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I Just Don't Like Armie Hammer

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | October 23, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | October 23, 2020 |


Armie Hammer is out there promoting Netflix’s Rebecca with Lily James this week, although Lily James has kept her promotion to a minimum on account of that whole Dominic West affair/not-affair (our review of Rebecca will be along later today, FYI).

As part of his promotional effort, Hammer gave an interview to British GQ. It provided me with more evidence that I do not like Armie Hammer. Some of the reasons may be completely irrational. To wit, here are his thoughts on America (Hammer is American):

“America has turned into a raging dumpster fire. I don’t know how this happened, but at the same time I know we get what we deserve and we elect the president we deserve. So we got Trump; it wasn’t an accident… People here just aren’t paying attention to what needs to be done. In America, people don’t believe what they’re told and people don’t believe other people should be telling them what to do, because that somehow infringes on their freedom. So America is on a horse named “Freedom” and we’re riding full speed at a f-king precipice and there’s no slowing down.

He’s not wrong! Everything he’s saying here is correct, and yet! I hate the way he’s saying it. Like, he’s above it. Like, “America, the place I sometimes deign to live.” There’s a remove here that doesn’t sit well; he’s criticizing America without taking any responsibility for what a raging dumpster fire we are.

Here’s Hammer on the Black Lives Matter movement, which he supports … and also, he’s experienced racism as a white kid, too.

“Look, we all have things we need to relearn in our lives that we were taught by a different generation. Anyone who simply says, “I’m not racist”? Just go. Period … It’s interesting, because, you know, I’ve donated and I’ve supported causes and foundations and donated to families and done that … I also grew up, you know, on an island [Hammer lived in the Cayman Islands from ages seven to 13] where I was one of the few white people in my class. My daughter right now is in school down there, [the one] that I went to, and she’s the only white girl in the class. I think that is very important, for me, in terms of shaping how I view racism and prejudice, because, you know, I was called “White Boy” and all that shit … I know this is nothing compared to what black people go through in America today but it’s a taste of something.

Is it my irrational dislike of Hammer talking, or is he the kind guy who says to his wife, as they’re going through a divorce, “I’m sorry I was an asshole! But you drove me to it!”

Meanwhile, here’s what he thinks of Biden’s chances of winning:

“Not good. If I was an optimist, I’d say it was 50/50. I mean, a lot can happen, but also a lot can happen in a bad way. Historically speaking, incumbent US presidents are almost always elected in times of war. So, I mean, look at everything that’s going on in the Middle East. If a war kicks off there … Also, if Biden wins I don’t know how different things will be. I guess it will no longer be socially acceptable to be racist … But remember, he’s the guy who claims he wrote the Patriot Act. Do you think Biden cares about these private military police kidnapping US citizens off the street? Doing extraordinary rendition on our own citizens? He doesn’t give a shit. By the way, Obama did exactly that same thing by sending shock troops up when we had the pipeline protests. They sent a load of troops to just go basically beat the shit out of a bunch of natives when we were encroaching on their land. Sure, we have to get Trump out, period, but I lost my faith in politicians long ago.

I really, really dislike this person, and he’s not wrong, except the whole, “Sure, Trump is bad. But they’re all bad, aren’t they? Will things really be any different?” It’s very Michael Che, even if he is 100 percent correct about the Patriot Act and extraordinary rendition. It’s the way he says it, like he’s so much better than all the people who actually have to deal with the consequences of a bad President. Also, it sounds like he’s parroting lines he heard from someone else when they were high at 4 a.m.

I will also remind you all that less than a year ago, Armie Hammer was paid by the Saudi government to attend a concert in Saudi Arabia and promote the tourism industry and the increasingly progressive policies of a country whose image had been tarnished because of its role in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, because the government outed two journalists detained them for being gay, and because of Saudi Arabia’s history of oppressing of women.

But, y’know: If Biden wins, how much different will things really be? Hammer has lost faith in all the politicians who do not pay him to say nice things about them on his Instagram page.

Source: British GQ via Celebitchy

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