Know what Dwayne Johnson Considers a Cheat Day Meal?

Will Meghan Markle Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?

Aww, Mandy Moore Got Married!

Mickey Mouse is 90—Happy Birthday, Old Friend

David Arquette Needs to Talk to Mickey Rourke (and Possibly the Rock)

The Mandalorian Keeps Casting Awesome People. Is This Going to be a Good Show?

Katy Perry’s ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ Isn’t Great, and That's Too Bad

What Does Eddie Redmayne Have in Common With Prince William?

It’s About Time! Kelly Clarkson Finally Admits She’s a Vampire

Armie Hammer Needs to Calm Down About Stan Lee

Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba Has A Lot Going on This Week. It involves a Doll and a Bar.

What’s in Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’?

Royal Shocker: Meghan Markle’s Personal Assistant Resigns. We Know Why!

Roles You Can’t Get Over, Actors You Can’t Forgive

New Indiana Jones Movie Casting: You Can Have Harrison Ford or Chris Pratt. But You Can’t Have Both

A Little Ditty 'bout John & Meg

Worlds Colliding: 'The Good Place' is Joining Forces with 'Veronica Mars' Reboot

Get in Line, Sister: Emma Thompson Tried to Kiss Prince William

'Queer Eye' is Here to Help You Feel Sexy

The People Have Spoken: Idris Elba is Our Sexiest Man Alive (#DUH)

Man Loses Pet Snake, Donates Couch. You Know What Comes Next, Right?

'Vanderpump Rules' is 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia', Only with Heels, Botox, and a Badder Attitude

Two Can Play This Role: Richard Armitage Will Be Back as Wolverine

Insert Sexiest Name Here: The People (.com) Have Chosen

Hey, Remember That Time Meghan Markle was in ‘Remember Me’ with Robert Pattinson?

Best Forgotten Songs of the '90s

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is my Cheers

Good News Everyone! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan aren’t Garbage Monsters of Rage (Towards Each Other)

Want to Die from Second-Hand Cringe? Watch This Debra Winger Interview with Andy Cohen

Revisiting the 1993 Jennifer Aniston Classic, 'Leprechaun'

Léo Major: Who Says Righteous Fury, Revenge and Fighting Nazis Needs to be a Group Effort?

A Primer in White-Nonsense: So You Want To Dress as Dr. Blasey Ford/KavaNAW for Halloween

Looks Like Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel are Good for Something (Making Fun of Ben Affleck)

Here’s the Real Truth About Sandra Bullock and Halloween

Can Hollywood Finally Cast Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes Together, Please?

What’s Your Dumbest Ritual?

Thank You, John Lewis. Let’s Make Some #GoodTrouble

Hey, Remember Pop Up Video?

What’s Next for (Queen) Jenifer Aniston? You’re Going to Be Surprised

What’s Ryan Reynolds Up To Today?

What Chris Hemsworth and Rapper Nelly Have In Common

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Royal Baby Name Predictions

There Are Many People to Be Mad At This Week, The Rock Probably Isn’t One of Them

What’s Going on With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? A Pajiba Investigation, Saturday Edition

Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Own a Candy Shop

'Golden Girls' Cereal is a Thing We Have Now

Julia Roberts: Academy Award Winning Actor... and Swimming Instructor to the Stars

Sir George Clooney, At Yours (and Natalie Dormer's) Service

Today is National Boss’ Day, So Here’s The Top 5 Worst Pop Culture Ones I Can Think Of

Jennifer Aniston is the Friend We (and Selena Gomez) Need in Troubled Times

Will Free Tacos Make You Care About Baseball?

A Breakup Guide for Ariana Grande

Sick Day Emergency Kit

Kate Hudson? It’s Kate Hudson. It’s Time We Had a Chat…

'SVU' is on Tonight. When Will It Admit the Truth is Out There?

Well, Ryan Gosling and I Have at Least One Thing in Common…

Bad Movie Palate Cleansers for Dark Times

What’s Going on With Brad Pitt? Who Knows!

What Will Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Wear to the (Lesser) Royal Wedding This Week!?

Ben Affleck Has Given Shauna Sexton the Ax, The Cycle Repeats Itself

Can You (Still) Smell What the Rock Has Cooking?

Plane Etiquette: To Talk or Not to Talk

A Brief History of Animals Elected to Public Offices

Sad News: Rashida Jones and That Guy From Vampire Weekend Didn’t Give Their Surprise Baby a Ridiculous Name

It’s National One Hit Wonder Day! What’s Your Favorite?

There’s a Light in the Attic: Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein

I'm Sure Kelly Ripa Hated 'A Simple Favor', Here's Why

National Treasure Cher Spreads Her Joy on ‘Ellen’ and Sh*ts on Madonna in the Process

Let’s Talk About Bad Dates

Justin Theroux is That Guy

You Know Why America Loves Ranch Dressing? Because It’s Delicious

Is Gandalf Hot?

Kristen Bell Loves Ted Danson and Pot

5 Acts I’d Rather See Play the Super Bowl Halftime Than Maroon 5

Does Robert Wagner Know More About Natalie Wood’s Death?

Missy Elliott Just Made Yours, Mine, and Kristen Bell's Day

Debra Messing’s Rage Against Susan Sarandon’s White Lady Nonsense Is Sublime

Sorry Bachelor Nation, Rock of Love is Still the Best

Does Tom Cruise Believe in Ghosts?

Don’t Besmirch the Name of Orange Julius

Mustard Doesn't Belong on Pizza

What’s Princess Charlotte’s Favorite Book?

Serena Williams Deserves Better

What do Meghan Markle and Seth Green Have in Common? A Pajiba Investigation, Saturday Edition

Alexander Skarsgård Doesn’t Care if You Think He Dated Charlize Theron

One of Burt Reynolds’ Best Roles Was Being Portrayed by Norm MacDonald

'Bad Times at the El Royale': I Need To Know What's Going On Here

If There Was A Problem (Yo, He Caused It)

And The Next George Clooney Is...

Prince William Better Watch His Back

To All the Johns (and a Jason) I’ve Loved Before

Who Would Win in a Fight? Indiana Jones or Han Solo

Best Chris Says, 'Hey, You Wanna Ride in My Camaro?'

How Did THEY Get Tickets to Hamilton?

Is OK to Shoot Bigfoot?

What's Your 'Wire Hangers' Trigger for Your Home?

Mariah Carey May Still Be Upset at Shark, Reason Remains Unclear

Does Ashley Benson Have a Secret Spin-Off-Directing Twin?

Don't Touch Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Highlights from 'The Daily Show' of the Late Senator John McCain

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Took the Next Step, According to

Riverdale Cast Anthony Michael Hall in Their Breakfast Club Tribute. Here’s Who Else Needs to Drop by This Season

The Kids in The Hall Could Be Getting a New Comedy Show

Hey Kirstie Alley? It’s Courtney Love. Come Over for ‘Snacks’, Prince Charles is Here

The Pumpkin Spice Season Scourge is Upon Us

Behold, Your Chosen One

Dozens of Men Duped into a Real Life Hunger Games Tinder Date, But There's a Twist

PSA: Kindly Shut the F**k Up When You’re at the Gym

People Magazine Doesn’t Understand the Concept of the Letter 'C'

Your Favorite Movie Isn’t What You Think It Is

What Interests Ben Affleck? A Pajiba Investigation, Saturday Edition

Celebrity Push Up Challenges I’d Like to Watch

Phantom Poopers: A Brief History

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