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The Five Best Ads of Super Bowl LVII

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 13, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 13, 2023 |


Before we get into the best ads of last night’s Super Bowl — congrats to Kansas City, by the way, now please change your name to the Slim Mahomebodies or the Chefs — I want to briefly mention some of the worst ads of the night. I love Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and I’m happy that Raymond Cruz got some Super Bowl ad money, but that ad was not only terrible, it did a disservice to Breaking Bad. I hated it. Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless ad was likewise bad. I can’t decide if I loved or hated Will Ferrell’s Netflix/GM ad, but I do love that the SB promoted a lot of EV alternatives to the Tesla (of course Elon was in Rupert Murdoch’s booth). Jason Jones had a bad one, too (for premature electrification).

I like Tony Romo, but there was too much Tony Romo. Serena got dragged into that awful campaign, too. I neither hated nor loved Faison and Braff’s ad with Travolta, Bradley Cooper’s T-Mobile ad with his mom; and the Brie and Hamm Hellmann’s ad with Pete Davidson.

Maya Rudolph’s M&M ad was bad, but it was supposed to be, and M&M’s really did a kick-ass job of trolling Tucker Carlson for millions of dollars in free promotion. Speaking of Tucker/Fox News, nothing was as bad as the Greg Gutfield ad, except the Jesus ads, which were actually compelling until they revealed themselves to be Jesus ads. Those ads were backed by the Servant Foundation — funded heavily by the Hobby Lobby guy — which funnels millions of dollars into fighting abortion rights and non-discrimination laws (it’s a very anti-LGBTQ org). Speaking of Jesus, any ad that asks me to scan a QR code on my TV can go to hell.

Here, meanwhile, were the five best Super Bowl ads of the night.

5. Fixed On Pixel Ad — The Pixel 7 ad was probably the most effective of the night because it actually advertised a product’s feature and made it funny. It was also attention-grabbing. I was with a rowdy bunch who talked over most of the ads, but for this one, the room grew quiet save for the occasional laugh.

4. Bud Light Hold — You hate to give it to Miles Teller, who isn’t that bad (or is he?), but that Bud Light ad where he and his wife, Keleigh Sperry Teller, jammed out to the hold music was solid, even if it had little to do with Bud Light (unless Miles Teller was drunk).

3. Affleck and JLo’s Dunkin Ad — The Affleck Bros’ association with Dunkin may be the best thing about them (it’s certainly the only redeeming thing about Casey). I love that they chose a Medford Dunkin. All it was missing was Affleck behind the building on his smoke break.

2. Dave Grohl’s Crown Royal Spot — I don’t know why Dave Grohl was chosen to pay tribute to Canada (and Crown Royal) when there are any number of Canadians who would’ve been happy to do so. But I guess Seth Rogen is the weed guy, and Ryan Reynolds is the gin guy, so maybe Grohl makes sense. Either way, it was a fun tribute to Canada, even if it did not make me any more interested in drinking Crown Royal. Does it still come in those purple bags; I got a lot of holiday gifts growing up “wrapped” inside those bags. I reckon this ad was also responsible for the most searched question of the night: Was football invented in Canada? (I guess?)

1. Tubi Rabbit Hole — Did you know that the Clio’s — advertising’s version of the Oscar — gives out a Super Clio every year for the best ad of the Super Bowl? This Tubi ad took home the prize this year, and I understand why. It was attention-grabbing, promoted the product, and was funny/weird.

Everyone keeps saying that FAST (Free Ad Supporting Television) is the wave of the future, and if so, Tubi is poised to compete with Freevee and Roku, but I’m not sure that the FAST hype isn’t overblown. Speaking of which, however, the back half of HBO’s The Nevers was released on Tubi today (along with the first six episodes).

Tubi also had one of the worst ads of the night, a short takeover ad that left everyone wondering who was sitting on the remote. Real asshole move (but effective).