Actresses In Contention For The Lead In 'Batman vs. Superman' Bust That Wonder Woman Rumor Wide Open

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Actresses In Contention For The Lead In 'Batman vs. Superman' Bust That Wonder Woman Rumor Wide Open

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | November 8, 2013 | Comments ()

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When the erroneous rumors started circulating that Jaimie Alexander was in the running for the female lead in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, everyone immediately speculated she would be playing Wonder Woman. Of course they did. It made total sense. Look at her.


But that rumor has since been contradicted. Jaimie Alexander is a Marvel girl (Sif in the Thor franchise), she can’t be a DC girl as well. You can only mix those poisons if you’re, uh, Ben Affleck. Or Ryan Reynolds. Or Halle Berry. Or James Marsden. Or-what’s the problem here exactly?! Anyway, Alexander is out and Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot and Elodie Young are in. And, in my opinion, that should put the Wonder Woman/Diana Prince rumors to bed because, not to be sizeist, but these (jaw-droppingly gorgeous) ladies don’t exactly look the part.



Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 8.30.49 PM.png

Sure, they’ve all three been in action franchises. (Bond, Fast & Furious and GI Joe respectively.) But there is simply not enough musculature going on to convince me any of these three could be our favorite Amazonian. Then again, they could always bulk up. After all, Henry Cavill went from extremely buff to batsh*t, eyeball meltingly huge in preparation for Man Of Steel.


If they were looking at this lady to play Affleck’s love interest? I’d believe the Wonder Woman rumors.


But they’re not. Another rumor floating around is that Wonder Woman will appear very briefly (much like Hawkeye in the first Thor movie) sewing the seeds for future franchise involvement, but unlike those ladies above, will not be the love interest for Batman. Good luck keeping that casting under wraps, Snyder.

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