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How to Tell The Cast of 'The Society' Apart

By Kate Hudson | Streaming | June 1, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Streaming | June 1, 2019 |


Friends, The Society is a bonafide hit for Netflix. Since they don’t release any data on their streaming views, I can’t know that for certain, but I can’t not know it for certain either, so I’m going with what my heart tells me. It tells me people can’t get enough of this bonkers, sci-fi teen dramedy.

We’ve already covered some of the lingering questions you may have about the series, after its first season, but what about for those of you who have just started it and are having a hard time with it? Specifically, with telling the cast apart, because bless them, they are all younger, conventionally attractive, and looking similar to each other. Especially because unless you’re jiggy with what the youths are in to these days (I hear they love that nice young lady Ariana Grande) you’re not going to be familiar with the actors portraying the large central cast. I know I wasn’t.

So today, I’ve put together a primer on how to tell the main cast apart. This is intended for people who’ve seen the first few episodes and are still having a problem, and won’t discuss plot points, but there may be some light spoilers due to characterization.

The Ladies of The Society

Allie (Kathryn Newton)

Allie is one of the easier to tell apart because of her awesome eyebrows. This is a show with a lot of blonde characters, but only one has Allie’s eyebrows. You will also probably recognize Allie because the actor was in Blockers, and has a reoccurring role in Supernatural.

Allie is the one with the older sister, Cassandra.

Cassandra (Rachel Keller)

Cassandra is the one with all the answers and the heart condition and the defacto leader once the kids get back to West Ham and realize everything is changed.

She too is blonde, but she has bangs (!) which is how I could tell her apart. You may recognize her from Legion or Fargo, but I don’t watch either of those shows, so I had to go by physical features.

Remember that she’s Allie’s sister, and half the battle is won already.

Becca (Gideon Adlon)

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She’s the pregnant brunette one. Super easy to tell her apart because of that. You may also recognize her from Blockers, but she wore glasses in that movie, so it took me a minute to realize the overlap.

Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo)

She’s the super religious one, and brunette. There’s not a lot of main cast brunette characters (remember, to differentiate, Becca is pregnant), so it’s easier to tell her apart from the multiple blonde leads.

The actor who plays Helena was in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

Elle (Olivia DeJonge)

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Elle is blonde, which means this is going to be a bit harder. You can basically tell who Elle is, because Elle is always with Campbell, due to the abusive nature of their relationship. Elle is not a leader (unlike Cassandra and Allie) so she’s not normally interacting with other characters (other than Campbell.)

The actor who plays Elle was in nothing that I recognized on her IMDB, so, you’re on your own, here, unless you’re familiar with Australian movies or TV. Then you might recognize her.

Kelly (Kristine Froseth)

Kelly, too, is blonde. (I really wish they had given at more of these characters bangs, or something.) Kelly doesn’t have a sister on the show and is more of a do-er than a leader, once all the adults vanish. So if a character is out there doing something, and she’s blonde, chances are it’s Kelly and not Allie/Cassandra/Elle.

The actor who plays Kelly was in Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

The Dudes of The Society

Campbell (Toby Wallace)

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Campbell is the easier to tell apart from the dudes, since he’s a total piece of s*it. Additionally, he has dark brown/black hair.

He’s in an abusive relationship with Elle, and has a brother who is super easy to identify, because he’s the only ginger in the main cast. That’s how you’ll know it’s Campbell.

I do not recognize anything that the actor has been in, he’s another Australian actor, so YMMV.

Sam (Sean Berdy)

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Sam is Campbell’s ginger brother. He will be your beacon when trying to figure out who is who, because no one else is ginger in the main cast. Let Sam light your way.

The actor who plays Sam was on a show called Switched at Birth, which I never watched so I imagine it was on ABC Family or Freeform (just checked, ABC Family) so you may recognize him from that.

Will (Jacques Colimon)

Will is basically always in the cafeteria and has black curly hair. He’s also Allie’s best friend—but just look for Will in the cafeteria and you’ll find him. That’s how you’ll know it’s Will.

You’re not going to know the actor from anywhere, though, so good luck to you.

Harry (Alex Fitzalan)

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OK, Harry looks like Campbell, but Harry runs around with Kelly. To recognize Harry you just need to go through a process of elimination with all the other male characters. If you whittle them all away and you’re left with someone remaining, it’s Harry.

The actor who plays Harry was in Slenderman.

Luke (Alexander MacNicoll)

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Luke is dating Helena, the religious girl. Luke looks like Campbell and Harry, so this is another situation where you’re going to have to recognize him by who he’s hanging out with. If the character is with Helena, then it’s Luke. He has a slightly more angular jaw than the other two, so maybe that’s how you can tell him apart? I dunno.

You may recognize the actor from Transparent, so basically if you recognize him from previous work, you will have a much easier time telling him apart from Harry.

Gordie (José Julián)

Gordie has a massive crush on Cassandra and is smart. He has dark hair, and almost has bangs, which the other guys don’t have, so you can tell him apart from that.

You may recognize the actor who plays Gordie from Shameless.

OK. Hopefully, this helps with the core cast, although there’s like eleventy thousand supporting cast members on the show, but parsing out who’s who there is for another time, friends. Enjoy!

Header Image Source: Netflix/YouTube