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As It Turns Out, Bill Maher Has Also Defended Sex with Minors

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Horror | February 22, 2017 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Horror | February 22, 2017 |

Last week, Bill Maher, sultan of smug, invited Milo Nazipedopolis onto his show. This not only gave a hateful extremist a platform for spewing his ignorance and bile, but Maher declined to actually challenge him on any of his shit. When that little thing about advocating the legalization of sex with children blew up in Milo’s face and destroyed just about every aspect of his career in a little under twelve hours, Maher naturally responded by taking credit for it.

So here’s an old video that enterprising social media users dug up showing Maher defending Mary Kay Latourneau because “she won’t conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family.” Yeah, how dare we judge the schoolteacher who raped a twelve year old student repeatedly, having two children in the process. Here’s Maher, completely missing the point:

If the Gospel According to Law & Order: SVU has taught us anything it’s that to understand rape, we must understand that it is about power not about sex.

To understand the men who claim that a woman can’t rape a man, we must understand by extension that they are not saying it is impossible for a woman to have sex with a man against his will, but that it is impossible for a woman to hold power over a man. That is the heart of their misogyny.

H/T Dave W.

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