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Attacking a Teenage Shooting Survivor Is Not a Good Look, Conservatives

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 30, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 30, 2018 |


As of this morning, nine advertisers have stopped sponsoring Fox News’ The Laura Ingraham Show after she mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg because he couldn’t get into UCLA with a 4.1 GPA. David Hogg called for an advertiser boycott; several advertisers dropped the show. Laura Ingraham, under financial pressure, “apologized.” Hogg did not accept the insincere apology and several more advertisers — like Hulu and Johnson and Johnson — who saw right through Ingraham and dropped the show.

This comes only a few days after the conservative blog, Red State, conjured up a conspiracy theory — that later went viral — suggesting that David Hogg wasn’t even at school during the Parkland shooting.

Can we just back up for a moment and remember the crimes that Hogg (and Emma Gonzalez, who has been similarly attacked) have committed against the right: Their classmates were gunned down with an AR-15 assault weapon, they spoke out against gun violence, advocated for gun reform, inspired literally hundreds of thousands of people to march around the country last weekend, cost Fox News hundreds of thousands of dollars, and effected actual change in some states.

Anyway, David Hogg — a 17-year-old — has seriously gotten under the skin of conservatives. I mean, no one — including President Obama — has been able to move the needle on gun reform for the last 20 years, and these kids come along and tilt the national conversation in their favor. And conservatives, who have no leg to stand on when it comes to policy, instead turn to personal attacks.

I mean, look: This guy’s Dad is under indictment and is likely going to cooperate with Robert Mueller and go to prison in order to save his son.

Look at this garbage below. And for the most part, these aren’t rando Twitter eggs with 17 followers. They’ve got thousands of followers, and this is how they show their asses:

Keep attacking Hogg and Gonzalez, folks. Every time you do, you’re hurting your sham cause and showing yourself for who you really are: Classless, scared, and impotent against the power of teenagers on the right side of history.