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Larry Wilmore on The Duggars: 'I Hate Pedophiles, but I Love Irony!'

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | May 28, 2015 |

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | May 28, 2015 |

Courtney has handled all the Duggar coverage for us thus far, which is as it should be, and honestly, the only thing I know about the Duggars is from what Courtney’s written about them, so my opinion on the situation can perhaps ignorantly be boiled down to this: What the f**k did they expect to happen? You have a 14-year-old with raging hormones who probably knows next-to-nothing about sex, has absolutely no outlet for those hormones, and who is probably taught that masturbation is as equally sinful as molestation, because in the eyes of God, all sins are equal because you can be forgiven for all of them by simply having a youth minister who sings acoustic, soft-rock ballads about God wave his magic guitar over you and you are “saved,” thus absolving you of a lifetime of past-and-future sins. Josh Duggar gives zero fucks, because he can molest all the girls he wants in the full knowledge that, no matter what, God won’t turn him away.

Those Southern Christian churches will work a number on you. I remember attending a Baptist Church in Arkansas because my girlfriend dragged me along, and the preacher-man pulled me aside and asked me about the earring I was wearing (it was once fashionable! I swear!). “Why are you rebelling against your parents?” he asked. “Uh, my Dad has an earring, too,” I told him. And that’s when he took me by the arm, escorted me out of the church and told me that I wasn’t allowed to return. Because of an earring.

But if I’d murdered someone, I could get saved and be forgiven.


Anyway, on the subject of the Duggar’s hypocrisy, Larry Wilmore delivered his own sermon last night during the culture-wars’ segment.