The Cannes 2012 Fashion From "Best" To "AGGHHH MY EYES"

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 17, 2012 | Comments ()

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 17, 2012 |

Majestic SWINTON
swinton dress.jpg

Executive SWINTON
Swinton alone.jpg

Majestic, Billowy Kruger
kruger train 2.jpg

Best Redemption From Oscar Fashion Faux Pas: Berenice Bejo
berenice bejo.jpg

Best Sideboob (Female Division): Jessica Chastain

Best Sideboob (Male Division): Daniel Craig circa 1997
Daniel Craig.jpg

Best Face (Worst Hulk): Edward Norton
Norton Funny.jpg

Worst Hair: Schwartzman And His Finger Guns

Best Hair: Ewan McGregor
ewan hair.jpg

The Rest Ain't Bad Either: Ewan McGregor
Ewan Shoes.jpg

Least Afraid To Make An Ass Of Himself: Roberto Benigni

Best Use Of Bum (Publicity Division): The Alfie Team circa 1966

Best Use Of Bum (Fashion Division): Eva Longoria

Worst Use Of Front Bum (Frumpifying Division): Freida Pinto

Best "Better Hit The Gym Now If You Want To Look Like This Later" Dress: Jane Fonda
Fonda Full.jpg

Best Pair (Hetero Division): Jane Fonda and Alec Baldwin
fonda baldwin.jpg

Open To A Vote...Best Pair (Bromo Division): Wes Anderson and Bill Murray Or Bruce Willis and Bill Murray
Best Date.jpg

(This Pair Gets My Vote)
murray anderson.jpg

The Most Confusing Combination Of Cheerleader, Bondage And Trampoline: Diane Kruger

kruger side.jpg

Best Use Of Plaid (This One's For Dustin): Alyssa Milano Circa 19*coughhemcough*
alyssa milano .jpg

Most "I Couldn't Possibly Give A F*ck About Fashion" Use Of Plaid: Bill F*cking Murray

Bonus: The Hands Down, Bar-None Best Cannes Moment Of All Time

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