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Donald Trump is a Profoundly Stupid Man

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 22, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 22, 2019 |


Donald Trump gave a rambling, old-man-yelling, 53-minute interview on Fox & Friends this morning, and I’m not going to try and cover it all, because most of it was nonsense. To wit:

Note: If you are ever interested in how Fox News covers Trump, Bobby Lewis is your guy on Twitter. I genuinely don’t know how he manages to watch so much Fox News without losing his damn mind. I had to listen to the clip above because I didn’t believe Trump actually said “I do want always corruption,” but that is exactly what he said.

Bobby Lewis is a Twitter treasure.

Anyway, if there’s any doubt about someone’s ability to overhear Donald Trump on the other side of a telephone call, this should clear up that doubt. The man yells into phones, as he does in this phone interview. And look: This entire impeachment scandal is about Donald Trump pressuring a foreign government into providing dirt on his political opponent. At this point, the case is open and shut, whether or not the Republicans decide to convict. But for Trump, the Biden piece was only part of it, and I honestly do not even think it was the biggest part. The thing that Trump seems most preoccupied with is Crowdstrike. The Biden thing reveals Trump to be a nefarious and evil man. The Crowdstrike thing reveals Trump to be a completely insane person, preoccupied by 4Chan conspiracy theories. It is batshit.

You cannot govern effectively, you cannot make competent decisions, or analyze evidence if your decisions are entirely being motivated by an actual, honest-to-god conspiracy theory with no basis in reality. Not only has every intelligence agency ruled out the possibility that Ukraine interfered in our election, but Trump is actually pushing a narrative advanced by the Russians. Not only that, but what Trump is saying is impossible.

Trump continues to insist that Crowdstrike is owned by a wealthy Ukranian. Crowdstrike is an American-owned cyber-security firm that trades on NASDAQ. There is no physical server hiding in Ukraine. It’s all cloud-based, but Trump has this sort of Cold War fixation with the idea that there’s a flash drive hidden somewhere in Ukraine that holds all the secrets, that on this flash-drive we will find out that the government of Ukraine somehow manipulated the 2016 election in Hillary Clinton’s favor, but that when Hillary Clinton lost, the Ukranian government framed the Russians for manipulating the election to Trump’s advantage, and if we just had this flash drive, everyone would know the truth: That Trump not only won, but that he won in spite of Ukranian interfering to Clinton’s advantage.

Donald Trump is a profoundly stupid man, and we cannot emphasize that enough. Fiona Hill and Admiral Vindman just spent the last two days further debunking a conspiracy theory that no one in their right mind believes — or should believe — and yet the President of the United States needs to believe it because it’s the only thing that protects him from the knowledge that the Russians tilted the scales toward Trump and Hillary still defeated him in the popular vote. Crowdstrike is Trump’s psychological defense mechanism. It is his Mr. Robot, and no amount of evidence will dissuade him from believing this fiction.

Header Image Source: Fox News