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The Internet Was Rightfully Not Thrilled About Sean Spicer's Appearance at the Emmys

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 18, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 18, 2017 |

Last night, Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards, and my reaction was probably in line with most watching it: A split second of surprise, a couple of seconds of, “What? Is Sean Spicer conceding that he lied like a motherfucker all through his tenure as Press Secretary,” and then thereafter, a “fuck you” began to brew in my lower abdomen, and it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and sometime after the first commercial break, it came bellowing out.


Fuck You, Sean Spicer (and the Emmys for hosting him). I mean, I get it: It’s an easy laugh, and it’s sure to be one of those moments that everyone talks about the next morning, but the show wasn’t short on those moments last night (not because of Colbert who, God bless him, was fine, but fine in a way that people’s mothers would appreciate), but because of a lot of great speeches and actual brilliant displays of diversity, displays of diversity that stand in direct opposition to everything that Sean Spicer represented as Press Secretary for a racist, homophobic, transphobic hobgoblin.

The moment of shock was fleeting, and it came at a cost, namely the normalization of lies. Sean Spicer stood behind that podium for six goddamn months and lied his goddamn ass off to the American people, and at one point even suggested that the actions of Assad were worse than those of Hitler. What was his punishment? He got to schmooze with celebrities:

In other words, there are no consequences to serving a sociopath, and this may be the message that anyone else considering working for Trump might get: Sure, I may have to sell my soul to the devil, but afterwards, Alec Baldwin will pose for a picture with me! Sean Spicer is just another reality star who embarrassed himself on television day after day after day, and now he gets to be the Kato Kaelin of the Trump Administration, a fun novelty.

And I hear, like, three of you in the back saying, “Oh come on! Lighten up Francis! It was just a joke,” and that’s my point, man! Sean Spicer — who tried to sell the travel ban, who pushed the repeal of health care for millions, who lied about Michael Flynn and Sally Yates, and who protected the President from his own lies, big and small, day after day after day — is now a cute punchline.

And now the media gets to debate whether the Emmys rehabbed Sean Spicer’s image.

Fuck that.

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