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Double Duty at the Golden Globes Gots Everybody Excited

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | December 15, 2009 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | December 15, 2009 |

Remember when it seemed Steven Spielberg had it all figured out? Releasing a big effects-heavy blockbuster in the summer then an Oscar-baiting drama in the fall was genius, and probably knowingly done to exploit the stupid Hollywood awards system. Will Smith has done it, too, but he doesn’t really get the same out of it as SS, who could more heavily be represented come Oscar season by filling up the highbrow (picture, director, etc.) and the lowbrow (sound, effects, etc.) categories in order to be the true king of the world (suck it JC, you’re a prince at best).

Nowadays it’s all about covering as much acting categories as you can. That’s likely why the stars seem to give more and more shits about the Golden Globes each year. There are more slots! Last year, both Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet showed us that it pays to do either a comedy and a drama in a single year or a lead and supporting role in a single year. And Winslet proved that unlike at the Oscars (so far), a person can win simultaneous performance awards. The next feat is for someone to win in three categories, lead - drama, lead - comedy or musical and supporting. (After that, perhaps somebody can get a sex change mid-year and be qualified as both an actor and an actress in order to be eligible for even more!)

Nobody has the chance of accomplishing even that triple win this year, but at least two individuals (Sandra Bullock and Matt Damon) could pull off a double. Streep screwed up this time and appeared in two comedies, pitting her against herself, which means she’ll likely cancel herself out at the Globes. What will it mean for her Oscar chances, though? What will it mean for anyone’s chances at the Oscars? What? What? What?

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. About those Oscar chances or about who was nominated for a Globe today. I’m just playing around with the bullshit. I don’t even think I truly, truly loved one movie released theatrically this past year. The only reason I’ll watch an awards broadcast this year is if one of them does feature that divorced directors cage match.

But, hey, these guys are really, really concerned, so I don’t have to be:

  • Amos Barshad at Vulture:
    The Golden Globes, with their cornucopia of categories, have always been susceptible to actors popping up multiple times. But this year it could maybe have Oscar ramifications!
  • Anne Thompson at Thompson on Hollywood:
    Bullock’s two nominations for The Proposal (comedy) and The Blind Side (drama) are big surprises. Does she have a shot at an Oscar nomination for The Blind Side? This nomination significantly improves her chances for landing the fifth slot. Bullock is a popular comedienne performing in a hit drama. It could happen. […] Meryl Streep could split the Oscar vote, but should earn her nomination for Julie & Julia; the Globes nominated her for both in the musical/comedy category. 
  • Bob Westal at Premium Hollywood:
    [Anne Thompson] seems surprised that Bullock got even one nomination and skeptical that her “Blind Side” performance has a major shot at an Oscar nomination. My hunch is that Bullock is a shoe-in for an Academy nomination for the feel-good sports drama (nominating “The Proposal” for anything would be very unusual). The Academy likes to acknowledge somewhat populist sleeper hits and it also loves to honor actors who rise above their usual meh-to-okayness with a really special performance that’s better than just okay.
  • Linda Holmes at Monkey See:
    As many expected, Meryl Streep was double-nominated in the same category — actress in a comedy/musical — for her roles in It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia. As formidable as Streep is, this does seem like it’s also a symptom of what a weak year it was in good roles for women, particularly in comedies. (See also: the fact that her category includes Julia Roberts in Duplicity, certainly a likable movie but nothing that would be awards material in a better year, and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, which: likewise.)
  • Terri Schwartz at Hollywood Crush:
    In a somewhat weird trend, the Golden Globes seem to have run out of actresses to nominate this year. Sandra Bullock was nominated for Best Actress in both a Drama (“The Blind Side”) and a Comedy (“The Proposal”? Really?… ugh, though we still love that naked scene with Ryan Reynolds, to re-live it press play above!), and winning either would cement her comeback. We really don’t think she’s going to win both, though, and that’s mostly because Meryl Streep was nominated twice in the Best Actress: Comedy category for her roles in “Julie & Julia” and “It’s Complicated.”
  • Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere:
    Categorizing Streep’s performance as Julia Child under comedy is, of course, ludicrous, but that’s standard HFPA thinking.
    They also nominated Streep in the Comedy/Musical category for her It’s Complicated performance, so they’re obviously planning to give her the award.
  • Vince Mancini at FilmDrunk:
    Hey, who’s an actress whose nomination is unquestionable?  Yay, let’s nominate Meryl Streep twice!  Then we can do a music awards show and give every trophy to The Beatles!
  • Tom O’Neil at The Envelope:
    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Meryl Streep will automatically split her votes between “It’s Complicated” and “Julie & Julia” and lose. Tim Robbins was double nominated for “The Player” and “Bob Roberts” in 1993 and won for “The Player.” Her role in “Julie & Julia” is small compared to “It’s Complicated,” both in terms of screen time and emotional expression, but it may have the edge because she’s portraying a real person.
  • The Playlist:
    Someone should tell the Hollywood Foreign Press just because they nominated Sandra Bullock in the drama field, doesn’t mean they had to for the comedy. Unless of course, they are poising her to pull a Kate Winslet and win both…yeah…right. And then up against herself is good old reliable Meryl Streep who has become a staple at the Globes ceremony, and more than likely will win again.
  • Patrick Goldstein at The Big Picture:
    Sandra Bullock, the kind of actress who rarely gets any love from the academy, earned a Globes nomination for both of her 2009 hits, a best musical or comedy actress nod for “The Proposal” and a best dramatic actress nod for “The Blind Side.” (The odds of Bullock getting an Oscar nomination for “The Proposal”: 9,000-1.)
  • Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever:
    Is Sandra Bullock Going to Win an Oscar?
    We say yes. 2009 has been all hers, a year where the movies have underwhelmed both the critics and the box office, save for hers. Our guess? YES SHE WILL. Sandra has had one of the longest careers of any actress, comedic or otherwise, in Hollywood, save Double Goldy Globe nominee Meryl Streep, who didn’t really have any breakout roles this year (in comparison to her year’s past).

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