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The 25 Most Horrendous Pant Suits Dana Scully Ever Wore

By Vivian Kane | Lists | January 25, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | January 25, 2016 |

Last night we saw the return of The X-Files. Hooray! Except not really. It was a not great start to what may still (with a bit of naive hopefulness) turn out to be a worthwhile reunion. So let’s celebrate that mediocrity with a look back at the 25 worst things to ever grace Gillian Anderson’s body. The 1990s were a magical time, weren’t they? An era of taupe shoulder pads and knee-length vests.

How many buttons does a jacket need?

I love when Scully wears a skirt. It so often goes so poorly.

See: Exhibit B

This outfit isn’t made for wilderness. Or anything at all.

This suit was just made for an episode to end in a rainy, muddy trench full of alien eggs or something.

What fresh zoot suit hell is happening here?

Oh, clearly that’s what the last suit was missing: pinstripes.

I will give Scully this (I’ll give her a lot, actually— basically anything and everything): she has managed to mix business attire and pajamas in a way that is excessively enviable.

Follow-up: The fleece robe version.

And double robes.

We don’t need to see any more of this one. The shoulder pad is more than enough.

What is this? A double wool blazer? Vest and blazer? I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s how you dress for visitors.

Dana Scully sure does love beige, doesn’t she?
Thumbnail image for scullysuits-morebeige.png

Casual Friday isn’t any better, apparently.


What. Are. These. Lapels. Are they a prank? Do they take flight? What is happening?

Dana Scully secretly LOVES Stevie Nicks, doesn’t she? You don’t own a dress-length vest and not also have a box of old Fleetwood Mac concert tickets in the back of your closet.

Her face here is the living embodiment of this blazer.

The wardrobe department thought a little pink might lighten things up. They were wrong.

What this this shirt-to-vest/blazer length ratio? I think it’s a smidge off.

Heads up to all aspiring costumers out there: if your leading lady is preggers, maybe consider going up a vest size.

What is this red fanciness?

Oh, it’s her Halloween costume, obviously. Going as Christmas-edition Madeline AGAIN, Scully? (I actually really want this one, and I’m ashamed.)
red dress black cuffs.png

Oh, Scully seems to have time-travelled to a day of Victorian duck hunting, perhaps.

You can keep your hands on your hips all you want, Scully. It doesn’t mean your jacket comes with a waistline.

Photos via Tumblr.

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