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Trump's Stupid 'Woman Card' Comment Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | May 5, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | May 5, 2016 |

We’ve already been over (and over) that idiotic comment Drumpf made about how Hillary would be nothing and no one would vote for her without her “woman card.”

We’ve also been over the brilliant turn Clinton’s campaign took in producing ACTUAL Woman Cards.

But Trump’s comment has proven to have legs most of us probably couldn’t have predicted. It’s looking like this gift is going to keep giving for a long while. Behold, the newest addition to the Spectacular Response Club forming around a staggering display of stupidity: The Woman Card[s].


OH MY GOD DEAL ME IN. The Kickstarter page declares “If Hillary is playing the woman card, this is the deck she’s using.”

Check out this Notorious RBG King:

And the only possible Queen:

The rest of the cards’ choices do not disappoint. Here are all the woman cards you can play (or at least the first round of ideas):

Jack: Clara Barton

10: Sylvia Rivera

9: Amelia Earhart

8: Harriet Tubman

7: Mary Cassatt

6: Susan B. Anthony

5: Wilma Rudolph

4: Rosa Parks

3: Ida B. Wells

2: Dr. Sally Ride

Bios of all the women are up on the project’s Kickstarter, and they’re open to suggestions as well. So go flood them with all your favorite obscure female heroes.

Oh, and the project is DEFINITELY happening. It took three hours and 21 minutes to fund the project, which has now raised almost (as of writing this) $84,000 (of its $5,000 goal).

edit: Thanks to commenter DominaNefret for pointing out this somewhat more depressing deck, available on HRC’s website.