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Election Updates: The Decision Desk Calls the Race, Declares Biden the Next President

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 6, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 6, 2020 |


3:51 — Remember Dan Crenshaw, the Texas Congressperson who Pete Davidson made fun of on SNL and then apologized to on SNL? Here he is tweeting a more sanitized version of Trump’s nonsense.

Meanwhile, here’s the new Congressperson from Georgia — that QAnon lady — taking him to task for not being Trumpy enough, and then Krenshaw telling the QAnon lady to act more like a Congressperson.

Good times.

1:10 — Same as it ever was.

1:00 — Biden will speak tonight, but not before Kamala does.

Trump thinks he’s still campaigning for votes.

Fox News is thinking about maybe possibly coming around.

And Rush Limbaugh has conceded an election he did not run, but then I guess got a call and revoked his concession for a race he did not run.

11:35 — Are they waiting for a primetime slot to call it now? CALL IT, YOU COWARDS.

This is nice, though.

11:05 — And if Trump refuses to leave?

And CNN continues to go off on Fox News.

Meanwhile, a big-ass batch of votes came in Arizona, and they don’t favor Trump in the way that he needs, basically foreclosing any kind of path through Arizona, not that it matters anymore. The networks are just waiting for the vote counts to mount in PA.

9:50 — And more reactions.

9:26 — Twitter is fun right now.

9:11 — NBC is now referring to Biden as President-elect.

9:01 — The networks haven’t called it yet, but Decision Desk has.

8:53 a.m. — Biden pulls ahead in Pennsylvania by 5,000. It’s over. Someone just has to call it.

Biden is up by 5,500. There are still 130,000 ballots left statewide, and 23,000 ballots left in Philadelphia alone. This isn’t going to be close.

7:30 a.m. — Good morning, Pajiba. I love you. The hard work of Stacey Abrams and the spirit of John Lewis have turned the great state of Georgia blue. Overnight, Joe Biden officially overtook the President.

With Georgia, Trump cannot get to 270 (if he ran the table, he could only get to 269, and let’s not even discuss that possibility).

It’s worth noting, too, that both Senate races in Georgia will have runoffs, and that the balance of the Senate will depend on them (unless the Democrat somehow wins that Senate seat in Alaska).

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Biden has closed the gap to 18,000. There’s still a ton of outstanding votes out there, most of which will go to Biden. It’s just a matter of counting now.

54,000 of those votes are in Philly, specifically. That’s probably enough alone for Biden to overtake Trump, and convert that 18,000 deficit to an 18,000 vote surplus. This thing is well within hand. It should be over today, except the Trumpworld bellyaching, of which there will be plenty.

Lots more coming today, but I gotta get the kids to school. Don’t save the rest of Democracy without me!

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