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Tiffany Haddish Wanted To Sleep With Henry Cavill Until She Met Him

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | May 3, 2024 |

By Emily Richardson | Celebrity | May 3, 2024 |

tiffany haddish henry cavill.png

Tiffany Haddish has a new book of essays called I Curse You With Joy, and she recently sat down for an interview with the LA Times. The 44-year-old comedian got into how “closed off” she is in relationships. Her last serious one was with Common, and it lasted two years. Now, she has a new set of rules: no romances longer than nine months, no Raya, and no celebrities.

For example, Henry Cavill. Tiffany used to want to sleep with him, but then she met him IRL and discovered he’s a big ol’ nerd:

“All the famous guys I used to think, ‘Oh, I would love to do it to him,’ I know them now and I’m like, ‘No,’” she says. “I used to really want Henry Cavill. I think he’s so hot. But I met him and he was so awkward. It was like, ‘This would be weird. I should be talking to him about Dungeons & Dragons. Maybe he’d be more comfortable.’

“Or,” she adds, “maybe he’s just never had a Black woman be like, ‘What’s up? What’s your credit score? Do you like spaghetti? I’ll cook for you. Are you afraid of South Central or not?’ But he’s still beautiful.”

See, hearing Henry Cavill is socially awkward makes him hotter to me. Muscle man anxiety-nerds > muscle man douchebags. Any goddamn day of the week.

Tiffany’s LA Times interview is an interesting read. She addresses her two DUIs , and insists she doesn’t have an alcohol problem; her real issue is pushing her limits. Still, she says she quit drinking since the incident.

Before her latest DUI back in November, Tiffany spent the day cooking and serving food to 2,000 people at the Laugh Factory. Afterward, she brought the leftovers to her family’s house. That’s when she got a call that the food was needed elsewhere. Even though she’d been up since 5 AM, Tiffany insisted on driving the food over herself. She fell asleep at the wheel and was charged with a DUI. The charge was later dismissed (her blood alcohol level was only 0.03%) and she ended up pleading no contest to a misdemeanor reckless driving violation.

Tiffany also talks about her reputation taking a nosedive (see: that child sex abuse lawsuit, spreading vaccine misinformation, and allegedly doxxing a doctor, and her recent trip to Israel). The first two deals she made for her new book “went sour”; she says the publishing houses “got scared”: “Scared of me, scared it wouldn’t do well. ‘Oh, she’s a problem. She’s too controversial.’” Tiffany was prepared to self-publish but eventually signed a deal with Diversion Books.

Tiffany seems to be in denial about how much her controversies have affected her career. But she does get worked up about all the online hate. She’s blocked certain phrases on Instagram, such as “setback,” “pedo,” and “not funny.” Tiffany also created a fake Instagram account to stalk and “destroy” her haters:

“I’ve learned how to find people’s information — like I pull up the credit report, police records. You can do that for $1.99,” Haddish says. “Sometimes, I get so mad that I’ll get they phone number and I’ll just call them.”

She registers the disbelief on my face.

“Oh, I have called people, honey,” she says. “They be shocked that I called. They’ll be like, ‘I can’t believe you even saw that.’ You did a whole video, b—! You made a full, five-minute video! On the internet, people think they can just say whatever and you not gonna say anything. I try my best not to, but I’m a human being.”