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Tulsi Gabbard Gets Stomped by Joy Behar on 'The View'

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 6, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 6, 2019 |


It may look like Tulsi Gabbard is having an entertaining time on The View in the top photo, but in reality, she’s in the middle of getting her face chewed off by Joy Behar. Gabbard thought it’d be a great idea to open her appearance by immediately firing shots at the panel for repeating Hillary Clinton’s accusation that the Hawaiian congresswoman is being groomed by Republicans as a spoiler candidate and a Russian asset, but what Gabbard didn’t anticipate was Behar not having any of that shit. Right out of the gate, Behar brought up Gabbard’s support from white supremacists like Richard Spencer and took her to task for her frequent Fox News appearances. As for Gabbard’s response, it was basically this tweet on repeat:

Fortunately, in the year 2019, America has evolved beyond treating veterans as infallible angels simply because they went overseas and shot at brown peop— hahaha just kidding. We haven’t.

If you been following my borderline obsessive columns, then you probably know that Gabbard had at least one friend on the panel who also believes in automatically giving troops a pass. This person is also a huge fan of “triggering the libs,” so you’ll never guess who I’m talking about. Via The Daily Beast:

“You evoke really strong reactions from people,” McCain said. “I know what that’s like, from the left and the right. And you seem to be a threat to both sides. Why do you think you trigger so many people in so many different ways, because I don’t completely understand it, but I myself am a trigger, so maybe that’s why I don’t get it.”

“Because I’m speaking truth to power, and those in power know they can’t control me,” Gabbard answered, “so they view me and the truth I’m speaking as a threat to that power base.”

At the end of the interview McCain also thanked Gabbard for not threatening to take away her guns. “I will,” Behar told her. “I’ll take them.”

Here’s what’s interesting about Meghan McCain’s newfound support for Gabbard. Back in February, Meghan called Gabbard an “Assad apologist” to her face and hammered her for backing the Syrian dictator. However, all of that changed over the summer when, suddenly, Meghan and her husband’s piece of shit website became enthusiastic evangelists for Gabbard, which should’ve been a red flag if anyone besides lowly bloggers paid any attention to them. But in the context of Gabbard’s recent move to sow deep state conspiracy theories and growing evidence that she’s engineering a third party run against “tHe eStABliShMenT” — (For the record, Gabbard denied running third party on The View despite Republican Abby Huntsman encouraging her to do so.) — it’s not a very big leap to suggest that McCain and The Federalist received marching orders to prop up Gabbard’s efforts to attack the DNC and its proxy Hillary Clinton. If there’s one thing the GOP is very good at, it’s goose-stepping behind whatever talking points it’s given. Case in point: There are children drinking out of toilets in concentration camps, and what’s the practically guaranteed response if you ask Republican voters about it? “Their parents shouldn’t have brought them here.”

But if you need more evidence that there’s f*ckery about with Gabbard’s campaign, take a look at who just came out swinging for her (and the other spoiler candidate):

Iowa is still three months away and it hurts when I close my eyes. Is that bad?

Header Image Source: The View/YouTube