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Of Course Trump Didn't Unfollow Kellyanne Conway, That Would Suggest An Actual Social Media Strategy

By Victoria McNally | Social Media | February 15, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Social Media | February 15, 2017 |

Kellyanne Conway is not having a good couple of days (or weeks, or whatever amount of time you’d like to substitute here), but yesterday was a particularly grim one for the White House senior advisor. Not only did the Office of Government Ethics formally request that she be disciplined for breaking federal law to hawk Ivanka Trump’s goods on TV, but then she got caught getting chatty with a proud White Nationalist on Twitter and then pretended that someone else had access to her account at the time.

Amidst all this — and perhaps stirred by the administration’s first public sacrifice, Michael Flynn — rumors began to circulate wildly last night that Conway’s Twitter account had been unfollowed by Donald Trump’s main account (@RealDonaldTrump), the official Presidential account (@POTUS), and the main White House account (@WhiteHouse) all at once. It should say something about our current state of affairs that this felt immediately plausible to some people. After all, what better way for our first Troll president to publicly humiliate someone whom he can’t technically ragetweet about?

Or it would be plausible, if it were not already thoroughly debunked. As it turns out, Donald Trump had never been following Kellyanne Conway in the first place (though he did attempt to follow @EmergencyKittens a few weeks before the Inauguration, at least until everybody noticed) — although thanks to the rumors, he is definitely following her now, as well as White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

While it’s a shame to see a liberal-leaning side of the population falling victim to the same kind of hoaxes and “fake news” that has radicalized the Right, I’ll admit: it’s even more frustrating to see that so many people believed Trump’s team had the wherewithal to pull off such a passive aggressive move. They’re not teenagers, after all! Teenagers would be so much better at Twitter.

Remember, this is the same administration that brought us these gems. You think any of them have an official social media strategy other than “Keep Trump’s phone away from him as much as we possibly can?” Yeah, nah.

021417Kellyanne Conway love you back.png

Behold, the tweet that started this whole mess!

The Department of Education account created a new tweet correcting DuBois’ name and issued two apologies (one had another spelling error, so they had to delete it), and yet this tweet is STILL UP. You can see them on the feed right next to each other, as if the department is hedging its bets that the typo might still be correct in an alternate Berenstein/Shazaam dimension.

Ah, yes, what a perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans: by namedropping the white guy who made it illegal to own them.

Technically this happened before the election, but make no mistake that it happened.

Remember when the @TrumpInaugural account started tweeting the names and faces of former U.S. presidents and then STOPPED AT THIS ONE FOR A FULL DAY? Why use that as your fun fact and even invite the comparison? Why not toss out something about his “Tippecanoe” nickname or something?


Lincoln never actually said this. At least it occurred to them to delete it, though.

And, of course, who could forget these beauties?


2017-01-26-tech-experts-sean-spicer-is-not-butt-tweeting-america-234236.38.38 PM.png

Finally, the biggest kicker of them all: a week after the Inauguration, the @POTUS account was briefly connected to a GMAIL ACCOUNT.

If these people were in change of, say, the @Pepsi Twitter, they would all be fired by now.