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Hey! Remember When Rob Lowe Had Sex with the Underage Girl and Videotaped It?

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 19, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 19, 2011 |

I think bringing that underage sex incident up with Rob Lowe is like Jim Gray asking Pete Rose about gambling during the All Star game many years back. It’s bad form. Sorry, sorry. I misread the room. I totally forgot. We LOVE Rob Lowe now. He totally redeemed himself on “West Wing,” when he killed it on that show before, well, he thought he deserved to be paid more than the rest of the cast and he bailed when NBC balked. Oh, oh, oh. We’re not talking about that anymore, either. Sorry. He’s done so much since even then to redeem himself. I mean, he starred in “Brothers and Sisters.” Oh, but what about that time that he dumped Melissa Gilbert after she told him she was pregnant? Sorry, sorry. Ancient history.

We’re past it all. We’re past it because Rob Lowe is now starring in “Parks and Recreation,” and we love “Parks and Recreation,” and therefore, by association, Rob Lowe is forgiven. Plus, he’s funny. And he’s very convincing as a douchebag. I wonder why?

But, check Mr. Lowe out here, as he goes ballistic on the cast of “Parks and Recreation” after he finds out that the show hasn’t been on the air for five months.

Rob Lowe Goes Nuts from Rob Lowe

And if that’s not enough Lowe for you, he’s also starring in I Melt with You, which premieres this week at Sundance, and I’m totally going to watch it. Here’s a 15-second clip which demonstrates Mr. Lowe’s acting ability.

I Melt With You is directed by Mark Pellington (the underappreciated Arlington Road) and also stars Carla Gugino, Jeremy Piven, and Thomas Jane. This is what Carla Gugino looks like when she puts on lipstick.


This is what Rob Lowe used to look like when he had sex with underage girls and videotaped it.


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