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Just Imagine the Terrifying Dystopia of Internet Hyperbole Made Real

By Vivian Kane | Videos | September 13, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | September 13, 2016 |

The imagining of the internet as a physical, inhabitable space isn’t the newest concept. Dave Chapelle nearly perfected the idea over a decade ago. But The Realest Real, written and directed by Portlandia/Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, is a fantastic and depressingly realistic take on what that space— that IRL Internet world— might look like.

Now, we all might want to have baskets of selfie-taking puppies at our disposal (preferably with running commentary from Mahershala Ali, please, if they’re taking requests), but how much of what you say in throwaway comments do you want taken literally? If every “marry me,” “kill yourself” (please don’t be the kind of person that tells strangers to kill themselves, BTW), and “mom,” were viewed on a literal level, by some mysterious Big Brothery overseer who had the power to grant your euphemistic wishes, that changes some things, doesn’t it?

In the video above, Laura Harrier (soon to be of Spiderman: Homecoming) has her wish granted when she does as the kids do and calls Natasha Lyonne “mom.” You want the Orange Is the New Black star to be your mom? Of course you do; we all do— even those of us who may be older than her, it doesn’t matter. But what happens when Natasha Lyonne ACTUALLY becomes your mom and wipes crud off your face with her spit-thumb and can’t figure out how voicemail works? That’s going to totally ruin your But I’m a Cheerleader rewatches. (Also, make sure you stay to the end for an awesome Kim Gordon cameo.)

It’s worth noting that this short film is actually part of the company Kenzo’s current campaign that I honestly don’t understand at all. It’s the same campaign as that insane Spike Jonze/Margaret Qualley music video that in some way was supposed to sell us perfume? Like that video, I don’t know what this is trying to sell me, but I’m glad it exists.

Via Flavorwire.