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Hollywood is Losing Its Sh*t Over the Cancellation of 'The Interview'

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 17, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 17, 2014 |

After the announcement that Sony cancelled the release of The Interview, there was only one way for people to handle their rage: in 140 characters or less. Those working in Hollywood (as well as those outside the industry) generally saw this as an attack on their First Amendment rights, as well as their work as artists. Here’s a brief round-up of the Twitter response to THE DARKEST DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

If you can stand listening to Donald Trump’s voice for about four seconds:

#TrumpVlog #TheInterviewMovie A sad day for freedom of speech-

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

And Aaron Sorkin managed to blame this whole thing on the press somehow. Impressive, no?

Today the U.S. succumbed to an unprecedented attack on our most cherished, bedrock principle of free speech by a group of North Korean terrorists who threatened to kill moviegoers in order to stop the release of a movie. The wishes of the terrorists were fulfilled in part by easily distracted members of the American press who chose gossip and schadenfreude-fueled reporting over a story with immeasurable consequences for the public-a story that was developing right in front of their eyes. My deepest sympathies go out to Sony Pictures, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and everyone who worked on The Interview.

But leave it to Mike Schur to sum the whole thing up perfectly: