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Everybody Must Get Stoned: 9 Of The Greatest TV Episodes Featuring Altered States

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 20, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 20, 2013 |

9. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” - “The Gang Gets Invincible”: I often get sniped for not including “It’s Always Sunny” on my TV lists but buck up campers, I actually saw this episode. And it was amazing. I’m a huge fan of both Charlie Day and spandex so the combination of the two (fueled by acid) yielded some magnificent comedy.

8. “Felicity” - “Finally”: Scott Foley (aka Jennifer Garner’s first husband) is an absolute treasure. But when the writers had him let loose in Season 1 after an allergic reaction to beets, the result was extraordinary. Whisper yelling in a hushed library, twitching and generally freaking out this was some serious, grade-A Noel. Is this actually how a beet allergy would manifest itself? Don’t care.

7. “Mad Men” - “Far Away Places”: What’s better than Roger Stering on Scotch? Well, it turns out, Roger Sterling on LSD.

6. “Freaks and Geeks” - “Chokin’ and Tokin’”: I didn’t include an episode from “That 70s Show” because the entire show was produced in a cloud of marijuana smoke. And while the Freaks half of the cast was often high, this episode highlighted Lindsay’s foray into marijuana.

5. “Roseanne” - “Stash From The Past”: This is essentially a Bottle Episode and highly reminiscent of my favorite episode of “Mad About You.” But there is nothing NOTHING better than some good old fashioned John Goodman physical comedy.

4. “Mad Men” - “The Crash”: Last night’s episode was so. much. fun. From Cosgrove’s frenetic tap routine to the Alice In Wonderland reenactment, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. They spelled “Chevy” wrong, folks. “Chevy.”

3. “Parks & Recreation” - “The Fight”: For the most part I left alcohol-fueled episodes off this list but I think we can all agree that Snake Juice is no ordinary drink.

2. “Dollhouse” - “Echoes”: I got some flak last week for criticizing “Dollhouse” but as I said then (and I’ll say again), there is nothing wrong with the supporting cast. This episode, featuring a mysterious pathogen. The work Frank Kranz and Olivia Williams do in their few scenes make this my favorite episode of the show. By a long shot. In it we got one of the Whedon-iest lines of all time: “You haven’t seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?” Fantastic.
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1. “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” - “Band Candy”: It’s fitting this list should pop onto my radar today, on the 10th Anniversary of the last episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” (We “Buffy” fans will find any excuse to celebrate.) There is nothing finer that watching a straight-laced character you love absolutely lose their sh*t. Of course, the star of this episode is Anthony Stewart Head’s Ripper but full marks to Kristin Sutherland and Armin Shimerman. Twice? ON A COP CAR?