Khaleesi May Be the Next Sarah Connor, and You'll Never Guess Who Zack Snyder Wants to Play Nightwing
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The Khaleesi May Be the Next Sarah Connor, and You'll Never Guess Who Zack Snyder Wants to Play Nightwing

By Cindy Davis | Seriously Random Lists | November 10, 2013 | Comments ()


Five Important Things you may not have heard about this week…

5. The Walking Dead’s New Showrunner Said What We All Felt: “I’m Sick of the Governor.”


Nothing against David Morrissey (who, by the by will read Morrissey’s autobiography audiobook), but Season 3 was overrun by the Governor and his dastardly antics—by “Welcome to the Tombs” we’d had more than enough. So even though you may have been half wondering when he’s going to pop up again, you’re probably thankful writer/new showrunner Scott Gimple’s first instinct was to put the Governor on hiatus (for a while). Creator and executive producer, Robert Kirkman hinted the über villain will be changed after stewing all this time; “… Just when you think things are getting to a breaking point, that’s when the Governor layer will be thrown in to make things that much more deadly and dangerous.”

4. Peter Berg’s Second Lone Survivor Trailer Reminded Us War is Indeed Hell.

Based on Marcus Luttrell’s account (Lutrell was also involved in the filming) of Operation Red Wings, a 2005 Navy Seal mission conducted by four solders in Afghanistan. Mark Wahlberg plays Luttrel; he’s joined by Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch, and Eric Bana takes on the role of the team’s ground commander. Knowing the outcome doesn’t make things any less harrowing, and early reviews are quite good. Check out the film in limited theaters December 27th and wide release, January 14th, 2014.

3. A New Oldboy (*grumble*) Clip Spelled.It.All.Out.

See, this right here is what we’ve all been worried about—the dumbing down, the over-explaining, the loss of nuance. I’m not even going to say anything else; you just watch it for yourself. *more grumbling*

2. Adam Driver Became the Frontrunner to Play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman.


Zack Snyder is having himself quite a time, isn’t he? The Wrap is reporting Girls star, Adam Driver fits the “young John Hawkes” bill to play Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing aka Robin (there are two other actors “in the mix,” but Driver is apparently first choice). So much for our JGL hopes…but at the same time—hey, I kinda like this idea; Driver is a compelling actor. I mean, as much as we’ve all been bitching about Batfleck and trying to figure out if Wonder Woman will show up, we’re still going to see it…right? Right?

1. Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson and Margot Robbie are in the Running to Play Sarah Connor.


Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones) is wasting no time getting things moving on his next film—the Terminator reboot; Schwarzenegger already has his return booked. Clarke, Larson and Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) are the first three actresses who’ll read for the coveted Sarah Connor role, and word on the street is the director wants Tom Hardy to play John. I guess that means my ideas are out the window? DILLAHUNT, DILLAHUNT, DILLAHUNT.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) will never stop being obsessed with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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  • Mrs.P

    I mis-read the title. I thought it said "Zack Synder wants to be Night Wang."

  • ed newman

    I am very confused. Tom Hardy as John? I guess this reboot will be very different and not hew closely to the original Terminator. Otherwise, John isn't needed until Terminator 2 and Hardy is still too old to play him. The only thing I can think is that the reboot will take place in multiple times, with John fighting the future and Sarah meeting Kyle in the past.

    Or did you mean that Hardy is the director's choice for Kyle?

  • Strand

    It would amuse me to no end if Daenerys inherits the role from Cersei Lannister. As for the role, have no idea how it would work even as a flashback because Emilia Clarke seems younger than Linda Hamilton in the first movie, and that was before she even met Kyle Reese.

    Also on a weird tangent, one of my regular patients is named 'Sarah Connor' and whenever she comes in, I have a routine of asking every woman in the waiting room "SARAH CAHNA?.... SARAH CAHNA?" It gets a lot of weird looks but it's something of an in joke and she always know I'll leave her till last. Thankfully she got it the first time.

  • Jifaner

    Brie Larson as Sarah Connor...LOLWUT?

  • muscleman

    Tom Hardy needs to be the new 007 IMHO
    Get rid of the old man and lets get crackin'

  • Malware

    Cersei gave her blessing for Daenerys to take over for her? What is the world coming to?!

  • lowercase_ryan

    Emilia is going to throw her weight around and get Seth McFarlane cast as the new terminator.

    Would it surprise you if you found out he really was a terminator?

  • zeke_the_pig

    'I mean, we’re still going to see it…right? Right?'

  • lowercase_ryan

    John Henry 4EVAH!!!

  • Guest

    That dude got the right face to play Jason Todd and join his unretconned fate.

    And Brie Larson as Sarah Connor would be a strange choice but i would be up for it.

  • Sean

    Brie Larson is the closest to the original Sarah Connor. The mousy waitress of the first movie. I am sure that she can scream and run from CGI with the best of them.

  • Barry

    Larson would be fine. My wishlist choice would be Brittany Snow...I think she could do the whole terrified-to-tough arc and look completely natural at both extremes.

  • Jamie Tye

    Dammit Pajiba. Khaleesi means Queen. Her name is Daenerys. It's like saying 'Queen may be the next Sarah Connor'. It's stupid and people make that mistake all the time and its annoying. I know im making a mountain out of a molehill but if people stopped doing it i could sleep easier

  • Jezzer

    I hate to alarm you, but I think the pencils on your desk might not be sorted by size.

  • You say this like it's a bad thing.

    (goes to check DVDs are still sorted by title; books by author, title, and publication order; pencils by size and also color and manufacturer <- all this is real. Truly.)

  • I put "The" in just for you.

  • Jamie Tye

    You have no idea how excited that made me. Thankyou :)

  • Aaron

    It's been a while since I've read the books but don't people directly address her as "Khaleesi"? Technically it means "wife of a khal", but I think it may have more linguistic flexibility than what you are giving it credit for. If used as a direct way to address someone a better contextualized translation would be "Your majesty", so I would read it as "Her majesty may be the next Sarah Connor".

    Translating from one language to another isn't just a simple matter of plugging something in to a translator as a word translations can change based upon usage (which can change words meanings for different languages in very different ways).

  • To make @aamiller78:disqus's assumption correct, the headline would need a preceding article, in this case "the". We'd get "The Khaleesi..."

    I'm with @jamietye:disqus; so many people use it as if it's a personal name rather than an honorific. It's maddening.

  • It's a popular baby name in the US since the show premiered. I agree with your assessment, but I wanted to make you aware that there are children named Khaleesi Jones out there.

  • Oh, I am aware...

  • Jezzer

    Adam Driver as Nightwing? Seriously? Why not just call him "Ratman"?

  • grr arrgh

    I haven't actually watched Girls but he definitely just radiates "Sleazy" to me. Why don't they just get Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Nolan may not have promised us JGL Robin/Nightwing but dammit, he suggested it and that is too good a suggestion to ignore.

  • Barry

    I'm sure they're absolutely serious. Hollywood: "Let's get a I-spend-a-little-to-much-time-in-the-gym-looking-at-myself douchebag nebbish to play a superhero. YEAH"

    "Driver is a compelling actor." Ummm, not even remotely.

  • Aaron Schulz

    i like Emilia Clark and all, but just get linda hamilton again or someone like Gina Carano, she has to look like she can kick ass imo

  • Sean

    Carano should play a Terminator. She isn't much of an actress, but has a great screen presence. Like Arnie of 30 yrs ago.

  • WerewolfgangAmadeusMozart

    Carano should play the evil terminator(seriously an awesome call by the way) and Terry Crews should play the good one. There you go Hollywood, your job is done.

  • BobbFrapples

    In the first movie, Sarah Conner is a helpless girl/woman who screams and runs for most of the two hours.

  • Aaron

    Have you seen the first Terminator in a while? Sarah Connor is a waitress in it, she is not all jacked like she is in the second movie. It's unclear what the storyline is, but If they are going for a younger Sarah Connor she should look more like an everyday woman.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Thats true, but i guess i kind of only think about T2 when i think terminator, since it whips the llamas ass

  • DeaconG

    Plus points for the Winamp reference!

  • Aaron Schulz

    Deacon caught it, if you download Winamp its the audio file that autoplays when you load it

  • Repo

    I don't know if that's a bizarre auto-correct or a piece of nomenclature I'm unfamiliar with but I'm totally going to start using "whips the llamas ass". Sounds like the new fetch.

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