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Jon Stewart Calls Mike Huckabee on His Anti-Beyonce/Bubba State Bullsh*t

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 20, 2015 |

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 20, 2015 |

For personal reasons (he was nice to me when I was a teeanger back in Arkansas), I have a soft spot for Mike Huckabee, and I often think that, if you put aside all of his nutbar culture war bullsh*t and his opposition to gay marriage and his religious fundamentalism, he’s actually a decent man, albeit wrongheaded. He advocates for the poor, and he actually embraces some of the social welfare aspects of Christianity, and that’s something that very few in the Republican party are willing to do.

That said, when he gets in election mode, he turns into a batshit bananas man, and Jon Stewart — who has often been accused of being soft when it comes to interviewing politicians — refused to put up with his bullshit last night, taking him to task for suggesting that people in middle America are more “real” than people who live on the coasts. “We get the people in the bubble states because TV and movies are all about the people in the bubbles,” Huckabee said. “No, you don’t get it,” Stewart mumbled under his breath.

Stewart also chastised Huckabee for suggesting that Beyonce and her “pimp” husband are a culture problem when Mike Huckabee’s pal, Ted Nugent, is not.

Huckabee’s defense? “Oh, well, golly. Ted Nugent is meant for adult audiences, and Beyonce’s music is aimed at young people.”

Step off, Huckabee.

Jon Stewart may be leaving after the next election, and I think he’s determined to spend the next year and a half calling presidential candidates on their bullshit.

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