Did You Know That the Amazing Paul Rudd Has Quietly Been Pulling Off One of the Longest Running Jokes in Late-Night History?

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Did You Know That the Amazing Paul Rudd Has Quietly Been Pulling Off One of the Longest Running Jokes in Late-Night History?

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | December 13, 2013 | Comments ()

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I don’t watch Conan O’Brian’s late-night shows often enough to pick up on this, but someone edited together all of his appearances on Conan’s various late-night shows, and as it turns out, he’s been pulling one of the longest running jokes in late-night history. Every time he appears on Conan, when he’s asked to show a clip for whatever movie he’s promoting, he shows the same one, and it’s never the movie he’s promoting (I won’t spoil the clip for you).

It’s amusing at first, and then obnoxious, and like the best long-running gags, it flowers into an absurd delight by the end (sadly, the person who made the video didn’t edit it together chronologically, but you get the point). You’re probably going to want to skip through the clip itself after the first time, and just sit back and appreciate Conan’s growing frustration. (The best bit is around the 5:15 mark, where Rudd explains why he couldn’t show the clip one time).

It gets funnier every time.

(Hat Tip: Reddit)

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  • will quaranta

    What the fuck is that shit......not even funny

  • Brandon

    As great as this is, the title is misleading. The longest running joke in late night history is Jay Leno.

  • Junk

    The article said "sadly, the person who made the video didn’t edit it together chronologically" however, the edit was done for emotional beats with the conflict between Conan and Rudd. I would rather have it edited well thatn chronologically.

  • MWnyc

    Paul Rudd's deadpan is a beautiful thing.

  • alexa

    Dear Dustin,

    This has already been covered by many other sites. You're a little late posting this 12/13/13. Next time quit while you're ahead. Idiot.

  • John Rickman

    "every time" is an overstatement. I distinctly recall him on Conan promoting some Anchorman stuff and he showed a clip from Anchorman.

  • Bryan Whelan

    I like Paul Rudd, but this is just not funny at all.

  • The Enforcer

    That's what makes it funny

  • Javier Starks


  • SkippyFlipjack

    You know, the production crew has to look at and play the clip, so it's not like Rudd is putting anything over on anyone. Conan knows a good gag, so of course he's going to act like that nutty Rudd is playing a joke on everyone.

  • Ya production crew NOT Conan.

  • It's probably indicative of deep flaws on my part, but my takeaway here was, "what is that alien sitting up from?"

  • tomgnh

    He's as shocked as the host of Argentina's "Dancing with the Stars".

  • Rob Bradfield

    The clip is from "Mac & Me," an E.T. ripoff from the late 80s. The rest of the movie is just as ...good?

  • Imma Commenter

    You meant Connan's MOCK frustration, right?

  • Steven Peterson

    "It’s amusing at first, and then obnoxious" It actually started funny and than became even funnier.

  • Amy F. Young

    haha yer stupid. That's some funny shit right there.

  • This is just awesome.

  • crackblind

    Now, at least, we have the answer to who bought the DVD copy of Mac & Me. Paul Rudd must have used his payday from Our Idiot Brother to have it re-mastered.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Well now I kind of want to see Mac and Me (Rotten Tomato rating: 0%).

  • chrisblogulator

    It also features the alien "disguised" in a teddy bear costume initiating a choreographed dance sequence at a McDonald's with Ronald McDonald.

  • Uriah_Creep

    So it's so bad it's bad, I guess?

  • Of all the studios and all the directors he's worked with, Judd Apatow is the one who had the stick far enough up his ass to actually show up in person and ruin the joke. What a jerk.

  • Maude Apatow

    Come on Philo... If you're gonna act like you know Apatow's personality enough to call him a jerk, you ought to at least look into what he produces.... Six movies were mentioned in this clip. Of those six movies, Apatow produced four (40 Year Old Virgin, This is 40, Anchorman 2, and Knocked Up). It sounds like he let it slide at least three times other than with the promo for Knocked Up, and Paul Rudd seemed to say that it was the studio who wanted the promotion, not necessarily Apatow himself.

  • Obviously I do not know the man personally, I can only judge him by his actions. And his action was that he flew across the country and showed up personally to keep Paul Rudd from running the clip.
    If the studio wanted the promotion, why didn't the studio send someone? (Or just call Conan's producers and threaten them) If the studio leaned on Mr. Apatow and forced him to go, then there's a whole bunch of evil going on there because seriously - one clip on one talk show?

    On the other hand, someday perhaps I will have produced several critically acclaimed comedies and will be in a better place to judge him. ;-)

  • BigSpain

    Seriously, that was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I wasn't aware anyone else even knew what it was. High five, Paul Rudd!

  • Wrestling Fan

    Pure brilliance!

  • Bananapanda

    Paul:Conan as Lucy:Charlie

  • Archie Leach

    I'm pretty sure that Paul is high as fuck whenever he's on Conan.

  • DarthCorleone

    Letterman used that gag on his guests a bunch in the old days.

  • bastich

    I wasn't so much entertained by this video as disturbed by the evidence it provides that Paul Rudd does not appear to age.

    So what's your secret, Paul? Bathing in the blood of virgins? Chopping off the heads of other immortals? You're actually a robot? TELL US!!!

  • Snath

    I watched it all. No regrets.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Doesn't Tina Fey do something similar when she's on Conan's show? A video of a dog riding a bicycle or something?

  • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

    They should merge the clips together!

  • Ted Zancha

    I had no idea he was doing this, but this made me giggle uncontrollably. The clip is funny, but the best part is to watch Conan's pissed off face afterwards and Rudd just plays the straight man. So wonderful.

  • Eva

    I am literally crying with laughter right now.

  • zeke_the_pig

    60% of the time that made me laugh all the time.

  • Zeus McGuinnes

    'not available in your country' - [rage intensifies]

  • Rocabarra

    I don't know how to write this and *not* sound like a bot, but I use the hola add-on (hola.org I think?) now whenever a vid is loc-blocked. I use Chrome and it works amazingly, so I would expect it works in other browsers too. Pretty fantastic though, and totally worth getting to watch this clip (or if you subscribe to a certain video streaming service... just sayin')

  • Vook

    Dude you just gave the bots ammo! "I dont know how to write and *not* sound like a bot, but my best friend aunt's cousin is making $4663/week doing this one amazing trick!"

  • Mike Stevens

    You are awesome. THANK YOU. Just installed it on Chrome, and it's working like a charm.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I just started using Hola Unblocker with Firefox, and it works well.

  • kushiro -

    I haven't used it, but maybe the Media Hint add-on for Firefox and Chrome will help.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Don't fret. I didn't even try to click on the clips in the whole christmas song debacle yesterday because I know they're all blocked here.

  • Zeus McGuinnes

    watched it on a proxy, was hilarious, chuckled all the way through.

  • pissants_doppelganger

    Yeah, seriously y'all, it's time to learn "The Loving Proxy Server".

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Trying to find one that works is a chore, though. Especially since my unblocking add-on for Youtube doesn't work anymore.

  • Berry

    Whaaat? It's even available in my country, and nothing's available in my country. It was funny too, so here, have an imaginary sympathy cookie.

  • I've always loved this bit.

  • Olivia Bailey

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    ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉❩ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉ ▉but the best part is to watch Conan's pissed off face afterwards and Rudd just plays the straight man. So wonderful.

  • bastich

    Who the hell are Oliver and Rhonda?!? You're not paying attention to the comments in this thread at all, are you?

    You've gone over your limit, spambot. I'm cutting you off for the night. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

  • Eric DiCapua

    thats the spam's version of rudd's gag. posts the old "rhonda and oliver" bit every time.

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