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Everything You Need To Know To Start Watching "Doctor Who" Right Now

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | April 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | April 8, 2011 |

Are you tired of us nattering on about “Doctor Who,” but are too overwhelmed by the show’s history to start watching? Well BBC America has produced a handy little spoiler-free video to get you all prepared to hunker down and watch the premiere on April 23rd.

Also, earlier this week, I offered up a super nerdy “Doctor Who” T-shirt for the commenter with the best defense of “their” Doctor. Laurie wins for this impassioned case for David Tennant and because I’m afraid what she’ll do with that Dalek eye stalk if I don’t hand over that shirt.

Oh Joanna. You hard-nosed bitch. You know the heart of the eternal Doctor Who debate, and you still insist on me making a case for ONE? You have the skin of polycarbide. I love it. Matt Smith is a hard case to argue, I’ll give you that. Dude’s got the wiggly fingers, the clumsiness of trying to be cool, the awkwardness of human behaviour and niceties, while at the same time being genuinely creepy and arrogant, and masters a kickass delivery of lines.

But you’ve never seen someone lose their nerdshit like I did last week at the Doctor Who Experience. For a reference point, THIS was the very first thing I ever saw of Doctor Who. . Oh, please. I’m only a girl. “You shouldn’t have let me push all of those buttons” ???? That brief flash of Scottish accent? That shit-eating grin? That skedaddle out of there? Truly, seeing Tennant run in a suit is a special gift for all of womankind. And he did so much running. So much snogging. Fezzes (fezii?) are cool, but Tennant was suave, heartbroken and yappy. Also, did I mention - Scottish? There seems to be a misconception that love for Doctor Who should be a shameful admission. Jo, I assure you - I would be proud to nerd pwn all my friends and rub it in their stupid faces. Can I have it? Please? Or I’m shoving that Dalek eyestalk where no vortex manipulator is going back to get it.

Laurie, I’ve emailed you requesting a mailing address and will send the shirt as soon as you put…the…eyestalk…back…in…the…box.

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