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Here's What's Going To Happen In the 'Veep' Season Finale

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 20, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 20, 2016 |

Last night’s hilariously frustrating episode of Veep, “Kissing Your Sister,” brought us up to speed on everything that’s happened this season, filled in some blanks (poor Mike McClintock) and finally gave us the House of Representative vote we’ve been waiting for all season. Despite having Jonah Ryan throw his belated support to Selina Meyer, she still lost the vote. Then again, so did O’Brien, which means the Presidential contest ended in something of a tie. Again.

The result: The Senate is going to vote Tom James in as President.


You can slice it and dice it any way you’d like, but there’s nothing in the Constitution that’s going to save Selina Meyer this time. She has lost. It is over.

But the season cannot possibly end like that, can it? Selina Meyer cannot possibly go back to being the Vice President (assuming that she’s forced into the position by a spiteful Tom James)? Even for viewers who tune in only for the sharpest satire on television, it’s too much to ask us to watch Meyer take a step back into the Vice Presidency, isn’t it?

It is, and that’s why she won’t be Vice President again … for long, anyway. Though the series is called Veep, the show is not going to demand that we watch her struggle through another four to eight to possibly even 12 years of it in a position she hates, completely neutered of her power. Hugh Laurie is also busy with another series he has coming to Hulu, and he’s not going to be able to stick around and play the President.

So, how does this shake out? In a way that’s most fitting for Selina Meyer: She’s going to become President, but again, she will not have earned it. She’s going to fall ass backwards back into her old job.


I’m not entirely sure, but it will start with Tom James taking over as President and spitefully forcing Meyer to be his Vice President, as punishment for making him the economy czar. It’s the cruelest thing he can do to Meyer, but it’s also the thing that’s going to save her. As Vice President, Meyer is again second in line for the Presidency, so the show will only need to find a fun way to remove Tom James from office again.

Will they kill him? Maybe. There’s a lot of comedic potential in that, mostly in seeing Selina Meyer and the rest of the staff celebrating the death of Tom James (bonus points if Mike McClintock saves his job by inadvertently being responsible for Tom James’ death).

Alternatively, there could be a corruption scandal, one that might involve John Slattery’s character, Charlie Baird. Tom James, after all, was the only one really pushing Selina Meyer to bail out Baird’s bank, against Meyer’s own self-interest. James was also caught on Catherine’s tape lobbying for abstention votes to get himself elected, which could bite him in the ass.

More likely, I think, Tom James will be forced out in some sort of absurd sex scandal. He did, after all, have sex with Meyer, and he did, after all, admit to hitting on Meyer in the past before he had sex with her. Remember that Meyer’s daughter, Catherine, has it all on tape, too. Also, note that Meyer mentioned on multiple occasions last week that she is not yet in menopause, meaning she can still get pregnant.

Did the incoming President of the United States impregnate the outgoing President of the United States, and will that somehow allow the outgoing POTUS to become the incoming POTUS yet again?

That’s where my money is. It’s possible, but unlikely, that Meyer somehow exploits that to become the First Lady, but I think she’s going to leverage that information to force her way back into the Presidency. It’s a soapy storyline, and the sexual assault angle could be difficult to spin into comedic gold, but if any show can do it, it’s Veep.

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