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Disney Plus Better Have ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ Or I Riot

By Kate Hudson | Film | August 26, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Film | August 26, 2019 |


A lot has been written about Disney Plus since more details have been slowly trickling out about the streaming service, launching November 12th of this year.

Obviously, people have opinions, and since I am a person who is also on the internet, I have an opinion, too. Mainly that Disney Plus better have Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, or I will go full Cameron Poe on the Disney Plus plane full of convicts, and bring it all down.

First off, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is by far and away the greatest horse movie of all time. I will die on this hill, happily. If you want to contest that, be willing to do the same, friend.

Released in 1991, it’s notable for being Michael Schoeffling’s (aka Jake Ryan, my forever cinematic boyfriend) last film role, but it’s so much more than that. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is about Sonora Webster, a poor, plucky girl in Depression era-America with a determination to run away from her s*itty aunt who decided, after Sonora was too much of a handful, to sell off Sonora’s beloved horse, and send Sonora off to an orphanage. So, really, I guess she decides to run away before she can be sent to the orphanage, po-ta-toe, po-tah-your-aunt-sucks-toe.

Anyway, it’s America in the 1930s so of course she runs away to try to join the traveling fair circuit. Wouldn’t you do the same?! As luck would have it, she sees one of the star attractions of the fair, a pretty lady on a horse that jumps off a 30-foot-high ramp, into a deep pool of water. She wants in. Bonus points—the son of the showman who owns the attraction is Michael Schoeffling. Well, his name is Al Carver in the movie, but you know what I mean.

Sonora is allowed to join the horse team, but isn’t allowed to jump horses right away. She has to prove her worth, all the while falling quietly in love with Al (I want you to know that I have written “Jake” each time I mention his character’s name in this piece, and only through the editing process, have I caught the mistakes.) Do you see why this is one of my favorite movies of all time, now?

Here’s a clip of her first dive:

Anyway, Sonora eventually becomes the star jumper but tragedy strikes when she and her horse dive wrong one day. Don’t worry the horse is fine but Sonora ends up being permanently blind. Now, she must decide—does she try to dive again, or does she give up?

(Come on, you knew the answer in your heart, which cannot be broken, thus the title of the movie.)

There was a time when Disney’s live-action fare wasn’t just weird reworks of their animated movies, and thus, were pretty good. They used to have a surprising amount of horse movies, and since my best friend growing up was a horse person, I saw them all. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is by far the best. Have I said that enough, yet?! I don’t think I have. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is the best horse movie, ever.

Additionally, you can never forget the trippy movies they made in the ’70s that starred a future Real Housewife, or that super weird movie The Gnome Mobile, which I watched incessantly when I was but a wee one because the concept of gnomes searching for wives, and in order to have one you had to literally be caught by a lady gnome, was endlessly fascinating to me.

Disney Plus may have a few goals that we’re not privy to, but I believe its primary one should be to introduce Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken to a new generation of people who can bask in the movie’s unmitigated glory. Secondarily, it needs to promote The Journey of Natty Gan, the second-best live-action movie Disney has ever made (and yes, of course I am including the Marvel movies in that proclamation) as an almost-as good movie about another plucky, Depression-era heroine who travels on trains instead of diving with horses. Baby-faced John Cusack in that movie was my first crush, ever, and thus that movie should be readily available for all generations to come.

Thirdly, obviously, making The Gnome Mobile easily accessible should be a top priority too.

If any of these movies are not available?

I riot.

Disney has until midnight to confirm my demands are met. If they don’t, I will obviously wait longer for confirmation, albeit, huffily.

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