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'True Dodgetective': The Worst 'True Detective' Season 2 Quotes Mashed-Up with Frames from 'Dodgeball'

"True Detective" Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Thinks His New HBO Series Would Be A Good Opportunity To Take His Shirt Off

'The Americans' Renewed, 'True Detective's Future is in Doubt

'True Detective' Graffiti Showed Up in London Over the Weekend and Creeped Out the Neighbors

'True Detective' May Be Returning, and Oh No ...

'True Detective' Recap: Open Questions and Theories After Episode 6, 'Haunted House'

'True Detective' Recap: Theories and Answers After Episode 7, 'After You've Gone'

'True Detective' Season 2 Photos: Is Colin Farrell's Character Name Mustache McSweatsAlot?

'True Detective' Season Two Review: Let the Think Pieces Begin

'True Detective' Writer Nic Pizzolatto Orders Coffee at a Local Starbucks

'True Detective' and the Perils of the Curiosity Gap

A Second 'True Detective' Cast Member Has More or Less Confirmed His Involvement

An Interview with the Actor Who Plays Stan on 'True Detective,' Ronnie Gene Blevins

An Unimpeachable, Full-Throated Defense of Nic Pizzolatto and 'True Detective' Season 2

Are There Any Perfect Options for Ending 'Game of Thrones'?

BadWrongFun: Are You Enjoying Yourself Correctly?

Blossom Sets Us Straight on What to Do if We See a Boob in Public

Can Anyone Even Understand "True Detective?"

Can Taylor Kitsch's Character in 'True Detective' Please Not be a Self-Hating Gay Stereotype?

Check Out Taran Killam in This Hilarious His Pre-'SNL' Spoof: 'Three Matthew McConaugheys and A Baby'

Colin Farrell Eyed for 'True Detective' Season Two Lead, Along with Taylor Kitsch

Dark Plot Details -- and a Female Detective -- Surface for 'True Detective' Season Two

David Cronenberg Turned Down True Detective's Second Season Because of Bad Writing

Ewan McGregor in Talks for True Detective: The Best Rumor of My Entire Life

Five Shows We Wish the Internet Talked About as Much as 'Game of Thrones'

From 'Cam Girlz' to 'True Detective': The Empowering World of Webcam Sex

Get Over Your True Detective News Depression with Matthew McConaughey and Ellen DeGeneres

HBO Talks Game of Thrones, True Detective and Boardwalk Empire

HBO's "True Detective" Teaser Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson: Is It Too Early to Create a Season Pass?

Here are the "Ladies of 'True Detective.'" Draw Your Own Conclusions

Here's What's Wrong with 'True Detective' This Season

Here's the City That Inspired 'True Detective' Season Two

How 'True Detective' and 'The Knick' are Ushering In the Next TV Revolution

How Twitter Reacted to the 'True Detective' Season 2 Finale

How the 'True Detective' Finale Demonstrated That It's Great Small-Screen Cinema, But Lousy Literary TV

I Skillfully Dissect the Characters of 'True Detective' Season Deuce Using Only An Intense Talk Trailer

Insufferable Nic Pizzolatto Says Insufferable Things About 'True Detective' Season 2

Is Fargo's Billy Bob Thornton Angling for a True Detective Stint?

Is Rust Cohle the Monster in 'True Detective'? Here's the Evidence For and Against

LOLdunit: Television Mysteries in the Age of Ironic Consumption

Long Behind-The-Scenes Look At HBO's 'True Detective' Reveals A Dark, Gritty Wigstravaganza

Matthew McConaughey Says He'd Be Open to a True Detective Return

Midnight on the Water: Patton Oswalt Wins Best Ever Rust Cohle Impression

Nic Pizzolatto Parades Seven Through More Actresses for the True Detective Female Lead

No, I'm the King: Watch These Spunky Kids Do Game of Thrones, True Detective and House of Cards Parody Scenes

One 'True Detective' Season 2 Cast Member Has Finally Been Confirmed

One Last Mind-Blowing 'True Detective' Finale Theory Backed By Clear Photographic Evidence

Patton Oswalt Explains His Conscious Unlinking from Twitter and Lessons Learned, Then Jumps Right Back into the Fray

Patton Oswalt's Twitter Reactions to 'True Detective' Are Better Than Any Review You'll Ever Read

Put Me In, Coach: A Few Suggestions for Two Tragically Underrated Actresses Who Should Be in All the Things

Quentin Tarantino Is Very Impressed with Quentin Tarantino

Rachel McAdams Has Been Offered the True Detective Season 2 Female Lead

Review: 'True Detective and the Misguided Arrogance of that Ray Velcoro Development

Running Down a Dream: Have We Fallen Down the True Detective Rabbit Hole to Nowhere?

Rust Cohle's Family Circus Exposes the Darkest Corners of Your Colored Penciled Soul

Ryan Gosling Sweetly Dotes on Pregnant Eva Mendes, and Bale Turns Down True Detective

Season 2 of 'True Detective' Will Only Hit 'Melancholy Anguish' on the Misery Porn Scale

Should Writers and Showrunners Be Telling Us What to Think About Their Shows?

Take Note, 'True Detective': Mr. Robot Illustrates How To Fake Killing Off a Character

Taylor Kitsch Abandoned a Friend for Hours for His 'True Detective' Role

Terrible 'True Detective' Theory Based on the Poster Gives Terrible 'True Detective' Theories a Bad Name

The 'True Detective' Season Recap By Someone Who Doesn't Watch "True Detective"

The 5 Best Television Drama Episodes of 2014

The Damning Case Against Nic Pizzolatto and 'True Detective'

The Female-Led Minority Report Sequel Series Lands on Fox

The Flat Circle: How 'True Detective' Brilliantly Employs Genre Conventions to Misdirect Its Audience

The Inscrutable 'True Detective' Season Two Finale Explained on Facebook

The New 'True Detective' Poster Is On Fire

The Plot of 'True Detective' Season 2

Time is a Flat Circle: How Best to Approach the Next Season of 'True Detective'

True Detective Deleted Scene: What Happened to Laurie?

True Detective Season 2 Rounds Out Its Cast with a Couple New Names

True Detective's Nic Pizzolatto Is Accused of Blatant Plagiarism

Vince Vaughn in Talks to Join 'True Detective' Season Two

Want to Watch Johnny Depp Pull a Rabbit out of His Career Hat; How About Some Goopy Internet Etiquette?

Watching True Detective: Has Series Mythology Ruined Us for Straight-Forward Storytelling?

What Will Be TV's Next 'True Detective'? Here's a Strong Possibility

Who Is The 'True Detective' Season 2 Killer?

Who Really Raped Ray's Ex-Wife on 'True Detective'?

Who Sings the 'True Detective' Season 2 Theme Song?

Who is the 'True Detectives' Yellow King? Forget That: Who Are The 5 Horsemen?

Who the Hell Is Stan on 'True Detective'?

Who the Hell Were The 'Mexicans' in 'True Detective'?

Why HBO's 'True Detective' Is Different From Every Other Crime Drama on Television

William Friedkin Calls Nic Pizzolatto the Real Deal, Is Considering Directing True Detective Season 2

Year in Review: The 10 Worst Moments of 2014 in Otherwise Good TV Shows

You Better Watch What You Say: 7 True Detective Female Dream Teams

Your Opinion of 'True Detective' This Season May Be Skewed by Your Opinion of Nic Pizzolatto


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