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Six Criminally Underutilized Actresses Who Need Their Own Series Right This Minute

By Cindy Davis | Lists | January 20, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | January 20, 2015 |

I’m calling it; 2015 is the year women take over our screens, television, film, and behind the scenes. The time is ripe for domination, as proven by the many fabulous performances already rocking our world. But there are still so many actresses who could — who should — be leading series instead of lingering in the background. I’d love to put out a challenge to writers and those executives in charge: Give these amazing actresses a worthy series so we can bask in their glory every week.

Emily Blunt


After Blunt’s grand (and wildly different) performances in Edge of Tomorrow and Into the Woods, we know it’s high time the actress was invited into our living rooms on a weekly basis. And let’s face it, while any and all of the ladies on this list would make for kickass True Detective leads, it’s just a crying shame Emily hasn’t been snatched up.

Joelle Carter


From the moment she shot her man and went right after ours (Raylan Givens), Carter’s Ava Crowder has stolen just about every scene she’s been in. (Going toe to toe with Timothy Olyphant and Walt Goggins is no small feat.) It’s been a treat to watch the actress bring Ava’s strength to the forefront — from Justified’s final season promos, it looks like Ava is in the power position — and Carter’s more than proven she can run circles around the boys.

Erica Tazel


With her first major television role (read Joanna’s excellent interview), Tazel has proven herself another Justified scene stealer. The actress delivers one-liners and side-eye like nobody’s business, and every single time she’s onscreen, we’re left wanting more. Now that Rachel’s in charge, we’re hoping Tazel is front and center; since the series is ending, she’s ready to head up her own.

Elisabeth Moss


From television to movies and back again…Moss has charmed and surprised us. There could be no other Peggy Olson; the way she perfectly plays to Hamm’s dickheaded Draper easily earned her climb up the credits ladder. Moss’ turn as Top of the Lake’s Detective Robin Griffin was a brilliant departure, and she’s winning raves for her role as Sophie in The One I Love (she’s headed to Broadway, too!), but we need to tempt her back for another weekly gig — we can’t afford to lose this leading lady.

Hettienne Park


How does this woman not have a new series yet? Another first major role winner here, Park popped into Hannibal alongside seasoned, international vets and settled down as if she owned the place. With her Beverly Katz easily standing out as the smartest person in the room (even among the FBI’s best), Park’s commanding presence could head up any series put in her hands.

Katee Sackhoff


Sure, we’re waiting for the announcement she’ll be our Carol Danvers, but why should she wait while Marvel pussyfoots around? Not since Battlestar has Katee been highlighted the way she deserves; I can’t believe Hollywood is letting her sit around, even for five minutes. (Wouldn’t mind seeing her as Preacher’s Tulip…)

Get these ladies a show!

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)