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Eloquent Eloquents, Assemble: A Call to Arms

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | March 3, 2011 |

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | March 3, 2011 |

I rarely call on the power that is Pajiba. But hear me now, oh most Eloquent ones, for your help is needed.

So Hulu is currently having its second annual Best In Show, a competition that pits 32 of the top current shows against each other in a 5-week March Madness-style bracketed competition. The reigning Lord of TV Criticism, Alan Sepinwall, is in charge of running the competition this year and gets a 5% say in each matchup. His first blog explains that Hulu had the final say, with his input, on the shows that made it into the Big Show, with “Terriers” missing the cut since it’s already cancelled, and “The Chicago Code” and “Lights Out” being too new.

Anyway, as I went through and voted, and began putting this post together (it’s currently late Wednesday afternoon — that’s right IT overlords, go tell the partners that I’m fucking around on TV nonsense instead of doing law talking guy work), I expected that the status of more than a few of these races would have me ready to punch someone in the throat. But it’s not all bad news, and I was particularly pleasantly surprised to see “Chuck” currently up by more than 20% over “The Big Bang Theory.” There are a couple of blowouts, with the biggest one looking to be “Modern Family” over “Cougar Town” (they’re currently separated by over 60%). That’s a shame, as I think “Cougar Town” is the more consistent show at this point, but it’s not a surprise. Nor is it a surprise that “The Office” has almost ten points on “Parks & Recreation,” although I hope good sense will prevail — I realize the ratings for “Parks & Recs” suck and it’s almost certainly seeing its final season, but it’s vastly superior to the current iteration of “The Office.”

That said, there are three matchups which do have me angry. “Justified” is currently losing to “Burn Notice” by double-digits and unless this is an attempt by the voters to anger the Olyphant so he grits his teeth some more, that just don’t make no sense. Nor does it make sense that “Dexter” is trumping “The Walking Dead” by twenty points. “Dexter” hasn’t been truly a good show since about halfway through Season Two, whereas “The Walking Dead,” while far from perfect, is a vastly more gripping show. (Note to self: zombie serial killer show, write it!)

And this last one, man oh man, it’s not a surprise, but it makes me hate puppies, America and apple pie. And this is where I need your help, Eloquents, because fucking end of days “Glee” is beating the hell out “Friday Night Lights.” And this will not stand.

So I’m asking, begging, imploring that you go to the Best In Show and vote, vehemently and repeatedly. I have no doubt that Sepinwall’s 5% vote here will go to “Friday Night Lights,” but that won’t be enough at this point. But by Godtopus, I have faith that y’all can make this happen.

Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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