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Where Will 'Loki' And 'Mythic Quest' Go, And More On Podjiba!

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | June 30, 2021 |

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | June 30, 2021 |


Those of you who frequent these parts (and why wouldn’t you, if you’re here) may remember that Dustin has said his piece about the season two finale of Mythic Quest, and his general curiosity about where the show might go.

So naturally, we discussed it this week! And while I am optimistic for whatever direction the show takes after seemingly sending many of their leads down a number of different paths, it also happens to give me an opportunity to return to a favorite topic of mine.

That’s right, I’m talking the series finale of Halt And Catch Fire.

One thing that Mythic Quest captures in a “same, but different” kind of way are the bonds that form in creative partnerships, and the ways that those bonds can be strengthened or strained over time, depending on how things go. It’s a common enough story, but so difficult to get right because it’s something that we all have experienced at some point in our lives.

In Halt And Catch Fire, we didn’t get to see the next thing Donna and Cameron will do together, but we got to see and feel that bond, a bond that was built, and broken, and repaired, and distilled down to this perfect, beautiful moment (which is cued up, but honestly the whole clip is great from the beginning, and you know what in fact why not just watch the whole series if you haven’t already, or also if you have, it is still currently on Netflix!):

Where was I?

Oh right, back to Mythic Quest. Assuming they get a third season (which seems likely, even if it isn’t confirmed yet), it’s exciting that they’ll be potentially entering this new phase, one that could be, in part, about that moment of pure creation between creative partners, when it seems like almost anything is possible, before reality comes crashing in. Personally, I can’t wait.

Also on the show this week:

- We also talked about episode three of Loki, and the fact that we still don’t really know how we feel about it!

- Dustin and Tori spearhead the conversation about some shows I haven’t seen, like Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Amazon Prime’s Clarkson’s Farm, and AppleTV+’s Lisey’s Story! (You can probably guess who brought up which show.)

- Finally, Tori’s Kung Fu Corner returns!

Next week: will we finally get our act together and start our summer watch series? Or will we continue to cover whatever grabs our attention? Find out along with us! But in the meantime, this is the download link you are looking for.