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When You're So Scared of a 16-Year-Old Girl That You Joke About Her Drowning ...

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | August 15, 2019 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Politics | August 15, 2019 |

Greta Thunberg Getty 1.jpg

Greta Thunberg is on her way to America. The activist who kick-started a global movement of young people fighting for true action against climate change is heading to New York for the United Nations climate summits. Staying true to her eco-roots, she’s sailing across the Atlantic in a solar-powered racing yacht rather than flying in an effort to make the journey as carbon-free as possible.

Thunberg has already radically changed the conversation on climate change in a short amount of time. She refuses to shrug her shoulders and let things continue as normal, which has been the default mode of politicians everywhere (or at least the ones who don’t actively deny the existence of global warming). She also practices what she preaches and has no time for condescending creeps who think she’s a novelty or pawn. So, of course, she terrifies a whole lot of right-wing bullies who pretend they have morals but have no qualms about going after a teenage girl with Aspergers.

Arron Banks, the co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign and hardcore Brexiter, is best-known for throwing around his money to illustrious figures like Nigel Farage. Now, he’s joking about a child drowning in the Atlantic.

What a prize.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Julia Hartley-Brewer, a right-wing rent-a-gob who says whatever nasty things will make her the most money, thought this was the height of wit.

Bragging about contributing to a global epidemic to pwn the libs. Much funny. Very intellect.

There’s so much more that could be shared here to show just how little empathy these literal adults have for a young woman who wants to do some good in the world. We could talk for days about how infantilizing their approach is or how ableist their bastardizing of Aspergers is. That doesn’t even cover the near-conspiratorial crap about how she’s being used as a pawn by ‘climate extremists’.

At the heart of their bullying — and make no mistake, that’s what it is — is fear that she’s right. And she is right. As she has said on multiple occasions, she is only repeating the science that has been confirmed time and time again over the years. The planet is in danger and Thunberg’s refusal to stick to the status quo, her bluntness in reminding people how little time we have left to fix this, terrifies them.

Also, she’s a teenage girl and the world hates them. Think-piece vomit-machines constantly sh*t on adolescent girls and their interests. Oh, you’re so shallow for liking K-pop and make-up and vampire books. Why can’t you be serious and care about more important things? No, not climate change, that’s too complicated for your pretty little head. And make sure to get in a few digs about her appearance, her Aspergers, and maybe her name too. Just let everyone know how pathologically disturbing your hatred of a 16-year-old is. Shockingly, it doesn’t make you look good.

Thunberg put it best herself when asked about her critics in the most recent edition of British Vogue: ‘Spend your time doing something else, because this isn’t going to lead anywhere — you’re not going to achieve anything.’

Team Greta.

Header Image Source: Getty Images.