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Debra Messing’s Rage Against Susan Sarandon’s White Lady Nonsense Is Sublime

By Kate Hudson | Politics | September 12, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Politics | September 12, 2018 |


Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, they come in the form of Debra Messing (pictured above with John Cho, because I know who you all are.)

Susan Sarandon decided to pop her head out of her Liberal White Lady bubble to tell us that the extra from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York who currently occupies the title “President” helped inspired women and people of color to run for office, and is one of the most “significant” things to come out of the administration. Okay, Susan.

Just…watch it, if you can stomach it. This chick has the audacity to blithely and serenely explain the unintended benefits of the current administration as someone who is hardly affected by it only can. She also puts a lot of the blame on Democrats for losing seats, rather than on Republicans for gerrymandering them! Better yet, she still manages to stump for her boy, Bernie, in the process, by implying that he is directly to thank for Beto O’Rouke’s current campaign, due to his insistence of not taking money from PACs in his failed bid for president in 2016.


Now picture this, Debra Messing was minding her own business this Wednesday, most likely lounging around her home in Los Angeles (decorated in a tasteful neutral palette) probably sipping an oaky Chardonnay, and enjoying a plate of soft cheeses when she senses something amiss. Everything seemed fine, I’m sure, in her sun-drenched room while swathed in a light purple pashmina, but Messing couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. Then…the alerts started popping up. Her old nemesis, Susan Sarandon, had emerged from the abyss.

Messing sprang into action and met her foe on their old stomping ground—Twitter. You’ll remember they famously sparred back in 2016 over Trump (and Susan’s obnoxiously uninformed “Bernie or Bust” politics), and now Sarandon was back for more.


With that, Debra took another long, thoughtful sip of her Chardonnay and put her phone down.

Susan, happy to be back at it with someone currently relevant, fired back.

Debra, not to be outdone, decided to get shady. Rather than respond to Suze’s retort, Debra opted to retweet Hillary Clinton (the middle tweet came very closely after Sarandon’s reply.) Well played, Messing.


Susan is now saying that the Variety headline was taken out of context. I’ve watched the damn video multiple times. It’s not, she leads the segment by saying “What he’s done that is the most significant…” she knew what she said.

Our government is founded on the notion that everyone’s vote counts the same, so in that regard, I guess Susan Sarandon has just as much a right as anyone to spew her nonsense hot take wherever she goes.

However, her opinion is actively harmful to basically everyone who isn’t 1) rich and 2) white. She’s so wrapped up in her blanket of privilege that she can’t see that sure, more women and people of color running for office is great, but that’s hardly Trump’s most significant contribution to the current state of affairs. Let’s not forget keeping children in literal cages. Or the increase in hate crimes against Muslims every time Trump tweets about that particular group. Or possibly the imminent loss of Roe V Wade, if Brett Kavanaugh gets appointed to the Supreme Court. All of these things are extremely significant to our society, and actively harm people, now. That’s where she loses the plot, and that’s why she deserves Debra Messing’s, and all of our wrath.

She’s willfully refusing to understand this, instead focusing on consequences that who knows, could have also happened if we had elected a woman to be president had people like Sarandon not actively campaigned for third-party candidates after the primaries were decided, because Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were equally as bad in their view.

So pile on, Messing. Keep vanquishing Sarandon back to her bubble. You’re doing God’s work.

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