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Edgar Wright Tries His Hand at Directing Pharrell Williams' Hat

By Vivian Kane | Videos | October 7, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Videos | October 7, 2014 |

When Edgar Wright bowed out of Ant-Man, the world felt it’s collective heart shatter. Well, not the WHOLE world. Just the small portion of the world with really good taste in things, that enjoys a smug sense of superiority in those tastes and quietly (or not) judges everyone with different (read: lesser) tastes. For THAT segment of the population, that was our darkest day. Of course, it wasn’t long before Wright had his next film lined up, and then a second. But there’s no release date attached to either yet, and the man is known for his long breaks between projects.

So if you feel a burst of snobby cinephilic joy when I tell you that Edgar Wright has directed a music video for Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk, I wouldn’t blame you, but I would warn you to lower your expectations. …No, probably even lower. The video isn’t terrible, it’s just really boring with none of Wright’s beloved signature style to indicate he had any hand in this whatsoever. It’s got a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon feel, with some spaceships and a dash of pumpkin spice thrown in.

This is the first music video Wright has directed since 2005, which was for a kicky song by a woman you’ve probably never heard of (or maybe definitely I’m just super out of touch), and it’s exactly what you would expect an Edgar Wright music video to be, down to the comics motif and Simon Pegg cameo. Consider this a palate cleanser.

Now, I’m not saying that Wright has to stay stagnant to please me his fans, and that every music video should look like Scott Pilgrim outtakes. Of course he should be changing, but he should be growing. He’s one of the most original directors working today or possibly ever, and none of that shows in that autumnal tepid pee stain up there. You’re better than this, Ed. Now take that bundle of cash Pharrell paid you out of the treasure trove he has hidden under his hat and get going on Baby Driver, will you?

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