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Election Updates: We Have Entered the Total Meltdown Stage of the Election

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 5, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 5, 2020 |


10:55 — Aaron Rodgers has 300 yards and 4TDs already tonight. Also, Donald Trump probably will not concede, even after Joe Biden declares victory (if he declares victory).

He better start warming up that non-concession, because the deficit in PA is down to 26,000.

9:07 — Closer.

8:10 — Just call it!

7:45 — Donald Trump probably has a VCR in his White House bedroom with a clock that’s been blinking 12:00 since 1989.

All of Trumpworld is melting down.

7:33 — Jake Tapper had a nice, appropriate response to Trump’s ravings.

7:13 — I took a break for dinner, so I missed Trump’s speech. I understand I missed very little. I’m not going to give it any attention, other than this:

Meanwhile, things are looking good in PA:

And in Georgia.

6:00 — That’s the President-elect until Inauguration Day, thank you very mu … oh, you mean Trump. Cool, cool. What could go wrong?

5:25 — The Republicans are at the “we’re losing it” stage of the election.

5:00 — Closer.

In PA, meanwhile, the margin is 90,000 votes now, and the votes still coming in are overwhelmingly for Biden, and we’re still waiting on Philly, where there are 80-90,000 votes outstanding, almost all of which go to Biden.

4:35 — Meantime, Nevada is pretty much over now.

Let’s see if Fox News calls it.

4:30— Joe comes out with his now twice daily “Be cool” message.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. is wondering why the party has abandoned his father. “BACK US UP WHEN WE FILE INSANE MERITLESS LAWSUITS!”

Eric’s wondering, too. “Where’d everybody go?”

4:15 — The margin in PA has fallen to 97,000. In Georgia, it’s 12,700. Slow but steady.

2:51 — Is anyone getting anything done right now, or are we all just hitting refresh buttons?

1:24 — Ha! This is what I was talking about yesterday. Fox News, which is sticking by its Arizona call, may not want to be the network that calls it for Biden. But what if they were … ?

1:00 — Another small dump of votes in Georgia: 2878 votes for Biden, 1652 votes for Trump. The deficit is 13,539 votes. I feel like no matter who comes out ahead, a recount is inevitable (if Georgia is decisive).

12:10 — In Nevada, a batch of votes came in and Biden added to his lead by 5,000 (from 7,000 votes to 12,000 votes).

Meanwhile, the count has resumed in Philly.

11:58 — AAAaahhhhhhhhh! Voted temporarily halted in Philly so that Dems could deal with a lawsuit re: Trump observers.

11:40 — Small update in Georgia, where Biden won 5,600 votes to Trump’s 1,800 votes. The Biden deficit is now 14,765.

11:30 — The Biden campaign is a little more confident than the rest of us, probably.

Georgia would be awesome. Pennsylvania would be better because with PA, we don’t necessarily need Nevada. With Georgia and not PA, we need Nevada. Nevada looks very good for Biden, but Occam’s razor and all.

Not everyone has called Arizona, Joe! AP, NPR, and Fox have, but the NYTimes hasn’t yet.

Also, fun new wrinkle: Senate control may come down to TWO Senate seats in Georgia. Uh, Stacey Abrams? I hate to bother you, but could you help just one more time?

11:00 — Why have you forsaken us, Pennsylvania!

Oh, OK. Cool, cool. We’re OK, then.

Meanwhile: HA!

Also, Georgia expects to be done with its count at noon, and Nevada will do some reporting at noon. GAH.

10:00 — I think this is good, in Georgia, where Biden needs 64 percent of the outstanding votes to pull ahead.

9:30 p.m. — Yes, please? Biden is winning, douchecanoe.

8:00 a.m. — Good morning. Here’s the state of the race after the ballot counting last night: Biden is leading in Nevada, and the outstanding votes are thought to favor him. We’ll know those results later today. In Arizona, Trump is closing the gap, and it’s going to be close. In Georgia, Biden is closing the gap, and it’s very close already (Biden is down by 18,000 votes now, and it should be noted that Ossof is also on the cusp of forcing a runoff in the Senate race). In Pennsylvania, Biden is down by 3 points, but there’s still a lot of outstanding votes and they are expected to favor Biden.

Biden just needs Nevada and one other state. Most folks believe he will get it. I like to think that, if there are enough votes for Trump to overcome a 3+ deficit in Arizona, there’s definitely enough votes for Biden to overcome a 3+ deficit in Pennsylvania. One of those has to break for Biden, one would think. I’d much rather be in Biden’s position than in Trump’s, but also: I’m not going to count any chickens (except the ones in my yard, to make sure they’re all there). We thought the Russia probe would be the end of Trump. We thought at one point that there was a chance he’d be successfully impeached. It doesn’t appear that Trump has a lot up his sleeve — apparently, Jared Kushner threw their legal strategy together on the fly just yesterday. When Rudy Giuliani is out making public statements on your behalf, your campaign is probably not in good shape — but you never know with these people. They play dirty. They cheat. I saw yesterday that Trump told his people to go down fighting. He will throw his own children under a literal bus to save his own ass.

Trump also has a lot of passionate (potentially violent) supporters. Trump has also appointed a lot of judges. Someone said yesterday that they’re not too worried about that, because those judges may have been appointed by Trump, but they were all selected by Mitch McConnell and the Heritage Foundation, and there is a difference between incredibly conservative judges and completely off the rails. This right here, after all, is insane, because the only way Trump can win is if those votes are counted. He’s currently losing in Arizona!

I’ll believe it when I see it. A lot of norms have fallen over the last four years. I won’t trust anything until every network calls it for Biden. Even then, I won’t trust anything completely until Biden is sworn in. When I woke up this morning and opened up my laptop, it was still on MSNBC from the night before, and on Morning Joe they were talking about what Trump would do after he left office. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. We’re not there. yet. Maybe later this morning. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.

Count every vote. Remain cautiously optimistic. The Trump Administration has been like a terrible horror movie, and we don’t know yet if it’s the kind where we get away in the end, or if he lumbers back to life and chases us over a cliff.

Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here, follow him on Twitter, or listen to his weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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